I hear it oh Ted. What how many mini Manos have you had? I'Ve lost a couple that's what you get yet sharpen the gap. You know why it's, not you know what's just making table now doing this. Where I shot over that great you can bet, I pulled the runner right up. Oh no dude! The gauge comes right to the scenario: there's one little hole, that's where I went in so when it went in there probably popped the rudder. You see I'm higher up buddy I'm shredding the problem, son dude I'm. Scott! Wait! No hey! Jay! Do you know anybody in the parks department there's, no way you can reach it? I can be right in there if I can reach it, but I can't reach it. Why? Why don't you try, because I can see the little hole that I shot it through. You shot it through the little hole. I shot it through the hole, bullseye bullseye, if it's a little hard to control in the small of a space, Patrick, you too haha great all the way around vote, you're, the only one that has it left. Oh Beth. Oh, oh yeah that'll make Ted crazy, no that's it it's over already the battery temp. Already. No, I just run the dollar store. I didn't think it was gon na work on the package. It says, works in water. Oh, I almost had it he's da baby yeah. Maybe it just doesn't work in water, so what's your investor broth, the dual products worth the dollar 50 mm yeah, oh yeah, it wasn't likely.