I don't like a lot of my sandwiches. I say to her. Yes, hey did I just talk to him? Okay, what did anybody hear me say it Laughter, Music, Music, we're back we're? Finally, back in the studio, and today is the big day isn't it big day. Everybody knows my friend, Everett he's been my fifth scale advisor during project large. The rebuild upgrade series of the low c5t that we've been working on and we decided to do this video a little bit quicker after the last one cuz everyone was was crying for more yeah. They wanted to see what the engine was and we kind of left it on a cliffhanger for everybody there's. A reason for that. This was no choice that was taken lightly. Actually, we would decided to hit up a power plant yeah. A lot of thought was taken into it: okay, discussion, a lot of discussion and we finally got the engine here. We'Ve got everything that we need and shall we just show them yeah so down you bring it out, they're dying to see it, hey that's what she said. You must equip yourselves with safety glasses, because you're gon na have to shield your eyes from how awesome this is the box right there. Excellent, oh that's, nice, oh, that is nice. This is too large to be electric isn't. It we didn't go electric this time. Instead, we went with gas power because we want to hear the roar when we're out with a fifth scale, isn't that right, there's, more manly, a little bit more soul, it's a noise, our O'Neil Brothers engine.

Can you guys see that properly that's, where the carburetor goes? The chrome kit has been put on there, so shiny is shiny. It almost looks like an Amsterdam hooker wouldn't. You say that on the back protecting everything nice netting, I like the choice of color – everything is going on here. We'Ll actually take this off. This is the outer where, as I put on there, because a little engine tear down that we saw was pretty brutal on the inside nice protector from the dirt and grass and all that stuff. Look at that it's like made for a god, yeah man, it's freaking, awesome, yeah it's a work of art. It truly is I love it. I think it's a great engine. Do you want to explain this or shall we let the manufacturer talk about it? A little bit first let's up the manufacturer, talk about it then we'll talk about it, nice here's a word from Dan at obr, hey! This is Dan from racing coming to coming you from our shop here in our hometown, Torrance California. I like to thank all the rcadventures viewers and RC sparks for giving us an opportunity to be part of this epic bill a little history about a little brother. We started off 11 years ago in our garage just working on go pet engines for the kids on the street with a little bit more time, a little more experience and a whole lot of motors.

We are here. We are today. We take pride in our hand, machining and amp porting here, as you see behind this, to our many machines we have here, it shows our quality of work, we're also known here. How will new brothers racing the be over the top thinking outside of the box? Always being there for our customers, our big thing here is customer service. It'S, not it's, not weird, to see us out of all the events helping people with their cars, keeping them running. We always like to see people running it's, no matter if it's our engine or no they're, somebody else's. We want to see people having fun, even if that takes a little bit of blood and sweat and a little bit of time to the to the motor. This is a high torque 30.5 re case engine. This motor is rated at 8.20 horsepower. Now we have a couple different versions of this engine. We have the i rath. We also have the methanol nitrous tree case motor that motors really gnarly that's. Another thing we do here is a lot of exotic fuels and gases. We always try to find that perfect cocktail of gas and gnarliness pretty much. We decided to go with this engine for this, build because it's, a great motor for a for a heavy four wheel, drive truck as like a low seat, or maybe some some mcd's a couple other cars. You can drop this motor in the any car you like and it'd, be just wicked fast, but for aural Drive, it's it's a great popular engine.

We sell a lot if you like, to see any of more of our engines and in check out videos, comments and even some tips go to a whole new and check out our blog section. We always been cool a lot of cool stuff on there, information or just videos, bunny stuff, sometimes last thing: a medic good luck, this motors gnarly – and I wish you many hours of Drivetime. This is Dan from O'Neil brothers thanks a lot. Ah, so, are you impressed yeah man? Thank You Zen. I appreciate that Shawn and Dan down at O'Neil Brothers Racing OPR. We decided to go with this particular engine a because how could we not go with this end? There'S multiple manufacturers out there and I wanted to bring in a little bit of USA into this and those guys have been modding engines for a very long time now I notice one of the things that's different about this engine compared to my stock other than everything. Other than the head, I think, where is this a 4 bolt? This is a 4 bolt yup. This is a 4, so that's one difference right away. Gon na try to keep this not very technical, because if you guys want more tech specs on this, you can go always go online. Yeah they're! You know you can always find out pricing from O'Neil brothers themselves or go to one of the distributors, but my man, I see Yama dude, I see TR on here.

