I still have it bro and I'm rocking it on the low CD bxl today. This is a gas powered one fifth scale: racing machine, basically off road it's, a buggy of sorts, it's, very, very cool I'm glad to have it up and running. I do have a new motor in there an engine rather from DDM that's Dave's discount motors I'm, going to put a link to their site in the video description box below. If you guys are looking for one fifth scale. Goods that's definitely the place to go and check it out. They also carry DJI phantom products or they did at least I'm pretty sure they do now. This is my DJI phantom 4 that I recently got for the upcoming season of RC adventures, and I have done some flying with it already. I do not have an iPad Mini I'm going to have to use my iPhone 6 for the on screen display. You can see, I actually have well if you can't, that's, okay, quite a bit of glare today. Now I have the DJI app up on the screen right now, just so I can have it linked into the Phantom 4 here now. This is more autonomous than ever. It has different cameras on it and sensors that actually has obstacle avoidance and all that neat kind of stuff. You guys can go online check out more about DJI in their phantom series. I'Ve had quite a few since they've come out they're great to fly.

The new one is more stable than ever and I'm having a great time with it. So I kind of thought I'd mix them together. I got this at multi rotor in my local city of calgary. Here now multi rotor CA. You want to go and check them out here in Canada, they're one of the places that's a DJI rep cost me about all in about 1500 bucks, but for the season of flying with a great camera. It'S 4k. You know it's totally worth it. For me here is my Futaba. This is my 4 PK or pardon me my t, 4 PX radio. I picked that up last year, I've been waiting to run it on just strictly either my my dual rock crawlers or on my fifth scale, because the Futaba electronic system is pretty aces in my book got a GoPro on the top. They are going to try and do some filming so I'm at my private property here down at there at the racetrack, so we've got wide open air space. No one bothering us around here open for miles while I'm getting some onboard shots for you and possibly filming with some of this, but it's all me so I've got to be careful I'm still alert and aware of everything going on still able to keep everything. In my line of sight, let's go down to the driver, stand all right. Let'S start everything up here: double click 28 minutes of flight time they say, including recording I found it's, pretty close, it does give you a warning around the 20 minute mark looks like the phone app is fired up fire up this machine.

This does have a killer. Rc kill switch on it, which means, if I have any interference at all from this radio or if the radio loses contact. This machine instantly stops with full brakes applied and the engine stops. My home, my home spot, has been updated for that. This is the spot.