I wanted to make sure that all the features are working on it. I have not installed a sound kit yet, but rather I wanted to test it mechanically. Here is the rear, steer nice and strong running on a castle B ec pro, which is really a power regulator that's going to each one of those digital Salix, waterproof servos front, steering very nice. These tires are actually quite large. The rock crushers from RC four wheel drive, but you don't understand to it. Justice let's see optimists, roll backwards, very nice. All four motors working together, there's 435 turn brushed motors in there being run by dual rx 8 18 scale. Esc s. I have everything on a fairly nice exponential setting, which means I've got to push the throttle forward quite far before it starts to crawl forward. So plenty of torque in this machine. Here we go, you guys all saw smoke coming out of the stacks and of course I have it on a separate input. Now. Yes, I can mix this with my throttle. So when I increase the throttle, we have more smoke or I can have it just separate on a separate setting for the different types of shots and scenarios. I want to capture for rcadventures in the future, so there you go. I have plenty of videos on this truck showing it. How is built and different updates. I will put one or two of them in the video description box down below for you guys now you can see forward backward left right.

It all works ready to go, the winch is not set up yet and why not, and really all the details and all these neat things are going to be coming up, but I definitely want to get out test. The mechanic see how it rolled around, and I figured out include you guys in on the fun just because you've been supporting for such a long time and eager to see this truck out so let's give her a bit of a roll all right cleanup time. I wonder how those motors fared while they're in there come on how dirty is it? Oh, not bad at all. How hot are the motors not too bad a little warm, but not too bad? Pretty awesome smoke kit in tact, looking good yeah. I say that was a successful run now on to some more details like the sound kit, getting it cleaned up, putting all the windows and lights on getting the winch working awesome guys thanks a lot for tuning in today, I got to go wash my hands, but If you've been inspired by today's video to try out the hobby of RC, please give this video a thumbs up.