What could it be? Scalpel, please it's, not Christmas. Yes, it is every day you get a new package that has an RC inside it's Christmas. When I figured thank you guys, we're gon na want to have a look at this as soon as it arrives, because this, at this point in time of filming, is the new release of the new version of axial. Scx10 poncho trail truck and I figured you definitely wanted to have a peek inside. I know some people have been asking me to show them the differences or what's new with these trucks and I'll be happy to show you that carefully. So I don't cut my fingers over the bow. Ok, this is the new poncho you'll notice, right away for those who do know the product that the painting of the body is much different. This is now an adventure series. 4 wheel, drive 10th scale electric. This is not a kit, the difference between a kit and a trail or ready to run this used to be known as a TR. A trail ready. This is a ready to run version. Is that in a kit you have to put in elect monix you have to put in the battery you've got to you got to you got to these ones actually come with most, not the battery okay that's, something else you have to add in here, but you Definitely have a full package when you get it ready to run right, you don't, have to add a radio, or things like that now, I'm, actually going to show you a difference hold on a second.

This right here, you can see right here, is the kit version that they have for the dingo now as well as this it's, basically the same truck, but this one has a different style of body based off of a Land Rover. It also has no electronics right. No radio things like that, this you have to build this used to come as a kit. It doesn't anymore it's been replaced with this. This version in a grey body I'll show you the old one on the old parts wall. Look at this is the old version. Uh huh, you can see the difference. Okay, this is what used to come as a ready to run okay. So there are some confusing things here, but the long story short is. This is now the kit version. This is ready to go this one. You have to build this one, you don't pretty simple, I'm gon na do a kit version later on, but I've built these many times so there's, not a lot for me in building that changes up. There are some parts differences though let's have a look inside the box number one. I have to get my razor blade. Alright, always comes factory, sealed to make sure that you got all the parts that you need. Everything'S been checked, okay, one more! You know on the side, it lists everything, even though it's upside down right now it lists everything, that's different might as well show you.

I don't want you to feel, like you, haven't, been seeing things properly: new driveshafts new rubbers we're, going to look at these new tires it's coming with that new, a e2 ESC. It is not waterproof a digital receiver. It is not waterproof. Folks, I keep getting this question all the time and I'm gon na clear this up right now: okay, the Wraith, in my opinion, the honcho, the dingo. None of them are waterproof, they're, all splash resistant, which means hey. I got a glass of water I'm gon na splash it on it should be. Okay should because it's resistant doesn't mean waterproof. Okay, let's get that up there right now. This one here is splash resistant because it has a protective electronics box in here, okay, I'm gon na show you more make them waterproof. You have to have different types of techniques. Right servo. You have to waterproof the ESC, all those different things – there's plenty of waterproofing videos by all types of videographers on YouTube. All you have to punch in is how to waterproof in RC. That should find you some help. Remember all that stuff is just for advice, electronics and water. They don't go hand in hand. You want to risk your stuff. You can have additional fun that way. Okay number one check out. This is I'm. Looking at the monitor I'm. Looking at the screen, the monitor mm – hmm, okay: this is the new radio that comes with the Wraith as well looks like it has some charging holes on the back here: 2.

4 gigahertz. This is a rubberized wheel, it's very smooth and best part of all hmm that's part of all for doublea's that's, all that it takes for so I know most people look at a radio and go. This is the boring part. Some of us actually appreciate getting a good 2.4 gigahertz radio with ready to run kit or ready to run version. It doesn't come in the kit that's. What I was gon na say other thing about this: this is where the on and off is dududududududu. Ok. This is where all the controls are hidden have a peak in their focus. There we go right there, you can see there's trims the bind button in case you lose your bind. What else do they have up there? Oh yeah normal and reverse? Ok. So this is actually a pretty darn cool radio it's very light. Doesn'T feel like it's super heavy duty, but it feels like it'll last through a fall or two literally like a drop and I'm, not doing it on camera, because I don't wan na wreck. My radio and it sprung great in here, but the cool thing is, is a 2.4 gigahertz radio means you and your friends can go out, have fun at the same time and the RCS aren't gon na be glitching like it was on an amfm radio. These are a big bonus, ok parts bag. I know a lot of us go own extra parts who needs them.

That is you usually not the case, this parts bag. I have to get it now for demonstration. Hi I'm right here has everything you need from extra driveshaft parts has extra links in there, and one of the beautiful things that you guys may or may not have known is in your last ready to runs and in your last kit versions. I think now I'm, not a spokesperson for axial, none of the above so I'm. Just in my opinion, I know that it came with a four link, suspension setup. Nobody actually knew that we never talked about it and a lot of us do all parts great there's. Also some gates in there. If you want to have some competitions and you can start setting it up, we were going to talk about instruction books more in a moment. Something cool in here. You guys would like to see. Okay, awesome we'll get my little cutters here because they always come tied into the box. Okay, that's a well know, in fact most arts teas. Do you want to have a closer look? You can come right up here with me. I will move the camera there. You go okay, so we'll keep you here. You know right around there, so you can see everything properly. I'M. The only cameraman today so bear with me just cut these open, quick everything. That'S there eats up that back there we go. You know what easier cutters or scissors you guys: don't have cutters scissors off to the side.

