Welcome back my dad Mike. How are you doing? We have a couple of dad's friends, Todd and Doug here to try out the new Thrasher jet boats. Now normally my buddy Everett is here to give us a hand. He couldn't make it here today and these boys are going to give us a completely new experience. They'Ve never run these boats before and I figured we're gon na. Take him to the rapids, see how they do remember. These boats have a built in self writing system where, when it takes on a little bit of water, it starts to roll it over and you can dump it out because it's easy to get back to shore let's go so Doug's. Gon na run my boat today. Still 5s lipo battery power plenty of juice, brushless motor in there a huge ESC right here is what we're looking for right off the ESC. Radio goes on. First dad yep yep. There you go perfect and a little pin at the front, perfect Todd. Your turn. Brother. Remember always turn the radio on first, when you're playing with our C's, because really you want to make sure control is in your hand when you activate whatever unit you're, pushing the battery into Doug. Have you ever read it in our? So this is your first time with the Thrasher nice radio, sir pass it off. So when you're driving a jet boat remember the only way it turns because there's no rudder on the bottom is by giving it thrust and turning the boat right there.

You go so same thing on the radio it's, just like a steering wheel for your car and throttle is the trigger nice Todd. My man, your turn, shall I launch your boat now. Keep in mind, gentlemen. Our seas act like magnets, try to stay far away from each other, such a beautiful boat, just trying it out doing a good job so far, wha wha, wha, wha, wha, wha, okay, Todd first impression: how's it going great yeah it's got a little bit of good Power how's, the responsiveness of the boat, very responsive, a little too responsive okay. I can turn down that the the dual rate for you keep trying it out Doug. What about you how's your first run to try with the boat yeah coming at you as a challenge. Everything kind of reverses there he goes Oh full throttle into the bank. Let'S go see Todd what happened. I think you might have to talk to my lawyer about that. Look how far you hopped it out of the water. I bet you there's nothing wrong with the boat. These boats have an extra thick hull. I bet you that there is zero damage. Let'S have a look a little bit of dirt, nothing it hit it, not even a chip, not a dent. I think you can put her back from the water bro that's good yeah let's check for water. I don't think so. It really hasn't had a lot of turbulence.

I don't think it'll have a lot of water in there nope close to nothing, actually, nothing even worth dumping out. Doug notices that we're getting closer and closer to the dam. We'Re gon na have no no we're gon na put your right in the mess of it. If this boat is any good, you should be able to take it in there and have a good time they're, both starting to get a good handle on it. Now it's taken, you know about ten minutes of just driving around there now he's, starting to get a hang of it good job. Dougie nice bring it back, make sure to point at the right direction check to see if you have any water on the inside. Sir, very flat on the Prairie today, not a lot of wind, thankfully yeah just undo the screw and have a peek in the back there. Nothing perfect do we're uptight and bring her into the shore there Todd we'll. Take you over to the dam dad helping me watch off in the side and you're gon na help me you're, going to go with Todd to this side. Doug'S going to follow me to the other side, and each of us are going to go to the other side of the dam, so you guys go down here and we'll go to the other side. This is where you get to play. The center of the dam is open and all this turbulent water, all the way down, is here for you to have fun with yeah all right.

Here we go they're nice control into the rapids Todd on the other side, it's fun to get into these Rapids and to see what the boat can actually do. You know: can it handle the constant up and down? Does it have enough power on 5's to make it through some pretty decent Rapids, and the answer is yes, look at that it went straight under the water douve under the water came out were under power. No problem. These boats do have a small bilge pump on them that work on a vacuum system. So when it's moving, it does pump water from the inside of the boat, but you got to be able to run it for some time. Look at that completely underwater and you popped up good job. Looking good he's going for the center you're welcome to try to climb up the middle, oh yeah, you can do it from the side, I'd suggest coming in at an angle and trying to hop it up. There ahead Todd Todd, got a little behind he's coming up, though these boats have plenty of power to keep pushing he's just going at half throttle now just enjoying himself, as it should be. Look at this Doug trying to figure out a good angle to get through there. Oh almost don't, don't yeah, careful there you go, got ta watch weeds in a jet boat. You don't want to get them sucked up through the back, but there isn't too many today do that isn't that what it's all about your radio control hobby going out to have a good time enjoying a day in the Sun, with your friends doing some cool stuff.

Look as I'm trying to get up the center Andy's upside down now this boat will self write itself as it starts to fill up. It'Ll flip go with it, go with it. It will flip don't worry, but the only thing is it takes about 50 seconds for it to flip. Even if you stop right there, it will flip. You should be able to drive it back. There goes there goes now there. The water starts to fill up the hole and the way it's been designed with this type of hole. Watch this guess all that water in there starts to sink it at the back. You'D be like. Oh then, it's just totally gon na sink the boat, but it doesn't look at that drive it back and empty it out dad trying to retrieve a boat. It looks closer than it is, but he is a tall guy right to the edge you got it dad. You got it hammer, Oh Doug, go ah yeah go go, go yeah, good rescue, dad good job! The things you do for friends, hey whoo Doug, trying to figure out his lineup now. The challenge is, is that there is less water moving through the gate. The dam today we've had lots of rain, so they haven't had to fill up this irrigation canal too much it's not getting used a lot, so they don't have to flow a lot of water through, but regardless still a lot of fun to come down.

Try your chances at getting up on the center channel nice great shot of the Thrasher right there totally gone. Then it comes back up that drives feet up from the side. I would say so there you go, we will get over it. It may take a success. Oh come here, let me see it the bashers built to be bad, that's, rashers built to be bashed, but let's see. If that heard it come here. Throttle throttle throttle throttle over this way. Almost all yeah, let her go let's, see her let's rinse it off. You know what it's totally okay that's the Thrasher for ya bark he's upside down. Here we go another attempts. He got spit out. You guys the film doesn't know. Justice like this area is super rollin super hard still on the same 5s lipo battery. Getting to the point where we're going to have to call it pretty soon rolling through that that's, what hey you don't want to be swimming in there. My friends here, good Doug, coming in new attempts, almost gets it all gets denied. Oh, keep dropping submarine Doug. I saw you almost in it. I think, next time. If I stay here for three or four days, I should have the guy no prob yeah. What is your first impression of the trash for jetboat? Was it easy to use it's that it's easy, except for underneath the waterfall where it's very turbulent, but I think that's, easy to scare it's got plenty of power.

Yeah cool it's a little bit hard getting used to which way the boat is facing caricatures and so for runtime was that ample runtime on a single battery, that's exact mr. submarine that's, your new name, a good job that a good job Todd bringing in his boat We'Ve come to the end of our battery, but it was a long, very nice ride out on that on the canal. It is super scorching, hot today, so we're all looking forward to a cold bottle of water question mark so Todd did you have a good time with the streamline RC Thrasher? Oh that's, good news? Was it easy to use be honest? We want to be controls. The controls are simple: yes, it's learning to use something like that. You did good man. I think you did a great job plenty of attempts dad. So your two buddies now have had a chance to run the Thrasher. What do you think of the Thrasher? You have run it before. That'S right sure is the greatest thing. That'S awesome up there that's a challenge. Would you actually try and get a thrash self? Is this something you'd want? Absolutely absolutely. I want one okay, so there you have it. We had a good day out boating. The boys are taking them. The boats back that's the bonus of them being new. Here they get to carry everything back yeah and if you guys have had a good time watching these boys test a note, that's rasher.

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