Finally, back and I have a box finally picked it up I'm. A little concerned, though, even though it's marked fragile, all over check out the state of this. How many of you have had our C's or packages come in the email well or internet? Burned me through email that say fragile Priority Mail, but they turn out to be completely destroyed, but I have faith I know there's something good on the inside. Hopefully, this will actually turn out razorblade see, hopefully my buddy Charlie packaged this well and Huff near that Wow, hopefully on the inside, everything is okay, aha and there's. A note I like notes, yes, it's well bubble, wraps. Hmm one of my very awesome moderators at RC sparks in the forums. I saw this actually in the classified section and he had listed it and as soon as I saw it, I snapped it up. I had to especially cuz. It was from him, hey man, put in a couple of extras in the box a killer, RC, light controller that I'm not going to use thanks. Man also got a set of 1.55 tire foams from a craft from crawler innovations that I got from djalu's not going to use them either they fit pitbull growlers perfectly so enjoy. He says if you have any problems. Let me know thanks charlie well, thank you Charlie, because you made and me anime deal on this. Let me take off my jacket, let's just kind of do this.

The right way we don't cut into anything. No just be careful, uh, huh, good, good job on the packaging, crankbait that's his forum name, crankbait ha ha ha. This was his. It was his personal truck. He knows that I've been getting into the army and war themes lately check it out. Unimog 406 CC l1 chassis. Some people might be questioning why I even would bother with a a CCO one, because they're very some people would say incapable they're very scale looking. But there are things you can do to see Co ones that make them a heck of a lot of fun and challenging oh yeah. This is much larger than I thought it was ok here we go here's the phones. Thank you. My man put these off to the side. Now he did some modifications to this truck. So when I saw it, I knew immediately that I had to show the viewers of rcadventures. Ok got it there's a bag inside of that there's, a light controller beautiful. This is a thank you for doing such a good job packaging. It looked like everything paid off, get rid of the box, ah check it out. Yeah, I don't know I I personally love this thing. I haven't even looked at it, yet you guys seen more of the front of it than I have looks like it got one uh one of the wooden back braces out just glued. I can glue that back in look at this.

He did all this. He painted. He put in the back put it on the mirrors painted in some rust check this out. It'S like a MASH vehicle, hey tires, awesome, bathtub chassis got a little rust around the gas tank, Hey right on the back, some accessories we can put in there awesome buddy. Thanks crankbait love it man want to make sure I didn't unbox it not on camera right, so everyone can see. I love it just kind of taking it in right now: I'm. Mercedes Unimog. I really want check this out and the fact that he used it. Mom that's one of the coolest things: okay, so light kit motor. He has an axial speed control. In there the ae2 it's got an axial motor looks like it's an HP i servo and the light kit full light kit. Now the CCO one does come with a light kit already, but just to see the fact that it's in there I'm not hooking it there we go oh yeah. He did a whole bunch, even an axial, a case for the receiver box. So the battery goes in here the whole transmission. Everything on the inside is sealed and look it see now there are these suspension like a leaf spring, but these are more like kind of links. Yeah. It goes on to these back suspension there. I don't have any experience with this. This is why I wanted to get one you know, but I did look at damned camera he's, one of the my fellow youtubers in Calgary here he also has a CCO one.

Look at this here is this looks like the Tamiya driveshaft. Is that the one that comes with it I'll find out? I do have one on the wall and I will build one. I also have the CRO one Jeep Wrangler. I want to do that. That'Ll be like Oh end of the winter thing I'm. Looking this pretty happy man I've already got some upgrades that are here. I thought I was going to do it to the Jeep Wrangler, but who knows I may have to order another set or something just to kind of build on crankbaits truck now the receiver of the radio. I have to supply that my cell, I don't mind. As you guys know, I've got a few of them kicking around, but all in one huh, the Mercedes Unimog really cool with the mods. You did buddy really cool, okay that's it. You want to have a look up close. You want me to take the camera down and have a look up close I'm doing this all in one shot. How much time I have today come on. I'Ll show you Wow nice nice shot of it there. This will look amazing on the trail polish up those windows a little bit nice, oh yeah, how many of you are looking over there right now, yeah that's my winter project. It is coming up nice, so a little tiny, toe point: yeah that's! Exactly what it is. You can put a little trailer to it.

There awesome awesome, awesome awesome. Looking on the inside with the light everybody asks, even my buddy Colin today was mentioning he works at a hobby store. Everyone asks where to get this. I can't remember what it's called right now. This sheathing type material, autovalue or princess otto any kind of auto place. These are just normal electronic wire housings. It looks like I'll. Probably only have that in one side, yep didn't need it. Maybe it went up from the bottom, or maybe this body actually just protected it anyway, Wheatly waterproof and submerged this awesome.