No it's not ginger, go juice, no it's, not, but yeah. I get you a beer. If you want you build on that other one you took apart, that we took apart so that we'll get Nicole or putting that together, yeah that's, true there's, a whole bunch of things we could get into there like how an exhaust works and blah blah blah and Really we're here to talk about exhaust today, amongst a few other things, a lot of folks have been asking since we put in the o BR Reid case. Thirty point five five and I thought it was thirty point five cc engine and has 8.2 horsepower. What are we going to put on for an exhaust? Tell me Bartol own Chris Bart alone. I was chatting to him when we were planning out this whole build. I said we were using that engine and he said to me: well, I got the perfect pipe for you. I'M. A big fan of bar ilan pipes actually, but now everybody's talking about him because he's finally, getting this do justice to to a great product. In my opinion, hand, rolled pipes is what he does. Oh really yeah each one hand rolled each one individually made. I got a few bar loans. Actually some of you guys saw it on the green machine. Yeah haha. They got one for the HPI bah huh yeah yeah. I got two different bar loan pipes from MOC I'm. A huge fan of them.

I'Ve tried several pipes out there actually and yeah. I think they let my engines breathe the best. I love these ones Bartel own torpedo. I think I got the torpedo yes Pete. Oh, I almost kind of want to shove a little well, never mind so two pieces here. The only thing is with this pipe right here: it's it's raw it's, not the end it's, not you know and because of where we are and because we have snow and slush outside. You know sure here sometimes yeah. This actually should be painted. Yeah rust, not stainless. Steel it's gon na oxidize right so it's gon na be a nice truck. I want it to look good. What did we pick out? Look at this high heat paint, this sorry Everett! This is for just blocking you out there you're just the talking paint Kent. Can you move your arms for me, tough paint for of all things, barbecues right, Bart Jesus says I use the I don't think I can't read what kind I used, but I painted mine black with barbecued, said: barbecue paint and it's held up great high heat resistance Up to six hundred and fifty degrees Celsius, 1200 degrees, Fahrenheit I'll do the trick. You can bet you're, not gon na burn this off. Okay, so let's. Do it quick, I've, never burned off a quick painting, video of the pipe for you, we'll get her done. Nice and quick, beautiful we're gon na put the big pipe on yeah, and you know I did paint it up.

It'S not like this paint is gon na last forever. It'S gon na scratch, yeah you're gon na get out there everything's gon na, be dirt rocks flying everywhere. It'S gon na scratch, yeah Chris barloon told me when I was talking to him on yelling about the paint in these black yeah. But he says when you get sick of it, he just uses some brake fluid and go into the cleans it off yeah a dot dot, dot 3 dot dot 4 dot, for I think it is yeah same with lexan with lexan yeah yeah, trying to some brake Fluid will work better than others. I think it is dot 4. We might as well do a little bit of a walk around, so you can see exactly what's going on on the truck: hey, yeah, okay, so I've been working on the truck off camera, as mentioned just to get some of this stuff done outer wears on the The D filter, so it was a dt 1 filter on there IOL dit up, so you can see a little bit of that coming through all four tires have been completed. Now: okay, we can see the shocks have been rebuilt. We knew that last time I've gone ahead and put in the I've refitted the receiver box, which is gon na, be there also put in the battery yay killer, RC cell lipo battery 7200 and, of course, the Super Bee cutoff switch in case. My receiver loses power.

So this is basically my killer, be arsed or the killer. Rc box is what I'm gon na call it get on there. You, son of a red so that's there, we're gon na, have to zero up the servos pretty soon once the electronics are in. I do have a new plate for this servo in here. What is it call chopper chopper. Thank you. Yes, I ordered this off of some website. I don't even remember which one I got it off of, but I need this because the servo we're using for throttle and brake right there is too small. So we need it to have an adapter plate, so it would fit right here. So we'll do all the linkage all that stuff, I'm gon na do all that off. Camera right. You don't, need to see me. Do that let's see along the front. You can remember. Lots of folks are watching, so I even put in these team chase back guards for the C V DS. I remember these are the fat dad dog bones that I Everett and I put together 300m a steel really strong, stuff everything's put together in the front. Oh check it out, hey here's, a cool will be our sticker. I like that on the front, look at this the top plate here. What is this for? Don'T don't don't. Thank you very much. This is the light buckets that come on the stock low C, but I think something shiny and pretty like this should have some sort of light buckets and killer.

