This is a very well established area right here. I love you baby. You can see my truck after right now, look at you yeah RC edit. So how do you build a good mud pit water patience, good shovel, some galoshes, no guy named patience? Can you believe you were just filming my black socks and shorts? Okay, darling yeah? Are you happy with the mud content um? I think so. Justin, bigger, dig a big hole, yeah okay, so the goal is to get pinky to be stuck, but what what? What? But the 2.2 masher tires are they're very wide, so she's gon na do a lot of frozen Tommy, so there's my radio controller. I didn't turn it off: oh yeah, those giant Tigers right through no problem good job. Thank you always roll. Today, beautiful there you go just doesn't get stuck man. It floats on top each one with the beginning. There must be no tires 2.2 miles. Laters. I made a mistake: where they're, not there mashers oh yeah, right through no problem there, we go those mashers, they just float. I don't know what's wrong. This mud is thick, it's got roots in it, here's the other log, where the hole is gon na, be uh. Huh there we go those mashers, they just float here. Okay over can you go? Look at you just slow down there. You go right there. You felt it too good you've got to be getting stuck missed.

You got to be you just said Ramanujan you do. It are you officially stuck I'm officially stuck yes, that only took five hours.