Yeah, look at the camera, say hi to YouTube: hey, hey! This is my buddy Ryan. He came into the RC spark studio today to unveil a very special product that we've been working. We rolling right now yeah we're, rolling right now, all right, hahaha, that's, okay. This is the first time on rcadventures. I have to tell you that this guy standing beside me is an incredibly talented airbrush. Sure I don't usually get airbrush errs in the studio. We'Ve had Krista graph from hami store marcy. He did the amazing paint job for project large for last year's, New Year's Eve special paint job, my buddy Everett and I put together a big fiscale gas RC and, being a year later, there's a few anniversaries. We'Re celebrating here a couple you know I can say that this year for 2014 third we're approaching you have 30th anniversary of transformers attention. You betcha one year passed. Project large is today for my buddy Everett, and I and doing the running video on New Year's Eve because that's. What right now is during the time this filming that's the time? Well, it depends on where they are in the world. I guess they uh and do do a kind of big celebration for what we're doing. I thought I would hire a painter, an airbrusher, an artist of 20 years this year this year. Tell me: how did you get started in airbrushing 1994? I was still Aladdin in high school and got approached by another artist, and I guess that would be history.

Home started working for him and ten years later started my own and huge teach on how to airbrush um. He was is more or less me. Picking up the slack for him I'm doing the grunt work, yes, be how it starts with everybody. We know an apprenticeship program yeah, oh man, the apprenticeship, you know practice, breathe perfection and you know, learn something new every day, but it's, definitely a skill that you know. I'Ve honed on and nice and love nice man, I saw some of this guy's work Ryan. I saw some Ryan's work, this guy yeah and it was dope. I saw his snowboards it's, not just in fact my RC, maybe one of the first ones you've done yeah. How many births? Well, second, because yeah we had one RC, that we had some issues with, but with every problem is a new opportunity. That'S right yeah. We came up with something cool to fix that guy and then the original original Pro we've been working on this. For months you guys haven't even known, but in the last video we did for HD overkill, we had a teaser shot of the aluminum bumper. I will remind you guys, it's actually like here it's all it's, almost like what's in the box. Look do the van away yeah there. It is I won't get in too close here, but that is an Autobot symbol in the middle being the 30th anniversary. Thank you for helping me out with that, by the way, we're able to source out a whole bunch of different stuff to help change HD overkill into one of our favorite Autobots.

The only come on you're talking transformers people speak one yeah, ah, okay. So before we get into unveiling anything and doing the big special like here, it is let's talk about some of the examples that you have here, your things that you've done before check this out. I know you guys are going to see a little bit of glare from the lights. I'M. Sorry we'll do it like that. That is completely you that's completely me, and one thing I like to do that sets me aside from a lot of the other airbrush artist out. There is once I'm done with my shades and my tones. I go in there with a paintbrush and get each individual hair, as you can see. Hours and hours and hours get them close to the frigging with those little hairs, but adds a adds. A tone of realism to it that a lot of guys just aren't achieving man a time, dedication, passion for your work, hey! These are all things that pay off when you're an artist you but we're a film at the end of the day. It'S it's hardly a job. When you do it, you love and yeah man, the hours you know, maybe ain't cheap I'm like quiet right now, uh true flame, true flame, again, something I do a little different um, a lot of guys, you'll see with stencils um. I stay away from stencils. I believe fire is something that is natural.

Very organic flows flows no hard edges, so everything is freehand um. Here I can see your cyclone weird brush marks in there yup say see on the head feathers there, if there's not too much glare, probably not enough time to see, but whenever, whenever I got some fine detail, you know in the teeth you see little cracks. I'M. A gun whenever I got fine detail, I get in there with a paint brush which amazing man, you know, I firmly believe Devils in the detail. Isn'T it isn't that always the case. Man is devil right here. A motorcycle tank uh motorcycles pay my pay my bills. 90, what I do is is Harley Davidsons my bread and butter um and thoroughly enjoy it. It'S cool breed um, not the most creative. If was for flames and skulls, I would have a job but yeah. You know at the end of the day, enjoy it. The ramen, but what you do is like you, do it well yeah. I learned I learned and every day learn something new and you know it's it's progress, so I don't think there is such thing as perfection everything I do. I could easily spend another 20 hours on it's just matter of drawing that line in the sand and they are pending it's like an RC, build man it's, never complete, not in it there's. No, you can always add more. I think the old saying is in our industry if it ain't broke, just upgraded exile.

Keep going look at this. This is your airbrush one this year, a briefcase yeah as well. I do i do pinstriping lettering, you did you bet you did this painting. This is all me check this out. All him: hey, isn't, that neat your air powered, very young one of the kinds. As a matter of fact, I love a lot of people. Don'T know what an airbrush is, so maybe you can give me in a very small. You know summary. What is an airbrush. An airbrush is a simple mmm mechanism that sprays your paint from the source to your product. With this um, you betcha the easiest way to to explain an airbrush here is dual action, so you push down for air pull back for paint. So listen the compressor, yeah it's. You bet all air powered you betcha and the paint sits in a pool up here. Fill the cup: what is this on the end? This is my needle typically, it has a housing but I'm constantly cleaning and and running it's like a tattoo gun kind of my budget or what type of tattoo your gun to everything else. Yeah you betcha well the case man. When I see things that are like this, you know airbrush errs a lot of folks haven't seen how these would be all packaged up. You know a lot of people have seen spray bombing we've had hydro dipping on the show that hit dog are see.