Rc handed me some light buckets that we're gon na be able to put in both blue and white color, so I'm thinking blue on the outside white in the middle, something like that we have a killer, RC light controller as well as Chuck trick trick. Oat Kraftwerk's RC sent in some billet aluminum machined covers for the front. So what I'm gon na be able to do is take off these front covers, I think, and mount those killer. Rc LED lights in there check it out, focus because it's in a bag not mount these in there cover it up with craft works RC. In fact, my buddy Jeff sent in a video clip let's have a look at it. Hey everybody, its Jeff from craft works, RC out here on the west coast, coming to you from Los Angeles, California and I'm here today, to give a couple big shout out to my buddy Aaron aka DJ medic. Obviously, we all know because you're watching us right now and it's a tech as well I'm loving project large. I just can't say that enough fact, I'll say it again: project large it's just fun to say, especially when we look at big vehicles like this. If you've never you've, never seen them before, it's pretty fun to watch and and I'm glad, you guys are having fun with it. It'S good to see new people get into fifth scale, and we are. We were very honored to be a part of it and have our products featured in the bill and for some of the viewers out there who might not be too familiar with craft works, RC yet or they haven't been in the fifth scale.

We'Ve we've been around since late 2007 and we've been manufacturing parts for the HPI Bob ever since and are now starting line products for the low C, 5 T and so it's just great to be a part of the project. You guys have building one big badass little C 5. T that I think any big large scale hardcore guy would would love to have in his own own garage, so keep up the good work, guys and we're big fans and we'll talk to you soon. Yeah. Looking for the exhaust bolt big giant lights, you need the bolt for the exhaust. Where did I put them yeah with the box with all the fire on stuff goes? There was a boxer pardon loose stuff right. There experimenting since we've. Never done this, something like that. Yeah using the extra full mm – hmm, sir, your giant pipe. How many horsepower do you think a pipe like this will help gain the truck well it's hard to say exactly give nothing, but I mean I would if I had to one yeah one: what are you laughs figure, one horsepower at least yeah. I would. I would agree to that number 8.2 horsepower on that engine. Maybe a horsepower gain or more with the pipe low end torque. So we're not going for the high rev here we're, not going for high speed we're going for off the line and pulling out of the corner time right, yeah, red loctite, I do have red loctite red loctite is, I believe up here now I made the ginger.

Do this no leak exhaust you didn't volunteer to do this. I just said that. Listen, you guys whipping me get to work nice. Looking good man that's a fat bee, sir! You need the ball and Allen's for these Hey, oh, is that what you need is that oh, this is coming in here know if you guys can see this, but yeah it's, quite the angle to try and okay. So you need me to get the ball and drivers for ya: don't don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't don't, not that one okay ball end. You know one two, three let's try these ones. This one pick your weapon. You'Ll need a driver so pick your weapon. I'Ll get your driver it's this one here: excellent red handle, driver, DDM racing, so you can see it's quite the angle, to try and tighten this. So a ball end allows you to turn it on an angle and still have an excellent red pivot pivots. Then you can see rate yeah. I see that that truck looks awesome, dude man, it looks wicked yeah very cool can't, wait to see it out. There run it yeah. I know the audience is waiting for that. Yeah yeah go back and forth tightening one side than the other yeah. I see that nice job on the final go on it here, yeah she ain't going anywhere job force RC skid plates. I did have team chase plastic ones, which are a good alternative.

