For you guys to see in yesterday's video, where I had this truck, which is basically a mega monster, mud truck. You know I had it pulling the Cormier trailer, which is the red trailer, pulling my traxxas Spartan speedboat through mud slush and a whole bunch of water, because we're having a warm spell here, just mid january, which I took opportunity of and went straight out to mess Around and I wanted to really do kind of a power pole, but I already knew that I was taking a risk and the reason I know that is because my son was, you know pretending he was pushing my truck around and I picked it up the other Day it hadn't been running, then I could actually smell the motor just from it sitting there. So it was already showing signs aware from all the abuse I've put this truck through over the years, and so yesterday we had a great smoke show at the end of the video you know, mega monster mud truck blows motor while pulling speedboat was the video. If you want to put a link in the video description box down below and really you know, it was facing forward and we had smoke just billowing out of this either side, and so I kind of knew that was gon na happen. So I didn't mind pushing it to its limits, and I knew that would be an opportunity just to actually do an upgrade now.

I just brought this in from outside. Had it washed up yesterday, so I've got a little bit of condensation on the motors here, just because it's warm inside and of course, cold outside. We can dry that up simply with a paper towel and basically get straight into swapping these motors out. Now. Somebody actually thought that I was running dual Dewalt Motors in here and, of course, not at all it's, always Tekin that I run simply because I've been working with Tekin for years and years and I love their products. They'Ve been with us since rcadventures started, so there's. Multiple types of motors that you can run in here, I always go with a 35 turn. Actually they've come up with a new 30 turn as well I'd like to put those in here, but I don't have any with me at the moment, but this motor down here basically smoked out now I do run it. I know there's lots of people that know how the Beast runs, but there's lots of people that are new to the show and don't know that I run dual motors now. You can see some of the soot and some of the the heat that was getting transferred. Of course, when this is smoking, it's leaving soot all over everything, no fire, of course, that's, not a big deal. We didn't have any kind of fire, and you know having a steel drive line and a steel transmission and dual motors I'm, pushing out so much torque, plus dragging that trailer with the little tiny tires on it.

With all that mud was just like dragging an anchor. So, basically, with dual motors I'm, not looking for speed I'm looking for exceptional pull power right, the power that these two can transfer to the drive lines is ample compared to just having one now. What am I going to do today? Basically, I'm just going to be undoing the the motors right here. I'Ll, probably just go ahead and lie undo the bottom just to make it easy. I guess I can just remove it with these. Four screws that are down here will remove the transmission, and I might as well get started for those that haven't seen. I do run the rx 8, which is 18 scale monster truck ESC. I did waterproof it. I took it out. I took it all apart. You know I just plastered dipped it and made sure that it had the proper cooling that runs into a wire splitter right here, which I attached two motors individually to that run into this thicker gauge here. So it's. Basically, giving power to both motors at the same time and on a three cell lipo. I still get like 30 40 minutes of run, so just to keep you guys who are wondering how I do that in the loop four screws on the bottom I'm. Basically, releasing the transmission from the motor mount plate or from the transmission mounting plate and I'm, not going to be undoing the drive shafts because they are how they slide together.

Expandable look at that. It just lifts right out now. People were wondering if whose Dewalt motors, simply because I didn't have any any stickers on here or decals seen, but the truth of the matter is is that these motors are so old. The decals have just worn off, but you can see. I cooked that one pretty darn good yesterday, so no problem now that we have this off I'm, just going to be removing these bolts and, of course, taking off the pinion right here, isn't that a beautiful powerhouse Hey, look solid, hey, especially with the drive shafts. All steel yeah they don't match just because I had one wear out and I swapped it out, but not a big deal inside this aluminum housing, which doesn't give me any flex at all. All steel gears as well yeah totally locked up. But when I turn it listen, totally cooked the bearings in here, so I probably got some mud in here overtime just finally seized it up with all that power and when the comm isn't actually able to turn inside under the power of the battery leave that seized. Ah, there that's, when the power starts to build up and causes the heat, and then you start getting the end of the motor in here starting to smoke. Look how filthy that is yeah see I could rebuild it but they're just beyond the point of rebuilding. When I abuse my truck for you know a year so I'm going to remove these we're going to need a bigger screwdriver for the bottom, one, no big deal one and, if I'm, going to replace one, I may as well replace both at the same time, just To prevent any future problems, you'll notice that I actually have the pinyin flipped around backwards right, how many people notice that the pinions are flipped around backwards just to fit properly with this kind of slipper clutch, everything was fairly close and nice and flushed to the motor Mount plate: this is a level 3 RC motor mount plate that I got on eBay.