This is important in the old brief boxes. They still may do this underneath here is actually where your instruction book was kept. So if you weren't careful, you could really throw it out by accident and Flamel. Okay, there you go let's just take it right out of the box objects just like that, as I hit the camera hi. Okay, so right off the bat let's I'm gon na get behind the camera here, so you can have a better view and I'll give the zooming and all that fun stuff there's a few things different that I notice right away. Let me get that zip tie out from under the truck, so it doesn't look like it's part of it. Okay, obviously, the sleek style body, yay you'll notice that there is a difference from the old poncho that it's painted oops painted black okay got a lot more sponsors on there from real life companies and everything looks you know. Home looks pretty decent. The ripsaw tires are okay. The thing I noticed right away is that these rims are actually glued. Don'T know how I feel about that, because the old ones were weird locks. I don't know if it was a matter of cost or what here I'm gon na get behind the camera again just so, I can have a closer look and I'm gon na go. Get it one of the older tires, because you guys are asking me to show you the difference, so I will move the camera here and I will grab hay crossing in front of the camera right here.

Here is the old tire looks like it is actually slightly. Larger foams definitely feel different. These are a lot more softer. Ok, these ones here seem to have a obviously they have holes drilled, so air can get in and out and a lot of people with trailing and or trying to climb trail rocks, wants and tire flex. One of the big differences that we had right away. These old proline tires a like, I was mentioning they had bead locks in there also well notice. Oh no it's the same size, the tires the same size. It was just a coincidence. It must have been just where it was place. Look at that, it is the same size. One of the things you can see with the rip saws is that it actually has some slits cut into it, where these old tires actually used to get stuck and create a bit of a flat spot right. Not with the new softer compound on these rip saws. Plus the tread is different instead of having mud, and this one just sliding like this is doing this one's actually going to be able to conform and crawl, which I had noticed a big difference already, because I had one of these out in the studio last night. Now let me get behind that camera again and we'll zoom out. I still have one of the zip ties there. Sorry guys that's not for the truck here. Let me just get that again out of the way.

This is one of the tie down straps for the box, nothing that you guys need to keep. For instance, okay, same front honcho, bumper comes with two lights in the front. Everything else is good to go. You guys always always always ask me: how do you mount a winch well, I'm? Actually, gon na steal the camera I'm gon na. Take you guys with me have a quick look at this okay when you're looking at a winch and we look down in behind the bumper. If you look carefully zooming zooming zooming trying to keep it in focus right, there there's a hole, there's a hole and, on the other side over here, there's two holes. This is exactly where a winch would screw into the plates. You guys come on that's where it would go, then what I have to do, usually myself is just notch out this little piece here for the winch to come out, or I just remove this whole bottom plate. But now that I have you here, let's just do a quick turnaround. The new honcho okay ooh comes with all the stickers on it, here's some of the stickers that come that are actual technical partners. Yeah scx10 trail honcho axial. We can see the reflection of the camera in the truck we look around. It comes with a spare tire comes with a spare rip saw. Do you need a spare tire? No it's just for looks what, if you get enough of these, you can have a spare set of tires, which is pretty cool underneath now that it's painted black everything is looking pretty awesome.

Loving it right, it's, no longer silver. I think it used to be silver back there, but I don't have a Dingell body around. You can see the old one I have. This is where I actually built the kit that's. My original paint job that I did there coming back here, take off the body pins because everyone wants to have a peekaboo inside. I, for these are nice and easy to remove, especially with the softer compound for the ripsaw before we used to have a big big tire in there that was kind of a big pain in the butt to get those pins out, but not anymore. Thank you. I feel good thinking if it was intended great, if not it's, a great fluke, let's remove the body good, look at it here. It actually looks very clean that I love new are sees just for that reason. Cuz. You know it works. In fact, when you roll an RC now beautiful to even kind of shining with that motor on the studio lights, okay, so let's have an up close. Look you guys, one of the things that's a glaring difference. I noticed last night. Is this beautiful shroud, both a pain in the butt and fantastic and I'll, explain both right now a pain in the butt? Because when you want to access the actual motor or the spur gear, you have to take the little shroud off. But the bonus of the matter for young fellas or for Dirk's Dirk for dirt and rocks they won't be hitting the spur gear or getting your finger caught in between the pinion.