They'Re very light. I decided to go with the aluminum ones, because I like to bash the out of my truck. So can they look cool as hell? They look cool they're, very beefy, eh yeah, okay, now around here yeah that looks pretty good shiny. They are the code niceties set upside down there. We go full force, RC little blue loctite for the screws going in here, yeah we're doing it for the front one cuz it's, going into that metal chassis, brace that he has Losey metal chassis, brittle metal on metal yeah for the exhaust. No! No, oh! This is the chassis brace, the blue, brace, yes, okay, which is right there, the brace yeah. This is turning out to be a very boss machine. This is like a serious RC. Now we thought it was cool when it was stock. Now, it's ridiculous, put a baby on and driving around cuz. Our CTO does not encourage putting their babies on RC. Cars is not recommended toddlers, alright, so we're. Finally, at the end, well, almost and almost almost I'm very excited and we were videos verax at least 12 13 14 videos on the outside, because we have so no we're almost done. Okay, we're almost done front to back we've almost got everything completed, there's there's, some finicky stuff. We got to get done and they want to see the pipe. They want to see this big black pipe through that it's boss, I'm holding the truck up yeah, not bad.

I like it, we need to go to the gym. Just flip. The truck all day, you'll see fog to work out. I see a green remote. What is this, for? This makes a car go boom Futaba. This comes with a spectrum receiver. This is my Futaba 4pk yeah. Can you do you want to tell them why I'm using it for Taba instead of the spectrum, he has decided to go with the Futaba? Oh because it has multiple channels. It has four channel receiver on it, so you can plug in the kill, switch the throttle, brake the freaking steering, and then we have all the light lights so much to plug in so the four channels, because I couldn't remember what I was trying to say: yeah I'M, going to cut down on electrical interference with this I've got a great receiver and transmitter combo the spectrum with the killer, RC and all the lights and the voltmeter, and that you know all that kind of stuff, so much I'm using the 4 PK. I use the 4 PK as well. This is a receiver. Is it not that you just got here, there's, really little nerve I'm little nervous. This is what I was told to use. I haven't opened yet doesn't open, yeah yeah no antenna antenna lists are six one for FFP. If you even care to look it up, 2.4 gigahertz fast gon na go with it I'm excited. We only have one more thing to do.

Can'T wait. This is it. Finally, it can't wait. We can't do it in this video, though wait. No, not this video we've done this whole video with everything else in it. This video is out fair with the body, the body body going on right now. That looks well looks that doesn't look very good. Actually, this I don't know if I want to drive next to you play this. Remember that big jumps I was doing on the on the on the ramp and the riverbed. Actually, this body held up great for a day the punishment you gave it skid marks on the back that's what she said. I know it's gross everything's bad day. All the caves like I can salvage the cage from this okay yeah for sure see the Oh got a hammy storm right here. We haven't even seen it yet have we custom painted by Hemi storm by Chris custom painted I haven't even opened the box. Yet cuz we're getting excited about this yeah. I can't wait. You know can't, wait to see it. I know that this is gon na. Take a little bit of assembly, though I know I know it's gon na be excited, so we can't do today. We can do it in next video you guys are gon na have to subscribe or if you're already subscribed, you're gon na have to tune in when we post it up. I got a lot of work to do.

Yeah I've got ta fix everything, tweak everything. This is gon na, take several hours away, yeah well no days for me and this world is yes for you yeah for them, you know or see, sparks land one or seizures. Next, you know how it goes. We'Re gon na launch it onto the crowd and watch it onto the crowd launch. Well, not the car, video and they'll get then they'll get to see the goddess's one job right will get done and top it off. So until next time, the only thing I'm worried about is, if Jim is going to mind when I take this to bed with me tonight. Thank you today, thanks man for dying your time, guys thanks for watching rcadventures. As always, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below and, of course, all the relevant links and all that stuff is down in the video description. See you bye, your buddy see you later.