Anybody can buy them if he's still doing it, who knows things change over time, want to be careful not to strip out that grub screw. Of course, once it's gone once you stripped out that pinion gear it's useless so here's one you'll see, this is exactly. Why did these motors with wires just quit, connects because now I'm just going to unsolder these two points and resolder them to the motor people say solder solder depends on where you are in the world, and people say differently that this one's fit for the pit. Oh toasty, look that here smell that I'm sure you guys can smell it right through your computer screen. The ask us ting that's, ok man. This is why I four wheel drive with little trucks in mud bogs, more often than large trucks, because swapping a motor is just this easy I've laid out a paper towel, so we can use some of Cour C's mooder cleaner, which is basically a motor, cleaner and Degreaser but I'm actually going to use it on the transmission just because of how disgusting it is. This will help break up any of the old dirt and disgusting stuff that's on there. Look at this cloth already look: how much stuff came off of there that's? Why? I use that product. Thank You. Heath Heath is the gentleman that owns Cowell, RC or one of the owners there. They make some good products now that's super smooth and super solid nice.

There look how sharp those teeth are. So, yes, they had a little bit too tight of a motor mesh on this one. So that's, okay, that's part of the reason right there that it could have been wearing out too tight of a mesh things slide and slip overtime, and basically, it gets pushed right into the teeth of the the spur gear. Now the spur gear teeth. Look a little bit worn down, but they're, not too bad I'm, just going to when I get down to the hobby, store I'll order up new 26, 2008 e7 or an 89. I can't remember which one I ordered so really. I get a lot of wheel, speed out of the 35 turn plus with the two motors I get quite a bit of torque, which transfers through this whole steel transmission. Now that is pure power right. So again, people look at my truck they're like oh it's, not that fast, you know, but really it's for pulling or being in the mud, because I want the proper amount of wheel, speed for the mud this to get the vehicle moving, as well as the torque To turn the tires when they're cait thick with heavy mud again just the 35 turns that I'm going to go with people. Ask me why I'm not using a brushless motor right now and truth of the matter is, is yes, you can run some brushless motors in water? Yes, if you get mud inside brushed motors, it can actually seize it up.

But if you rinse it out, everything is usually okay, so what I'm going to do is I'm, going to lubricate the bearings front and back before we do anything here, I'm, just going to use some regular bearing oil that's made for brushed motors as well as I'm. Just going to resolder it to get it on there and that'll, basically be it simple job: finding the flat spot on the motor shaft right here, because that's, where the pinion set screw is going to have to go and run it backwards for the best mesh. I can get right about there piece of full scalp or loose leaf, just kind of whip, just kind of roll it in there then set your gap like I'm, just pushing it down there, one two roll it through and your gap is set very nice. A lot of people ask me about this extreme driveshaft angle here: does it actually bother me at all or does it cause any problems, and the answer is with this much power and, of course, when I'm in a group setting with my suspension, everything is actually not Bad at all, I haven't run into any issues, even though it looks more extreme on camera. I suppose, but I don't have any hopping or shaking going on so I'm, not really concerned all right, so I did have to switch these around off camera. The only reason being is yeah. I had the right tabs, but I had the polarities reversed, which often happens when running dual motors I'm, not quite sure why I haven't really investigated it enough, but I can tell yeah yeah yeah, so this one plugs in here.

I want them running the right direction, they're both running in the same direction. I want them to be running forward when I push forward and at the right velocity. So here we go radio on steering working new motors activated, that's it full droop. So yeah I get a little bit of a hop that's from my drive shaft angle, but not a big deal because that normal that's just the hop of the tires grabbing on so there you go, replaced dual motors piece of cake. The Beast is back in action: that's how you guys can switch out your motors if you have a burnt motor heck just doing one, if you have a single motor will be easy for you guys to do. I know you've seen me. Do it a lot before if you need soldering solder in or whatever the heck, you want to call it tips. There'S lots online. I'Ve done lots of soldering online for you guys to see in previous videos. So if you need help with that, go ahead to have a check back at that and there you go simple motor repair for the beast.