Some of you noticed some of you didn't it didn't really matter and didn't really affect my performance too much other than getting a little bit of water inside my foam and bead locks. So today, I'm going to take the tire off really simple, just trying to do some maintenance and, while I'm at home you know get some stuff done. That needs to be done and I figured I might as well turn on the camera and get right to it. Now you may notice that my truck is actually up on jack stands. I'Ve had a lot of people ask about jack stands before and I actually got these ones at top shelf hobby calm. If that helps you guys out at all. I know a lot of people like to do scale, dioramas and garages and all those kind of things and while you're working on your truck it's kind of nice to have it up off the ground, because, yes, even though I shouldn't be working with it plugged in For showman's sake today it is – and this is the bonus of having it up off the ground right. You can turn the tires and whatnot so we'll just keep on going here, but just for giggles to keep that safety going. I may as well turn it off buttons right here tada now I did do an unveiling video of this truck. It is a 110 scale. Electric trail truck it's made by G mate it's the Komodo lots of information on the previous videos.

I'Ll leave some links in the video description box down below for your ease of use and ease of finding one more here now I'm, using a very fine, a screwdriver check it out small small tip on that insert adult joke there so backing it off. I could be using a drill, but I don't want to strip out these plastic bead locks that I have here almost raah. So what happened was the tire from the cold air, basically constricted in my last video and pulled out of the bead lock, I didn't have it tight enough. I try not to over tighten bead locks. You can see the bead has been busted check out these tires. If you want to have a look very nice, these are the scale tires that come with the comodo kit from g made, not bad, very, very nice plastic on the inside, but I have not stripped it out yet, even though I'm using a brushless motor check it Out the brushless motor is a 21.5 turn focus up there. Sorry guys there you go very nice, so gon na have to take apart. The bead lock, which I won't make you guys watch me undo all the other screws in there I'll just get it done and kind of separate it just going to make sure to keep all the nuts and bolts keep them off to the side. Alright. So for those who don't know what a bead lock system is basically it's, a three part tire mount usually an inside and an outside one might be a little bit longer and one might just be a band around the outside.

But this is two plastic pieces that will be screwed together around an inside ring. You see this ring right here, so as you get it, it actually takes the bead of the tire that in lip and actually pinches it in between this ring – and this outer ring. So this ring – and this outer ring a little bit damp that reminds me – I had it in water, so I might as well take it out. Look at this that's a lot of our Creek water, so disgusting gross. I want to get that out just wipe this up before it gets too gross I'll just squeeze the foam inside this paper towel trying to get the excess water out. The reason why I'm doing that is, if you don't, have the excess water come out of your tyre foam. When your tire is rotating it's, going to get a bit of a wobble to it, the more water you have in there, the more of a wobble it's going to make plus the water will deteriorate your foam. So if you are running in water, make sure you have a sealed tire or get in there and dry out your foams after your run just stuff this evenly inside the tire again making sure that the flat spots are out pointed out there. We go everything's in place I'm, going to take that inside ring. Put that right back in place, and now a lot of people have seen me do tire beads before and really they are all the same.

Just make sure that it's pushed down nice and even make sure that bead lock is actually properly in the ring that it needs to be. I normally give it a gentle pull on the outside to ensure that the lip of the ring and the inside lip of the tire are perfectly partnered and you'll, see what I mean when you're doing it same with this one, making sure that it's pushed all the Way around that inside ring and basically lining up make sure that you line it up properly, and so, when you go to screw it together, everything is flush. You see nothing overlapping, so I'm going to go ahead. I do have one bolt nut right. There I'm going to screw right into that right away. Just to try to give me a mounting point. You know if you can give yourself a good start: don't tighten it down all the way, just a little bit, because you want to do the next nut and bolt on the opposite side which will be over here. For me, all the senior guys right now are like oh, we know all this already and that's. So true, I just wanted to help out some younger folks or new folks to the hobby that didn't know this yet okay, I'm going to continue and put in all the screws, not something you guys need to see, I'll get it done and we'll come back alright. So here we go a small tip.

If you want, you can go ahead and put a small bead of silicone around the inside. If you're using plastic bead lock tires. This is only my advice, I'm sure other people do it. But if you're worried about stripping out any of these back holes – or you know not having a good enough tight seal to get the water to stay out, go ahead and run that silicone bead around plus. When it's dried in about 24 hours or wherever, if you're putting it in a warm garage, maybe sooner if you when you're done – and you need to like change your tire whatever you can just pull it off, the silicone comes off and the seal is broken. No big deal so I did not silicone these tires today for no other reason that I don't have any here and I actually don't plan on doing too much water at the moment, because it's winter in my part of the world, so I'm gon na remount, the Tire I'm checking out the hex on the back, so it lines up with my hex adapter on the axle I'm, just turning it like that. Alright, so there we go back, tire is repaired. Now I could move on. People have been asking me about the light kit that I've installed on this piece cake guys. It was a simple look at this as just one plug to my receiver, because I put an extension cable on my ugly report auxiliary, and this is a standard axial, light kit, I'm sure there's other ones out there that you can get, but simply two Reds on The back a controller up here that I've basically water resisted with the Gorilla Tape, waterproof tape, and then I tape my line all the way up into the two front light buckets.

This is to keep anything from actually pulling at it right, even if this area gets pulled, not all of this gets pulled out so especially with spinning gears on the inside. The other thing I want to talk about is recently I've been finding Drive, shafts online we're, going to open this up, for you just know, named drive, shafts off of ebay, and I wanted to test them out. They actually look pretty decent okay, so I did order a few and I was gon na put them on this vehicle because you know if it's not broken, just upgrade it, and I thought geez like I was getting these for, like 10 bucks each, and I think You can at the time of this filming, but I can't really give you a specific seller, because I was just browsing eBay as always so, but I went to put them on here and really once I started inspecting the drive shafts that are here already let's get A good look at this these driveshafts, even though these are steel, I agree, that'll be stronger, but the plastic ones that are there. They look super strong and I would rather have plastic for now to slide over rocks and stuff right, because, even though this is slippery, if it gets burs and it can kind of catch on the trail – and these ones here seem to be beefy enough with the Center pins and that huge block in the middle right for therefore the actual universal joint I'll call it that I got ta tell you, I don't think I want to switch it out quite yet.

I want to torque it. I want to see how it actually does. There'S, a good shot of the rear, but it's rather larger than the standard drive shafts I've, been seeing for other scale, trail trucks so I'm going to leave it. You know let's give these out of the way for a second I'm gon na leave it, and I want to see if those big ones actually last, I think they will. I think the stock ones aren't really going to. Let me down so I'll. Have these on hand, if I need them, I hope it's kind of been helpful.