Tr is turtle racing yeah, so they're a manufacturing company that must have partnered with obeah, so Yama dude on their Heymann obr. They developed this this crankcase and TR turtle racing. They produce a form they make it for him. So this part right here is the crankcase. This part here this year is a sealed clutch housing. They also made that that's also an option part. Ok, ok, so they. This is an option part. The general makes yeah, ok, so obviously cuz we saw that Dan was saying it. They actually did an extra awesome job on this for for us to use in the studio yeah, they even ran a couple of tanks to fuel through each other break in a little bit at my work, very good yeah, and then they shipped it across the border. So they said they actually do that from time to time for their customers right so that's, a big bonus of getting a new engine. I won't have to sit there with my awesome truck for two tanks of gas. How long does the tank gas usually last for a fifth scale on any motor, really a 40 ish minutes, or so you know till fueling, that is the longest battery I've ever heard? Oh it's not battery, because it's gas it's baby minutes in a gas tank yeah yeah that's, not like my nitro tank either nitro tanks go like that five ten minutes. Now we can do gas, hey I'm wearing sunglasses still, because even if you get this in the right, like shine of your eye, oh and we don't see us going.

Oh the carburetor. If you guys can see this, we did go with a six six, eight carburetor. So that it had a choke for the easy startings it's, one of the easier carburetors to tune for this project, we decided to go with a dt1 dome filter, which means you need one of these and I'll show it to the camera in a second. Once I break into it look at the gas cap, I decided to go with kind of badass. A look at that. Oh, I know it's a skull, tgn filter. I think they just license to this eh yeah. You can get them without tgn on there. Yeah we're gon na be oiling up the filter yeah with it, which is a three stage, filter three stage filter. No. This is Tuesday, two stage filter state, one two and then triple stage three stage it is yeah. It'S got a white black white yellow inside. I believe, if you cut her open the dome now, I don't even remember how much this costs, but I got it out there about 25 bucks or so something like that, and I also got a because all the dirt and crap from before check it out. I know you guys are getting used to seeing this brand in this build, because why put all this money in not protect it hey so people ask: why are you going with that filter? Not the stock? Oh God answer is the stock it doesn't fit on a reed.

Actually, oh, it doesn't. No, it can't fit because the way the angle isn't the air coming into the crankcase nice dude a switch, which means we need one of these shreds stacks that's not called a shred stack, they called it. Shred industries calls there's a stretch. Back now, y'all animosity stack it's, a velocity stack velocity stack nice. We sound like a bunch of Canadians, eh, hey we're gon na put in the velocity a hack on the engine. You have to Molson a obr Racing. Give me some Pilsner and I feel like cutting some wood, a just like a lumberjack, no dude about it. Oh there's, no doubt about it before we go on and assemble everything together. I was thinking about this piece right here. Yeah. This is a vented clutch Bell: carrier, yeah, Dark Soul racing now this isn't, because OPR told us to put it on here, and this is actually hand selected piece by me, glasses off, because it's not that shiny uh. This here we might as well open it. Yep show everybody that it's made in the USA: okay, Ted Ted Simpson down there, Dark Soul, open clutch bell housing. Do you guys remember in the last scene, when I took the clutch apart, who's full of clutch dust yeah that creep? I forget that creates a lot of heat yeah a lot a lot of buildup in there. Yeah really should be, and you can start to get a buildup on your on your pads.

