Yes, in fact, I'm going to be going into an area that we've only done once before. That would be on road electric RC racing. But this time I am not actually going to be doing carpet racing I'm going to go back to one of the first things I did with drifting, my friends now. I know that drifting is an up and coming RC. Sport that's been going on for years now, but is actually you know, I'm, even starting to get the bug a little bit. One two Tokyo Drift around the corner know what I'm talking about. This means that I am going to be looking at a new vehicle that I purchased the other day at my local hobby store p.m. hobby craft, and I think, instead of talking, I should be doing a little bit of showing so let's hop around the back. Look at what I got here, folks ooh! This is the HPI sprint to flux drift machine. I can hear all of you out there happy you boo Ford, the other half awesome. I don't actually care about the body that's on here. I actually happen to like Fords but that's, neither here nor there. You guys can debate about that forever. I don't really care. I got a belt driven drift car. This cost me believe it or not, three hundred and sixty dollars, but it comes ready to run, which means this actually comes with a radio of battery all the electronics and a waterproof servo everything you know waterproof.

I always you know, you know how I feel about that always need some maintenance, but in this case, in this vehicle the electronics come waterproof. God happy with this. I wish I could say that this was a fresh unboxing, but it ain't, because yesterday, when I got this home, I needed to kick back. Relax have a little bit of fun with a new toy I bought, but but I was relatively careful, even though I smashed it into the wall a few times, because I have no drifter but I'm going to be. This is something that I'm excited to look at enough chatting let's just get inside the box. Look at this, oh, I know grown man playing with extremely expensive toys that's. Why they're extremely expensive we're this ready to run here's the radio here's the battery that comes inside of it 3300 nickel metal hydride? I don't even bother with that. I can't it doesn't make sense to use this battery when I first started it up. The car was very jittery has to do with this. I went to two cell lipo immediately. I know you guys want to have a closer look, so we're going to do that, but you know just for this moment. I want to get this stuff out of the box. Comes with the old CD showing you about the HPI stuff comes with more stickers. You all know how this goes. I love this battery charger. At least it comes with a charger.

Hey you don't have to have it when they say ready to run an HP. I for this product at least it's good to go extra parts. You know ranch everything like that, and the old instruction book people have been asking me to do a few unboxing videos. So I thought okay, but last night, when I got this home, I had to see what it actually did, and I was a little bit surprised like this – is a pretty good rig ready to go with this radio to 2.4 gigahertz radio check it out. It'S actually got quite a bit of drift settings on the side for different trims. Servo end points for steering for throttle that kind of stuff. All your trims are across the top and it actually feels pretty decent. You can see it's got a spaced out wheel on the side. Give me that control kind of, like some of the other higher end controllers that are out there. This actually came with batteries like literally ready to run, but one of the things I noticed about this car, in particular, pretty cool, hey, comes with a brushless setup by the way and an ESC it's very much like a Sidewinder from castle and uh let's have a Look inside there a little bit dusty, that's, totally. Okay, alright, come on. I wan na show you this ah one continuous shot. These are a lot harder to do than people think. Oh there. It is check it out.

It is a belt driven system, not like my old drift car, where I actually the old TT l1r. I think I had was a whole driveshaft. No torque twist no body bind hey all belt driven system check out even came with Dean's plugs. These kind of connectors are among my favorite instead of ya, see this. I find it unique that this came with a Deans plug on the end, but the axle charger itself came with a tamiya plug and that doesn't make sense HPI. Why would you do that? But you know a lot if you had it to me a battery. That would be helpful, but it ain't in this case, okay. But what was helpful is that the ESC came with Dean's, which means I could take my lipo batteries, the cell batteries that I have and just hook it up. Lickety split that quick, the other thing you're going to notice what is on his tires. I don't know it's on the tires: okay watch. This is a trippy right out. Ah these tires that came. This is all electrical tape. Don'T freak out. You can see the compound uh that beautiful tires. They help drift worth the doms. No, it was like running around the basement last night, slamming into things try to get the rear end to break free. I couldn't do it. I just kept zipping around right here, my buddy Dale macam, and was chatting to me about the different types of drift tires because really I don't know anything about this part of the hobby other than the fact that I want to get into it and isn't that How we all start out in different aspects of the hobby? Why am i peeling tape off of these I'll? Tell you why? Because I was so excited last night I wanted to play and just kick back and have some fun and drift around.

I thought to myself. Moon comes with rubber tires, with the without being able to run down to the hobby store because it was because it was closed uh. You know what am I going to be able to do to have fun. The first thing I came up with was to put some electrical tape on the tires which made them super slick. Look it so much better, but of course it jumped on eBay, ordered some drift tires from Hong Kong also ordered some sushi drift tires, which are a manufacturer. I found just a regular home manufacturer. I love supporting home vendors that are in innovative. They don't even know that I purchased them, but I'll tell you what I went on. Ebay got twelve tires, which is like well yeah. No, I think it was three sets of three or twelve. I don't know maybe four sets of three. They actually send. You tires and it cost me like dirt, cheap less than twenty bucks, so I'm, totally stoked about that sushi drift tires. You can check him out on eBay, but I'll give you more of an overview of them when they actually get to the house here check it out. I know: half the people are going to shoot me for saying I use max amps batteries. I don't really care what you think, though these are the guys I support you can check it out. Look at this. Have you ever remember these for those who have seen my videos as a whip myself in the face with the leaves uh that's, what she said? Uh, these are build your own lipo packs, different cells.

If you got pretty much half a brain, you know how to hook these together and they have great build your own packs, a great thing that I've used in my airplanes and on my own road racers, and all that shit. Now tell you why oh don't say that I did one of the hard cases that I have does not fit like the hard case does not fit into the HPI battery slot there. So what I use is these softer case ones that are much thinner. That totally slide in hook together and I have my own two cell battery. These are a big fat bonus because 50 to 50 s, and that, let me see here what's the burst rate – I think 150. Oh no! These are only 60 surge, so that's not too bad. My other one is a hundred and fifty C rating, but I do not need that much for this little fellow right here. So I've got lots to learn. You guys are going to learn along with me. You'Ll see how poorly I do it drifting in the beginning, because, like anything in our hobby, it's practice practice practice practice and you may get good at it one day, that's pretty much. What I'm hoping here I just want to get out and have some fun, and you know test some of my on road skills, so I think the sprint 2 is going to be the way I'm going for now.

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