Okay. So now I have this area in here wide open, I've got the scoop mounted to the rx 8. I did it with some liquid cement. Bah bah bah could have done it with some. You know jb weld or anything, but doesn't really matter right now the ESC is just temporarily in there. Okay, I can remove it, so I can wire it that's. What I hope to do today, but I needed to get. Do you guys, like this feature, it's a flipped hood? I know some of you. People will be like you wanted it straight. You wanted it perfect in there. I actually wanted to add a couple of hinges to make it even beastly er there and it is come on let's back up the camera a little bit whoa. You know what this is: cheap Gorilla Tape cost me eight or nine bucks in Canada. This stuff is, dare I say, in my opinion, tougher then def duct tape, duct tape, this stuff is miracle, not nice and tough, and so you know how everybody does everything out of duct tape, I'm doing things out of Gorilla Tape because it can repel water well Fairly well and it's, the color of black and the fiber seems to stick up pretty well check this out. This is an inner box that I'm trying to do an inner. Well, so when everything is getting splashed, it doesn't have to get splashed with mud immediately in and against the inside of the Gorilla Tape you already put in sorry.

I know my arms are in the way, guys sometimes tutorials need to take a little bit of extra time and like that stuck to the inside dented. Ah now, of course, I'll put another top piece of tape over this once I have everything in place because my receiver and everything here and check this out. My esc is too stuck down by some double sided: gooey stuff, but my receiver esc wench controller. Everything is back there right now. I do not have the motors soldered in yet gentlemen and the viewers watching only because I've been too focused on getting everything else done and making sure I had the proper room to attach the wires to the ESC. Now now that's attached I'm gon na bring it down a little bit right to about their inner fender flare yeah. You can see that well so I'm, just gon na bend it back up onto itself a little higher right to you about there, get it all nice and flattened down, cut the edge, so it's nice and smooth probably have to trim the edge. I will no problem. All right camera arm in the way, sometimes it's got to happen so there we go like so now. It is a little bit too long, so I'm gon na trim it done just a little bit wider. There we go there. We go looking good coming down there. We go, I know I said there. We go about thousand times in this episode.

Sorry guys and there we go. Okay, have one more piece of tape to wrap that around. Does everything uh huh I'm off to cut the ends off that's? Okay, I just want to line up with the edges cut from here improv on the fly model making same with this side. Good enough. There we go shield. Did I get this side enough? Great everything's, looking good body post 1? Sorry guys! This is what it actually takes. You know, I know a lot of you younger fellas or the folks that want faster stuff for saying boring. This is so boring. Medic do some running videos but being a new dad and, of course I love building new trucks, not much. I can do to help you out there guys there we go. Tell me these line up those dew line. I feel a little better, okay, so rx 8. You can see still says rx 8 plus we're gon na have all the wires looping right there right sorry about the gap here, guys I'll work on that it's. Just the way that the da da da da, the under flares, are actually protecting. Everything is kind of pushing up I'll work it in there, though we'll get her in there. Well get her in there working up now, I'll be able to get some sort of proper hood pin. I know it's, not a hood pin that's, not the word I'm. Looking for let's see here, I was using my allen wrench yesterday, cobalt just for the idea.

So this way we have an idea of what's going on. Like that, you see you want to get in closer, go ahead. There you go now it's starting to look like a truck hey, a real truck, a one to one sized monster truck, but I'll have to fix. With these flares, like the Hat, I don't want to glue them to the body. I don't know I think it's cool and the other thing we can do. Where'S my engine here's this engine that I wanted to use. I know some of you guys are like whoa. You put it through the valve covers, but a lot of engines actually have that those plug wires hold on a second let's see if I actually had this in the back still, even though some of you're like it's, not the right scale, that's, okay and I removed This blower, I know a lot of you – want me to put that blower in this blower spot but I'm, not going to and it's simply because this, if you open up these butterflies and looked this actually doesn't, have an opening like this scoop does for the functional In ducted air, but I could remove the top of this, and since this is a fuel cell already, while mock fuel cell – and we have this in the back – we can definitely have the back shaft attached to the spur gear like I had it and then run Like a hose to the top of the intake, hey, that would be awesome because then it would look like it was forced air induction all the way through to the back, but regardless I still have a lot of work to do.

Hopefully, you guys have been enjoying the build I'm. Sorry I've been doing it everyday this week, so some of you guys that are following along and this isn't, a repeat, video for them or you're, not watching this somewhere down the line in the future. You might be getting kind of tired of me working on beasts, but I'll tell you what it's a special project to me and, after all, is said and done I'm happy to call this. The altered beast I'm working on it. Give me some time. Not everything is a hundred percent, far from it, in fact, but I am rolling with the punches seeing what we can get done here and seeing if we can make a pretty badass truck for a season of upcoming rcadventures, my friends, if you're subscribed to the channel. Thank you so much if you've already left a comment or a like click down below it's, always appreciated by myself and my family, if you're not and you'd like to be subscribed to follow along and see other cool RC videos and build videos and running videos, click That subscribe button YouTube, has it as being free for the moment, so please click it while it's free click it.