He was there. You go nice flex coming down in the rain coming out of the rain. Now he's got mud on his tires. He'S gon na try and climb this. The ramp is slick, Oh down. He goes big tractor tire brand new cut in half lots of lugs. Can he recover from it? This obstacle course is much more challenging than the u4 course. We see the rain they're, making things slick Oh down. He goes. Oh, we made it because I could get hung up there. You go there, you go, keep it going, keep it going. You can do this, you can do it. You got it come back up here. Okay, no, keep going. Don'T worry. I don't want to mess you up. John'S got his card bill easily clearing the shock towers now down to the seesaw getting lined up properly. These boards twisted three minutes. Half your time. You'Ve got a great time right now. Now it starts to float counterweight. You made it, is it flipping them back over? No, you made it box into the rain Music down. He goes just trying to make it over those tires. There you go there, you go there, you go that's the side. That'S, your friend still raining down, making everything slick, including filling his tires full of dirt. There you go. Oh no luck! No! Luck! No! Luck! Music! If you fall one more time, Aaron can put you at the top. There you go nailed it all back up.

You got it, you got it, you got it, you got it right on right at high, but really you guys have seen our trucks. We want to show you guys, everybody else's trucks. Has it been made yet not yet Justin attracted her all the back tears going in that's, okay, you can ride it. Just steer yourself properly. What he's talking about is his back left is off, but he can do this. You can do it. Man you'll, be the first just be careful when you approach that tire called mud slingers, maybe playing Music, my service on. Oh, no is your servo done dead, servo here's, the risers, both of them uneven, really to make your suspension work up and down as you climb bill is going to get his card. Oh, I spoke too soon nice job. He did blow his tire rim. Look at that front rim, it's nice and slow David it's, nice and slow not like before yeah. Take your time, yeah counterweight chain on this side, it's a nice angle for you to drive off! Oh, no, you didn't, you did make it over the teeter totter it's. Up to the judge, judge says you made it starting to get lots of mud. Look at this Bill's handling it like a champion right to the top. There was no problem there at all. Go around the rock bill: job Bill's, walking through the rain right now coming out of the rain. Attempting the ramp nice aw bill goes down a job we're losing light it's getting late in the day.

Oh no get it before you hurt yourself. This first path looks easy, but it certainly is an axial grabber coming into the rain very nice good job, while moving through, like no problem, no problem, no problem, good job, always going the wide way, smart man. This is why this is made wide here is where it is tough. The obstacles we put here are made to make you slide and there it is nice job. Nice job makes it up hop this you get the card almost back tire David. You may want a repo 21 seconds to write on David gets a card, get that back tire. There you go. His card is awarded through the shock towers onto the treacherous teeter totter, with very slick tires ride that he knows where it's at look at this I've changed the size of the teeter totter. I have lowered it down and it comes down to the side. He'Ll, look at this. There you go there, you go nice job whoo, the slippery ramp. Can he do it? With these slick tires you needed to run at it there you go all aisles almost got it very nice traversing the rocks. Oh down. He goes repo yeah. Here he comes up to his first card. Now he gets his card nice very well. You made it around the middle rock Luke, making his way up recovers. They have each foul on the side. That is the best turn on the Ring: nice job, Lyle, Music, it's, nice and slow.

While there you go, oh nice onto the side hill past the danger zone ah got um, it went fishy. No, he needs a chance to get out of that. He'S gotten out of this too easy already, no now reset yeah yeah. He can do this nice, almost beautiful. He did at he's one of the only folks that did it good job struggling around the rocks, but he nailed it. He'S almost got it coming up to the shock towers, nice. Oh nice job made it to the side, Hills, good job Sean, showing the way it's done. I would go yellow it's, much skinnier for you and did he do the teeter totter with ease yeah, very cool? Need to come my way, bitch huh, hey! You should go in all of us giving him suggestions. Maybe this is Axl's minute I'm walking right here. It'S dangerous does an opposite clock needs his back tires. Dad did it so far, so good. The obstacle course went. Well. Does it go well, everybody is photo bombers photo bombers they're everywhere you can't get away from these guys.