Finally, here the G made comodo 4×4 trail truck at the time of this filming. This is a newly released vehicle and I've. Had a ton of requests come in for me to pick up one of these trucks and give you guys an overview really. The whole point of this short video is just to kind of give you an up close look at what you will have when the kit is completed and some of the more notable features of the vehicle and one of the things I noticed right away done. Tada. Yes, you see all these up at the top. These actually are from my friend at top shelf hobby Andrew. There he's got some great scale products, but this whole top cage actually came with the kit, including sand rails, and a shovel check out the mirrors. One of the things that strikes me about this vehicle right away are all the scale accessories G made must be watching videos or out having their own adventures as well, because check it out. A snorkel comes with the vehicle stock mirrors snorkel, a huge plastic bumper check out this back grille it's plastic it's, not a decal same with these light buckets. You can actually install LED lights in here and it's behind an actual shield, so you can put in a proper light kit. G mate has a, but at the time again at the time, this filming, because things always change but right now, they've got a light kit, where you can put buckets into the bumper and actually have a bucket light coming out very cool you'll notice here that there Is a hole like a fairlead for a winch underneath here you don't have a winch mount on the bumper I notice even behind here, but it got to be some way.

If you just kind of rotated the winch, you could still run the string through here. No problem so kind of moving on down the front. Look at these. These are 1.9 size. Tire now keep in mind for folks that are new here, that's the inside diameter, 1.9 40 millimeters wide and look at the aggressive lug on there hey. Those are awesome. Normally we're in there cutting every second one out and I'm sure people will be modding these like crazy, but right out of the box, you get those bead locks that are true, bead locks and you get these tires which are just aggressive. They look awesome. This truck is fairly close to my full scale truck where people have been asking me to do a replica for a while, and I may be able to do it with this vehicle. We'Ll see no promises but we'll see gee mate suspension on the inside I'll get to that in a second well, I might as well. Do it now look how much travel is on those hay for scale shocks, that's, going to be pretty good they're a little bit stiff, I'll! Look into that! Put a Saavik servo up front. Let me lift the ball off well, I guess we might as well get all the way around, so you can have a look first, just an overview. Look at the back, the same light bucket: hey, really cool for rear lights, same plastic, bumper! Really, it seems nice and thick fairly durable.

I can't say anything yet because I haven't used the truck, but for having it. I got ta tell you: it feels nice and sturdy, and my son who's 2 years old, has rammed it into a few posts in the basement already and it's still together, so thumbs up same in the rear suspension. Quite a bit of travel, yeah I'm gon na. Maybe change the fluid we'll see it's a little bit thick, especially with the winter season coming up in my part of the world, it's going to start getting cold, but not bad, not too bad for links, suspension, setup, okay, dented! Ah, I love the fact that has a snorkel I'm going back to that yep brushless setup in here you guys are like oh, my god, it's, not Tekin, I usually use Tekin. I actually was very fortunate and had this pre built, I was able to order it. Pre built I've had long standing relationships with the people that I order from, but they went ahead and put in a brushless 21.5 sab ox motor they've been trying to get me two halves, a Vox motors on the show for a long time. But I pushed eking because I liked them too, but sab ox is also awesome. Yeah uh, my friends, go ahead, give it a try. This has plenty of pep going straight in being brushless being 21.5. That means are going to have plenty of wheel, speed and plenty of torque as well.

Now, as I move up to the front with thus a box I'm going to switch over to a waterproof, servo and ESC m8 switch out to a brushed motor because I like going in the water, so much excuse me holy cow, ah bottom check it out. Big skid plate on the bottom on my Jeep. They actually had roller wheels where we could roll over the rocks, but it looks like they've got a nice indent and firm, but slippery hahahaha adults go ahead and smile at that. So this will be able to slide over any rocks and same with the drive shafts. The diameter of the drive shafts are actually quite thick in person and having used these types of drive shafts before I know how durable they are so there we go. That kind of gives you a quick overview. Hey see, channel frame gso, one chassis, actual transmission itself, dust guard, so you don't get your fingers caught top receiver box guard perfect, looks good, so trail truck new trail truck on the market I'm. Going to give this a try, we'll see how it goes. You know I always put my rigs to the test so much so they get beaten into the ground, but not this one. That'S, probably a lie anyway. Guys, thanks for tuning in I got to show you something at the time new you know kind of gives you an idea of what's out on the market. Go ahead! Click the subscribe button.

If you want to find out more about this, I will put information in specs about this down in the video description box.