I cannot believe it tell me more about this tank. Why is this one so special? Now this is one of our newer Sherman's yeah. This is the 75 millimeter we've, designed a new lower hole for these guys so hold on hold on before you go crazy, everyone's going to look at these and say: oh, these are hang long tanks. They are not hang long tanks they've been since taking over and being re engineered. I actually knew hold all. Are all I'm exes sweet man? Okay. Well, please continue that stuff for the Sherman. We'Ve got all new everything on this guy and we made a new chassis design. Okay, what we used to do is aluminum chassis and then we would do a plastic tub around okay. Now for the Sherman and future tanks, yeah we've redesigned the lower hull to be a nice sick to a slower hole. Okay, so we've got four screws. Two screws here, two screws on the bottom that pulls off your tranny cover yeah, so you can get access to the steel gear box is now included with them and a nice, oh man, this guy right here is almost indestructible on the lower hull. Okay, the turret. Now is metal cast texture as well: it's airsoft, we have infrared versions, and then later this year we have a 76 millimeter version coming out, Wow and we're working on a 105 as well holy Garmin, better. That Sherman's are getting a big big upgrade.

I got. I got it, I got to tell you please open that up again: yeah yeah there's something that's catching my eye. That is a huge difference, metal gears, steel, CNC machine. You know that was one of the big issues we had before is that the gears couldn't hold up the motors look strong. The sound box looks different that everything inside is different. Okay, it looks smaller. Do we actually redesigned the smoky once a few months ago? Yeah? So now, they're actually out put about a 50 to 75 remorse, Wow redesign machinery, world war. Oh look a huge wheels, oh yeah, rubber wheels. Removable t 34 was a completely new design as well. This was really new. This one was one of the first things that I actually had an input on yeah. So when we read his own this and we pulled off like a shirt, we did the chassis different as well yeah. So this is actually a swivel plate here. So this swivels out, okay, interplays Fulham's out the gearboxes, can actually be removed for cleaning or any kind of maintenance. You'D want to do taking off the tracks with the ground rules. Thank goodness drug wheels on this one are actually ends in the back swivel plane. What so you can actually, like? I said with the four screws on the bottom of this tank, both gearboxes commit Wow, amazing, the updates you guys have been doing we've also added new 360 kids, so it goes all the way around six you get as many times.

Wow, I cannot believe how far technology is allowing us to have fun with our basically toys user, awesomes anymore, hey man, we have a Porsche Cayenne, that's, a toy too. You know anything you can have fun with, but this one behind me. What is this that's killing? The king of dirt bet you that would be of the World of Tanks, kb2 Wow straight out of World of Tanks, yeah and you're. Getting me yeah that is yeah it's heavy Katie one chance really yeah one of the best suspensions we've got okay metal tool. Boxes of all the tournament work, this is actually the German capture variant of the Katie. Actually, the German one. This tank has easy open chassis as well yeah, so the whole top pops off it has steel gearboxes in these yeah Wow. The on Tiger is one of the biggest things we have this one here always catches my eye, you so many of them over there yeah that's, our big lug Wow awesome, and you know we actually got them in kids. I did the instructions for these guys myself, huling, absolutely so color HD pictures yeah. This is how a kit manual should be. Oh, my gosh look at the how that feels one or two instructions per picture that US should be ovulate and the kit actually comes with both the airsoft and infrared units. So you build up to a certain point. If you want to build airsoft start from here.

Yeah, if you want to build infrared start from here, and then they meet up in the ends Wow the amount of detail in here isn't in credible models. These models are incredible guys. Why? Thank you, sir all right. Thank you. I can't believe the scale of these things. One six they're awesome, Wow, look at the size of that one it's, just huge huge. This thing hallelujah the size of this tank.