We have in the back here because a lot of the snow being gone has exposed a lot of it and I can have some fun again, so I figured might as well start off with the twisted teeter totter it's. One of the hardest things to do traction is an issue, especially at this time of year, but we'll see how the Blazer does. I don't have a sound kit in it. I did, but I took it out because it was malfunctioning. I am running a 3 s. Lipo on a Tekin t8 motor that's, a 20 50 kV, with an rx 8 ESC on the inside let's, go on lined up ready for the teeter totter. The approach has always been the challenging part with this teeter totter, because the boards are twisted from weathering, which is actually a great challenge. This is a very nose heavy truck so I'm going to try to balance the teeter totter. So we don't get a bunch of slap back here we go. I do have a counterweight chain on the other side, depending on the vehicle that's. Here, though, it can be a challenge here we go that drag brake, allowing it to creep down barely any throttle. Oh I'm sliding a bit it's on quite an angle, landing straight on the side: hill area: oh yeah, so this is a side hill, ramp, that's, tested to see how your suspension is set up. If you have a soft suspension and a very heavy top body, it actually makes you roll now.

Here is a big challenge right away: oh yeah, I got lucky there. I don't want to wreck such a beautiful bod. Okay, so coming down the ramp, I have two choices of different ramps. Two different styles of truck can attempt this two different widths of truck. If you have a very narrow wheelbase, this area was built and a wider one, of course, to test articulation with a bunch of round obstacles on it, which really causes a lot of tire slip. If you have muddy tires I'm going to choose the yellow side today, because I really like the offset articulation here – this is another suspension test to see how you're set up nothing. You know to scientific, just up opposite boards, opposite types of twisting for your frame to get up to the top platform. So I'll start my ascent lining up the tires, one on either side, nice and slow I'm, not in the speed contest here. Here we go with the first rise, which is actually twisting the front of the truck. Oh, I want a nice soft suspension to flex with it, but not too firm. I am running leaf, springs in the front, soft ones very nice, and if we go so now, I have to do a sharp left go down the ramp with all the logs and stone obstacles on here. Little dark today, especially in the trees, but you guys get the get. The idea of a back yard scale track not so scale.

I guess, but yeah use what you have. I used old tires and pallets and everything last year. In fact, I was even doing a video about how we built this at the end of last season, but let's get the truck down the ramp here. I always love the art of the slow crawl trying to get that suspension to look like a full size truck the tires I've chosen for today's run. Are my actual stock tires from the Komodo that's? Another scale truck I have made by G made. They'Ve got a very nice aggressive, tread on them, as well as the bead locks. They'Re on are plastic, so they're, nice and light. Look at this quite a twist. I'Ve got going on here. No matter we'll get her just looking at my axial placement, so each tire, plus the inside differential housing let's back up out of here beautiful little bit of wheel speed, will help me out just lovin the weather today, it's a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the Hobby of Arcee, of course, all right now, I'm stuck in a hole, I've dug a big rut there, but can I Drive out of it notice that I've actually? Well? Maybe you can't because of the shadows. I'Ve, actually continued. The end here, I've cut the runners so they're, not so long and they don't hang up as much and they're still as scale as possible being a step four beside the door power that's what it gets here.

Another try please here we go turning my front tires back and forth to see. If I can get some slow traction, I cannot back up. Maybe I can get a good hop. Oh riding the side here. Oh, this could be a good thing on. I slid right into it. I got greedy. What I'm trying to do is turn left to get a little bit of traction, see if I can get that back tire to hook up, oh and now I'm going to run again. Oh yeah, I got it at least in the hub it's great that I was able to get to there, but now I'm really stuck I'm going to have to back up and see if I can somehow work my way around nice good. Turning, oh no! Oh stuck in a rut when we built this, we didn't want it to be easy. If it was easy, you would be kind of be boring, you look to do it all the time. I wanted some challenge to try and improve my driving yeah. Get me good bounce going on he's happy to be outside ride, come on let's wheel, your way up back up a little bit up onto the rock yeah and then up and around bud there we go up and over all the final rock I've lost some traction Because of the snow, some of the dirt has been taken away: let's back up a tad let's bounce over the rock got it there.

We go just a little throttle, my bad still rolling on drag break there. We go perfectly done see if I can pull this off on the first attempt, or even at all here we go big angle, slippery pieces of wood, not a lot of traction here. It looks like I'm going to be sliding off, so I go for they're. So quick back up going to try to wheel, speed and hop up onto it without falling nope glad the snow. Is there? Okay let's, try it again start on the other side, so I got a bit of Bounce room. Oh got past the first one now I'm. Stuck in a rut, you guys will see how we built this. It actually has built in ruts for your tires. So if you're going up and you get stuck in that rut, you have a very hard time getting out. You can see so we'll speed on slippery surfaces like this. You can see how tall the climate is can be very, very challenging it'll, throw you off the edge with no bear here gone to the second one, have a little less room for error. Now, oh I'm. Starting to go off the other side, Oh into the snow, there we go, I got a good grab there. Can he make it to the top? And he does oh, my good game. Undone, no big deal pop that back into place and there you have it a quick rip around my backyard scale course.

Hopefully, some of the things you've seen here today, you can use for your own backyard course right, like a teeter totter or you know, using some pallets to get some height where you get some dirt on it or you know even different types of articulating boards that You can cut down and make to help you test out your truck's. You know it's a lot of fun. You can invite your friends over and have fun too so guys thanks a lot for tuning in today, hopefully you're part of the notification and subscriber Squad. If you are a subscriber wondering how to be a part of the notification squad, just go ahead, look down beside the subscriber button and you should see a bell click that bell and you'll be notified of all of our new videos when they come out.