I don't have to travel a lot either to do a little bit of drifting out in the front street dis to a bit of practice. As you saw inside, they are the nice flat worn down wheels. I have not switched them. I haven't had a lot of time to practice drifting but it's, something where you have. I find if you have more room to drift around on the outside, instead of doing it in the basement. It definitely gives you a am, I allowed to say a wider berth gives you gets you a wider area to practice so let's give it a shot so there's, my spin out, I have to do I've set my steering dual rates quite high, so I get quite A turn on my wheels, as you can see, let's see if we get a long drift. So this is one of those things I've been practicing actually is just small tight circles. I started off with wider circles, everyone's waiting for it to go into the great. I know it a nice more control. The counter steer is definitely a bonus and the only thing I've done is lock up that rear. Diff lots of power I'm. Only using about half throttle right now and in this model I actually cut the plastic around the wheel. Wells so it's not rubbing, I also lifted the body post, so it's not as low let's, get a different angle. There not bad. I really don't like it see why.

The reason I'm spinning out is because I'm overcompensating still as a new let's, go around that my bad. My mistake, you got to find something to go around car, okay, so one of the things that people have suggested to me as I started – and I haven't done it yet is to use some sort of pylons plastic. Drink cup cost me like what 25 cents each. If that let's set these up and see if we can do some connecting it's harder than it looks the car, okay, so I'm figuring out as a noob, I needed them much farther apart cuz linking the drifts themselves when you're trying to learn how to drift is Incredibly hard hahaha see, if I can do it again: yeah overcompensating darn it a lot harder than it looks. Oh too many rocks and a car behind us. Okay, so I've been trying the red cups, which is incredibly hard because I can barely drift in a circle. Yet so let alone get the back end to swing out. One of the things I noticed is the car is actually really swerving on the back side, even though I'm countersteering it's, probably that I'm overcompensating too quickly, which is been known to happen, while we're learning but that's. Why we're learning in real time on camera show you what it really looks like, but we have some manholes here that I'm going to try to go around we'll put a red cup in the middle plus.

We have some cars every few minutes, which makes it more of a challenge. So let's try to use a manhole one red cup in the middle OOP. You can actually see the manhole is raised a little bit which will make it more of a challenge, but still fun look get that drift going it's almost like it's, not responding or I have a loose steering or maybe it's. Just my for drifting skill, yeah Wow up on the manhole there we go there, we go nice sideways circle, all too much compensation and a spin out kind of expected guys there we go like. I need to practice that, for you know good day and a half just to get the circle and a spin out nicely done there, we go tighter circle all and through up overcompensating, okay. So that gives us a good idea of what's going on and it gives us an opportunity to see how you can actually start drifting with just a few simple tweaks. If you actually get one of these HPI sprint two's the flux version, they also have the drift version as well, where you can get everything, but I kind of wanted a race car and a drift car.