I think I broke your truck, not your problem. I'M, sorry, but that's. Why it's cheaper for me think you getting dirty a peck? Hey nice, pink spectrum controller there you where'd you buy it. My am are see sparks. Did it for you, studio, mmm, hmm actually just walked in there clip ooh bleep ooh, bleep what's, wrong dagger solution, figure it out: bleep ooh, bleep, ooh, bleep, ooh, bleep diagnosis, true love, yeah, hey let's summer, good job, good job. You got a question for you, though. Jim, we noticed in a couple of films now that you have a little bit of a nasty streak where you like to hit people with your truck that's, not what it is it's, never on purpose. Alright Hedgehog has got this technique that he used. Yeah it's still used today, cuz it's, quite a good technique, want something scary's about to happen. It'S telling the audience something scary's about to happen, so we can flash to the clean little stream and then we'll feel well. Have the truck show like approaching the stream? Will flash the stream again and approaching the stream and always have we tear through it like it's, just carnage, that's a nice idea, really scary music to it? My mom would be like. Why is so scary? Not we like, okay and cut? Oh, are you actually dad? No, it has bogged down oh I'm, trying to mount my girlfriend there buddy. That is a rude boy, she's a good mechanic.

Oh okay, go ahead, no I'm! Just because both though I'm just being crazy, you go ahead. Just be crazy! The other nice whoa there you go there, you go, oh hey, what was it with the intentional hit? You didn't? Oh you know as a man, I must have in it huh. Okay, you broke my servo sit right down to make sure to pay for it. You did good today, ah all right as soon as I said, that money shot it's. Okay, did you enjoy your adventure, always oh good, good, good Saul? Is it full of water thousand understatement, yeah I'll? Have it this used to be an ocean yeah, nice job, good job, now all the waters in your tires and it's simply a stream yeah until next time, hey, yes, do is dry out and she's good to go.