Not that I've done that, but I'm sure there's folks out there that haven't been paying attention or I hit the throttle by accident and and really hurt themselves. I don't know, but I know what great safety feature so a second thing I noticed last night check it out here's that four link suspension bar okay that's. What this bar going across here is also notice: two red lights. These are very standard in the back. The four link suspension here you can see the top links which are right here. Okay, this actually allows it to flex a little bit easier before it just had a a Wye connection. Much like this one. It came down together just to a whi point and then a single attachment one of the issues we're. Having is that and people that own these trucks know. This is that you could clock the the axle back and forth because it would have some play in between the the top three link set up. That has now been eliminated. A big bonus right there and the shocks are really nice and soft. I don't need a crazy articulation, but look at that's pretty pretty darn good I'm happy with that very cool okay. Now one of the bummers and downfall, but very okay for most people is it comes with the old standard to me, a plug. Why do people don't like these connection issues? You know things like that, but for the average most everyday user out there that's using the no nickel, metal or naik ATS, these Tamiya plugs are just fine.

When you bump up to lipo lithium polymer, you need to do different things to it. Okay, number one thing I did was just cut it off and put on a Deans connector that's, just a different connector folks, like Traxxas, connectors blah blah blah blah comes with this one. Okay, long story short also it has that new AE 2 ESC. This is this one right here: the ESC is an electronic speed. Control operates as the brain of the truck. You know not the receiver of the radio. This is the power center that powers the motor. This is a 27 turn. It looks like the standard I'm guessing, but it looks like the standard 27 onoff switch right here. Easy okay, underneath here is the splash pump oof. I got it what's wrong with me: today's bash, poof, splash proof, receiver box. That holds the lights yes, I'm. Probably way too close right now so we're having a look, we can see that the antenna is stick. You know this looks like it's gon na be a longer antenna for the ready to run receiver and radio combo. Okay, this here actually comes with a straw sticks up straight through the body, goes right through right in that hole closest to the windshield, hey that's, pretty cool stickers on there. You guys looks pretty neat. The last thing I would say the last, but one of the fewest or one of the most noticeable things is the new drive shafts they come with it.

Okay, you can see it's a little bit of a smarter put together away. I believe this is the same as the Wraith, where it's gon na have a pin that goes straight through before we are having problems with grub screws backing out again, I have only basically looked at this. You know for a couple hours, I didn't pull the grub screws out, I'm, pretty sure it's a pin, though also these right here, this new ball and Cup right here much better than the yokes that they used to have this drive. Shaft design is a newer design. Okay from the old one you can specially see like it's, almost like a piece of licorice where it's got all these ribs tongue and groove, you could almost call it okay, so going through a straight thing right on the back as well. They also have reinforcement rings that can go around here. I haven't seen this pop out at all. I haven't used it but I'm, assuming that, with all the effort, that's gone into this design and re release that they've actually looked at that again, I'm. Making lots of assumptions here but I've been using these products a while okay, so I guess you all kind of want to see this run or maybe even know what I would do to upgrade it, but I got ta tell you hold on. Let me hold on here I'm. Looking around oh look at oh, oh dude, you're flowing lots of axials look at here is gems pinky.

That is totally what she said. I'M. Sorry, no disrespected put that up on the bench here. This was an old ready to run. Dingo, but we can see there's a few differences as soon as I put it inside. Okay, even though they are fairly close, like here, no shroud on the spur gear and pinion, okay, so that's one of the things that they have included here. Sorry, I know my camera works a little off today, but you know make this come together for you I'm going to do it right. So there you can see the shroud, no shroud totally deadly and losing your finger. Okay, okay, so same thing got a light kit. In there we got the a to es, even though this one's a little bit mucked up. I had upgraded it for gem back in the day when they first came out, so this isn't all stock. This has had some upgrades, you guys, if you haven't, seen pinky already I've done tons of shows with her. You can. You know and that's what I'm speaking about right there. So now you've had an overview of the new scx10. Before I go running it outdoors, because it's gon na run like a dream like they always do, it puts you back up on the tripod come over here you can start my RC attic shirts, doo doo, hey everything's, going good. You can tell the good old instruction booklet, you know the beauty thing about.

This is it'll. Tell you everything all the parts you need pretty boring. I bet you've already checked out of the video but check out what I have on the back. This is dented. Ah, a new decals chief or is the folks in the United States like to say the decal sheet, either way wherever you're from it means stickers and something you can stick on your truck that's, pretty darn cool one of the neat things about very cool folks out There that I've been helping them but there's all of your favorite forums and fun things on there. Oh what's that that's an RC spark sticker folks. So now, not only can you get the scale Builders Guild and RC crawler calm and all the awesome things out there. You can also get your own very cool RC sparks stickers for your scx10 and, of course, the new dingo kit that's out there, so one more cool reason to go out and try axials product – and i know in the next year, so you guys will be seeing Me use this so double thumbs up.