Yes, my friends! This is something you might recognize from your past childhood days or heck. Maybe you even have one right now in your back yard. Maybe you even have an updated one, but check out this vintage Tonka dump truck yeah metal. Of course, just like they used to make him in the old days, this actually came from eBay, it's, not an RC, but look at the patina on this bucket rusty aged old, a very simple hinge system on there and of course, two axles with some hard plastic Tires now, this fella cost me about 26 on eBay. There is a ton of old neat stuff, like this completely metal that's just out there for the taking right. Now, of course, with the rust, you want to be careful. You don't cut yourself and you know: I've got my tetanus shot. All of that don't worry, but I got ta tell ya something like this is basically used to activate an imagination. In fact, my show rcadventures is all about activating your imagination. You know imagine yourself driving something this large. A lot of us, probably in our lifetimes, usually get a chance to drive something so neat and it's trucks like this. That gave me the affinity for the construction RC that I play with today. In fact, I remember being in the sandbox using my little hand, you know as an excavator scooping up some dirt or rocks or whatever and dumping it in the back of this little Tonka truck and, of course, I'd be making noises as I dumped out the dirt And left a big pile of whatever behind, and I always looked forward to the future.

What I thought was the future of when we might actually see something like this in the radio control hobby. Now I know I was a young pup and I probably didn't know very much about the radio control hobby one. You know I was doing these imaginations, but that's the whole thing right. We always know time goes by and technology is always being updated. While do I have something cool to tell and show you today now a few months ago I ran into my friend Judd. He has the JRP RC YouTube channel now I'm gon na link that in the video description box down below – and I highly suggest you go over there and check out his channel and if you like it, you might even want to subscribe because he shows you how To do some very cool things, for example, he is one of the folks that is gone and showing me that you can actually turn this into an RC. Would you guys like to see, of course, Dada completely new truck now? This one has some of the stickers coming off on the other side: it's, not too bad, but I said to Judd. I said bro I've got an extra axial, scx10 I've got a servo and why don't we source one of these on eBay and – and I said I'd like you to do a conversion for me – I've seen your Tonka truck conversion. He did a build video series on another one that I saw and I was totally infatuated with it.

I'M like oh, my god, I got to have one of these and he said well there's a few things I can do for you it's, very simple. Would you like me to do another build video, so all the RC adventuress can see how easy it is to do something like this, and I said yes please. We would all like to see that so I shipped everything down to him gave him a few extra bucks to kind of you know, make sure he had what he needed. I needed a B EC. We already had the ESC, which is the brain we already had. The motor from the stock axial scx10, which is a trail truck you can see these tires, are actually the ones that were on my scx10 we're gon na change them out today, here's something a little beefier, because you can see that these ones actually sag a little. Just under the weight, but there is a reason: why do you hear that beeping happening check this out? This is my spectrum DX 4s. Now I usually run most of my trucks on this or you know override other ones, but this is one of my favorites. I find it fairly easy to use. Oh that was a push of a button. What that is a fur galley, actuator jeez. I hope I said that right but I'm, pretty sure I did an actuator, I believe, is actually kind of like a screw drive.

I'M. Probably wrong, but it actually pushes up that post right there. Now this little Ram that's what I'm gon na call it from this point. For this little Ram, I'm still learning the controls, obviously it's a two position: is it up and up up? No, I just have it reversed, no problem, so I pushed down to go up and up to go down, not a big deal. This whole unit has actually been outfitted with the transmission, the actuator on the front that helps lift up the entire load and, of course, an actuator for the tailgate check this out. Now, that is pretty awesome. Also, I got ass a box waterproof servo high torque in the front great great great. The reason why I went with a high a waterproof high torque servo is because I know darn well here – have a look right up there, that when there is a load in the back of this machine, especially with the battery that's located right there with the onoff Switch right that we're gon na need some serious power to turn these tires right. This actuator can actually lift up to 20 pounds now that's a lot of rocks in the back you'll, see on the JR PARC Channel him actually putting weights. He put a big sledgehammer on there and he actually did a lot of lifting now. Does this roll of course it does? Does it roll faster you bet now? Do I need that kind of speed in a dump truck not usually they're, usually slow and lumbering along? You know let's see if I can do this again.

I'Ll add my own sounds Music no hands now that is pretty darn cool. You guys. Everybody always talks to me about the expense of getting into construction, RC and I'm. Telling you right now, if you're able to check out Judds videos from the link that I left down below you're gon na be able to get some pretty good ideas on how to convert it. Now, why didn't? I do a build video for you guys on this. One it's very straightforward: I love seeing people's other creativity on my show. I'Ve been doing my stuff for such a long time, I've always invited in people that had lots of cool fabrication, skills or or did really creative things, and I love to showcase it on this channel because we have got a lot of viewers here right so go On over give him a subscription, you know for something like this: this is gon na, take off everybody's, going to start doing, dump trucks, I hope and different types of conversions for construction equipment, because you can do it fairly inexpensively here we go again up leave and Do the back one it's just that easy, my friends now let's look at these tires. Can I do anything with these tires at all? Yes, I can, but first I know you're gon na want to see underneath you can see that it's a shortened drive, shaft right in the front and back transmission is straight in there. Look at that all protected spur gear.

Everything he's got a nice wire loom coming through the back right for protection of the bucket. Ah and of course, he used the straight aluminum steering because the plastic one that was there, of course under load, just seems to kind of Bend right. It doesn't have the right strength, but let me get the tires that I want to put on here: we'll see if they work better we'll see if it can kind of hole a little bit more load I'm, not too concerned, but let's check it out now. I'M. Before I show you the tire that I'm going to go with I'm gon na reiterate a truck like this is really huge in real life. A truck like this actually has tires that cost about 40000 u.s. for one right and they usually take about six tires. Now this little 1.9 tire on here is made for a scale truck right, a scale trail truck and they're, not too bad for a stock tire right, not too bad, but not gon, na work for what we need today. In fact, I wish it was. I begged the guys that work construction wish. It was just that easy to take a tire like that off instead kablammo just like the Tonka trucks, had the big plastic tires. These are rubber. These are from IMAX and these are the G hogs. These are actually what I had on project HD overkill. Before I changed out the tires you guys haven't seen those ones yet, but these are what's going to go on this truck.

Now a lot of you may say: oh medic, you know that looks too big, but then again in a construction vehicle like this. I need it to take quite a heavy load right, so I don't mind having large tires, in fact, I'm pretty sure, that's, why the big mining trucks also have the giant tires and, of course, because the Tonka truck actually comes with the big plastic tires. These ones right here boom. I know two trucks, they're they're about the same size, just a little bit bigger, just not as firm so we'll get these ones put on here. I'Ll just do all four of them off camera. Maybe now wide stance, one of the big issues Judd had was there's no suspension in a truck like this right. Only suspension is the the Flex of the tire. So a wide stance, if you have a high load on there right, is going to keep it from tipping very easy. Now I don't mind super high torque servo doesn't have a problem with that at all. Moving around now, you guys might think it's too wide. You guys put whatever tires you want on there, but for me in the amount to wait, my excavator is gon na be put in the back I'm happy with that aber superfast, alright, my friends, so there you go, go check out. Jrp RC check it out. You can see his sticker is right. There well it's a little bit shiny, but you know I haven't painted the tailgate.

I don't know I'm. Going to I love this thing. You guys, I hope you've enjoyed today's, show you're gon na see more of this monster. Well, mighty diesel truck the dump truck it's common you're gon na see this out in the field getting used. I am just elated about something like this hey.