A lot of people have asked me to do my camel paint in a tutorial as well. I did this years ago when I did a giant 8 scale crawler, but I can tell you that this is simple: everybody does a different camouflage technique. Sometimes all you need to liven up your RC is a brand new body is how I'm gon na do a camo paint job two lessons in one one of these different types of paint you can get from your hardware store, make sure it adheres to plastic, or You can go ahead and use your normal Tamiya paint see this PS PS is not the correct one. This one. This is for paints and models like model still models. I still use it on hard bodies, though, because it still has an adherence to plastic like this right, it's, not like lexan that's flexing, so I get away with this on these also the TS. This is gon na, be black gold straight green flat. Green. Look at this, this is a value primer. This is just for an auto, a regular automobile. I, like the color it's, a flat back Brown and the three pieces let's get started. This is very straightforward, it's, just a matter of technique. Now the inside of the truck can be painted a flat color, which will be black, the overspray on the outside doesn't matter. Here we go there. We go all in real time, not too much you don't want it to run pretty much done for a flat undercoat.

The top here's the overspray – I was talking about right, so the paint dust when you have paint dust make sure to wipe it off. Some of it will continue to stick just because it is painted, but you see how much came off of that beautiful one of my good friends Chris de Graaff, some Hemme storm RC, is an amazing painter. I'M gon na put a link in the video description box because he has a YouTube channel that he shows how to do supercool detailed paint jobs there we go beautiful, just the underside and I'll let that dry. Okay now comes the super cool part black. All of the colors blammo this technique is the part that everybody will do differently. Some people like to get in there with a paint brush some people like to tape and do different kind of patterns like a leopard and different things like that I'm, a little bit more like a bull in the in a paint shop right. I don't have a lot of finesse when it comes to this, but I do have a technique: that's, just basically a crisscross layer over layer Music depends on the base color. You want to go away because it's camel I'm gon na go with flat nice. Here we go: oh very nice getting in the grooves brilliant, so we'll set this off to the side to dry we'll bring in the back box. Lay it off keep that steady pattern, Applause and I got a helicopter going overhead easy way up there beautiful.

Ah, that looks fantastic, okay time to start mixing colors now this is mustard, yellow I'm gon na start with the light, so I can just get hints of that throughout might as well bring in the bakbox looks like I have to do that back box tailgate there. We go when it dried it lightened up. Quite a bit plus I missed quite a bit beautiful, okay, looking good now, one thing I like about camouflage is bringing the colors all the way through the truck somewhere around there. There we go just batter it there. We go random, beautiful don't, be shy. You got to be creative. When you do this there we go everything on a camo design can be fixed, that's, the beauty of it just hinting there. We go layers ud, okay, so for the final step, I'm, just going in and impending some areas like the corners, wherever it would be actually a little bit darker than normal. Maybe this is what the truck used to be painted as or maybe it's, maybe it's just made for hanging out in the forest.