Actually on the clutch. Oh you can't, so yeah start to slip yeah. That would start to glaze it on their heat, yeah. Okay, you want to explain this, then from Dark Soul. Ah yeah the vented here. She as you can see that really nice yeah nice big oversized bearing in here yeah he's. Looking at the viewfinder he's, I am looking at you. I am a noob 101 here, so reason why we chose to go with this one twofold. What we already kind of hinted that is air can come in and the dust can escape. So we keep the clutch much cooler for the spring to be remain cooler, so it doesn't engage earlier than it should aren't rocks gon na get in there. No, you won't find any rocks and if they do just spit it out, but the bail is so tight on there. You won't have an issue with won't, even notice, so this whole thing basically is built for to expel the dirt dust yeah to get rid of the heat yeah it's, not building up in there exactly yeah, and so there we go. I know there's varying opinions on this Hey. Well, you know if you're gon na be running in sand, you know you might want to go with an enclosed carrier, a good point but we're not running in sand. No there's no sand for as far as I can see around here, no and I'm ugh yeah, some mud, so yeah Dark Soul.

This is what we're putting on now we can get to the assembly. Yeah got the nice. I like that you, the matching color, because they do make a blue one actually for those guys are going blue, but this nicely matches the rest of your motor, the Losi blue yeah. Probably should I believe, Loctite of these looks like you got the carburetor assemble yeah that's, the choke got the choke in the velocity velocity stack, yeah, she's, Purdy air filter, K, Dark Soul, racing open clutch Bell is now assembled with the pinion okay, air filter. Okay, so we're ready to put it into the truck check. It I'm happy to see it outer wears on the outside on the filter, the Dark Soul, Racing open, clutch bell, housing yeah is assembled. We got the clutch Bell, pinion is in there. I got the stockings back on from outer wears. We got to put on this one. I suppose you know what I noticed we're talking about this here's, the outer wear is when I actually cut the whole here. Sorry outer wears because I wanted to be able to remove this roud because it just comes with one hole in there. So velcro goes around the outside. You have to undo this to get the string through it. I cut it. I know my mind to it. Yeah you do yeah yeah, okay, something simple easy! Hey I don't know. If I mention this, this is not the stock handle that comes with the engine.

I did get that. I thought it would go good with the red yeah. The red looks nice yeah, so everything's protected time to put it in the truck let's. Do it oh yeah, so do you suggest that we hand tighten it yeah, I hand tighten it's going to strip them don't over tighten yeah you've stripped long before I have yep. Okay, so there is blue loctite in there I'll hand crank it. You want to make sure it's in there fairly good, but not too tight that's. What she said you go when I'm falling out, though that's also what you said: okay, and that blue loctite will run out. Okay, oh that's, crazy! Let me back up the camera for a second motor and complete uh OPR 8.2 horsepower yeah. Thirty point: five CC: nice boss, nice chrome kit, there that is a wall burl yeah, the wall, bro yeah, six, six, eight carburetor, carburetor, TG, n, triple stage, filter, DT, one dome, filter, yeah, nice uh; the velocity stack turtle, racing, crankcase, yeah and optional what's. This front paw seal clutch, housing, nice yeah, it's machine beautifully. It is yeah, I've, actually, I'm, really glad that we chose this engine to go with first we're gon na rip around with this. Thank you to OVR, of course, for helping us out breaking this engine in for us now we don't have to sit around like I was mentioning earlier, and the outer wear is actually looks not too bad on there yeah it looks real nice look sharp.

I always go well. I had lots of issues with the dirt and the fins breaking off. You know someone said now take this as you will. Someone said online there that if you have a broken tooth on your flywheel break, every second one off yeah it's, still a little out of wonky yeah, it was OPM. You got a machine and otherwise really well yeah. Well, hey you extend the life of it. I guess a bit a, I guess so few years, don't have them fun, yeah, giving stuff a try. A oh yeah I might have figured out. This is the beauty, the trucks really starting to come together now, yeah she's getting far now yeah. So thanks again for coming into thank you episode. 5. We wanted to rush it, so we could get it out for you guys to see everyone's been asking more please for please! Oh, we can't keep getting down below. This is your first time here. If you've been enjoying the series click the sub ride button, if you want to see more because we're always doing RC videos around here, special thanks to my buddy Everett came out. Dark soul racing obr Dan thanks for sending in your video clip that we used it's. Always great to see the manufacturers getting involved, if you guys want to check out any of the products, I've put the links down in the video description box below, as always, and if you want to leave any comments, we're always happy to read them and we try To respond to as many as we can so thanks guys, we hope to see you on the next episode of RC adventures.