They do an amazing job, yep Enya, and to see an artist like you come in and and to put the effort that you have into doing project. For me, for example, it has been a pleasure man, all the pleasures, all mine, my friend, okay, shall we do it, I think it's Rotom. I think it is time. What do you think world? I think you for this one I think they're ready to like we already skip to the end of the video inside already alright. Now we do have a few things. They already know. They know the title of the video they've read everything I say: no, they can't keep it under dark, any longer. Optimist overkill the one and only I got project overkill in the background: it's heavier it's, always so heavy, ah perfect candidate for a transformation wouldn't, you say: yeah he's, looking a little yeah you're, where yeah I've got the stacks for the smoker and stuff. I had a runaway. It ran underneath the van snap, the stacks right off. I will show to happen where she was filming check it out. You go online. There are many full scale versions of the Optimus Prime from transformers. We did not want to do Optimus. Prime well, we want to keep it record aisel, but you know 30 years of Optimus, Prime being created and recreated and created again we got to come up with something unique. I love it. I love the hot rod flames that they've done on this guy, but I thought we could upgrade it.

I thought we could use something. A little cool hold on don't unveil, it put it up on the table and I can't wait any longer bring the camera in. So you can see it so we have been waiting a long time. Well. I know I have been for what's under this beautiful cloth. Oh no, shall you do the honors, sir? So we start with a drumroll. Yes, I would say happy 2014 we're, just gon na. Do this a little bit different LASEK? Do this a little bit, but a little bit like Lena's as we go along um as you can see the front end here we kept with the not so traditional, but the 2000s Optimus Prime front grille, with the hot rod style tribal flames beautifully. Again. We want to do something a little different. We want to bring it in, you know, get the RC attic the RC spark in it, so we want to bring it a little new age, and so we go surefire dress rather than going with a hot rod. With your New Age, true fire, realistic flame got your RC logo in there. For all you are said: oh you betcha. Everything on here is hand painted holy cow. Now. What you're, seeing from here to the back, is pretty much pretty much. What me and Erin had discussed, I love it, um Scott, the flow it pretty much has the the new age office look good out of it, but it was missing something.

It was missing a little something: okay, big volume area on this truck that that needed some artwork. Now I know Erin. He didn't know about this hahahaha a little Merry Christmas, as it were awesome um awesome we had to uh holy yeah. I got a back. The camera I got ta back it up, keep going man, Oh a little bit holy cow, you did it. It looks. Awesome got a little Autobots signature on the idea in celebration, and now, if you can see that, oh my god, I see it, it changes color. Just like, if you were gon na play with your little toy, when you see it it ma machine, and then we go to it's like 3d, all kinds of crazy colors and there holy cow Ryan. You did amazing job. Look it even across the the flame on the front of the cab check it I'll back it out a little that is incredible. Work dude, I don't even know what to say. First time, I've seen it. Ladies and gentlemen, first time you guys have seen it holy cow yeah smack that up bro. I appreciate that good, good, good job pleasure working with you, my friend pleasure Optimus overkill, is born. There'S, no other check this out. He did an amazing amazing job with the flame. Oh man, I'm, keeping you in the shot the whole time hey people need to see. Who did that and one of my little insignia is here when I'm doing my my true fire.

One of my little trademarks is, I got little skulls hidden in throats, there's, probably boat. You know, maybe no, I see maybe ten skulls that are hidden. You got ta look for them, but they're in there. I see chicken look you're right there. If you can see it it's, I can't even see cuz of the sheen there. It is. You can hear yeah there there, okay, so we're gon na make history on rcadventures now hey well again, Optimus overkill is been in a long line of builds and I got ta tell you. We'Ve had many many many ups with this truck, and I know that young David, the young fella that helped me build or rebuild HD overkill, the guy that helped me make it into what it is today. Dino on stir we're watching today, yeah he's, going to be thrilled to see this now. Can you tell me why it's so glassy? Can you tell us why? Well after I do all my art work, I actually farm it out. It'S got an automotive, clear, coat. Um, hey sauce over top of it, so that is like a plane of glass man, nice polish! It if you get any scratches you're, not gon na, have to worry out on the trail. Hey no she's ready to roll man using abuses as if it was a regular motor vehicle. No I'm gon na stay this night we don't talk dollars on cameras, cuz things always change and from job to job it's totally different, so people get different quotes.

Right, then, are you open to doing more RC vehicles? I man. The only way I can put it is. I am an art I'm playing yeah, not cheap, though hey how many hours went into this um we're, looking at probably about the better part of 12 12 hours, and this one yeah a little more um did a little extra logo and Tom yeah again. It was needed yeah man, um, yeah, okay, pretty much pretty much about 12 hours, I'd, say that's. A lot of art work, hey especially with time it's time consuming um. I did take process shots that will ya Joe and maybe, if Aaron wants to I'll build a thread on our see sparks what I'll do is I'll leave a link to the videos in the video description to the forum story that I build and that way everybody Can see it for years to come man. Thank you so much for doing this mom. As my pleasure, hey any time you tell them, you want to work together, I'm happy to work with you, my friends. We know we have. We know we have other projects on the go don't. I let me hold that. Thank You, Yanni's right there yeah here I got ta show them is me. Thank You, Ryan, Happy New Year, buddy.