I didn't actually paint the inside of these, because when I put the LED lights in there, I still want it to be reflective, so don't paint the inside. If you want to have extra light coming out of the light buckets so many times, I've seen people using plastidip for the full scale, one to one vehicles, they do their rims. They use spray plastidip for other things. I use dip plastidip for waterproofing, but I've never used it for painting. So I figured why not give it a try. I'M gon na put it on the actual grill and the headlight mounts, as well as the interior and the gas cap with the air filters see if I can get it for now. Plastidip is a rubber coating, somehow it here's to the plastic. I wanted to put some primer on there, so it give us something a little bit extra to stick to and I figured why not durable give it a try. I know it will stand up. The punishment rcadventures will dole out to this drop care. Have a look at this, you can see the plastidip is dry and it's a nice flat black now it's rubberized, so it's, easily washable and won't stain well it'll still stain. If you get the right kind of mud in there. Alright it's a new day and I couldn't help it one of the viewers had mentioned to me. Maybe I should plastidip the whole thing and I thought you know what that's a good idea.

So I did now. I have a complete flat black like a flat. Matte finish it's rubberized at any time. I could peel this off and I'd be right back down to the beginning, but I think this is a good time for me to experiment with my painting now, I'm, not a very good painter, I've, never claimed to be I'm. The average painter you know, but I like to try new things out on camera and if they work you know then right on you guys can try it too. If I fail well, then then we know what doesn't work, so I painted, as you guys know, I did the plastidip on the floor. This is also rubberized down. Here. Did some highlight painting I did the interior of this red and did a little bit of detail. Paint behind there just with these paints, I have on the circle now a lot of the glass or the plastic that comes with the kit. I noticed mine was quite scratched up and Plus this also has a blue hue. So for those who are painting along or like building this truck, be prepared that the window has a bit of a blue tint to it or a purple, so your color scheme to make sure it goes and works with that right. You can see. It'S got a bit of a tint, so the two side windows in the back window I've totally painted over including the sunroof.

Now, some of you guys might be disappointed with that and I understand, but just take the scratches and whatnot I'm sure there's ways to get it out, it's just from rubbing in the bag, overtime right, so it's just scuff marks. I don't have any right now and in the tutorial it doesn't matter. I actually kind of wanted to put some netting in here kind of like screen that you'd use on your front door of all things. You know maybe just to get some, so you can see through and see the chairs that I've painted up and everything like that on the inside right. I still like the windshield idea. I still have the two side windows, but do I want the side windows open? Yeah I'll have to check it out, but I want to do some detail paint work so I'm, just taking a sharp blade and I'm cutting around the hinge that I want to paint I'm interested to see if the plastidip is going to stay stuck to the body. After I've cut it in theory, if this doesn't work out I'd just be able to peel the plastic off, I don't know if it would work but that's my that's, my plan. I think this will work out. Fine, though I'll see, if I can peel this back I'm gon na pull it there we go now, I got to be careful while I'm pulling it pulling the plastidip that it is actually cut, because I don't want to pull anything away from the body there.

We go gently, sorry, I know I'm covering it up beauty. I love it. Look at that and I'm just exposing the plastic underneath see that I'll just peel off the outside skin, see how easy this is as long as you make sure to score it. I almost noticed, while I was peeling off some of the plastidip over these areas, you can almost make it bubble and look like rust. If you wanted to do that, I don't know if I'll do that yet, but I'll definitely want to start painting the hinges. The testers enamel: what number is this it's Emmy t silver? Okay, so for detail, painting Jen tada, the super super slender. What is this one to me? A modelling brush item, eighty seven, Oh seventeen and I think overall, I'm gon na be using the 87. Oh 28. See the difference in thickness there perfect detail, painting can make your truck really stand out from the rest it's. The one way you can, you know, make it your own. Everybody can go out and buy an off the shelf, but a few minutes with a paint brush and a few little details onto your truck and you're assured to have something unique out on the trail. Now let's move into the hinges: the open area, I've washed, the whole thing, so there's, no dust or anything I don't want to use one brush for the whole area. It'S not going to be allowing me to be fine enough now hold on.

Maybe I've got some gold or let's bust out the red Red's, a good shiny, color. Just a tiny bit of this. We use this a super small brush for the red you'll see what I'm using it for number one make sure my fingers are clear of paint number two grab my paintbrush that's clean in the lacquer and get in there just around the edges, not too bad. First time paint job not really showing you guys how to do it. You guys are more discovering how I'm doing it at the same time, I am, but if you don't try something you'll, never learn there. We are I'm gon na. Take this super slender paint brush here, the 87 oh 17, and just dab the tip of that, and what I want to do are these little bolts that hold that hinge on just a little bit of red set my finger against my other finger for a little Bit of stability, and you guys get to see little red bolts appear Beauty. I love that let's go up higher now. This is more a hinge. Pin let's make the bottom of the hinge. Pin red let's make the top of the hinge. Pin red get some black going on here, make sure my brush is nice and clean, not too much yeah that's? What got me in trouble here in the first place, they're beautiful! Well, my friends! There you have it. My first attempt at detail.

Painting now I know there's some things. I could have done differently in fact, there's a ton of things I could have done differently, but as a beginner I'm actually glad. I took the time to do a little bit of extra work to make it my own. Now I get to assemble the whole vehicle and see what my new gelinda 2 actually looks. Like the d90 defender delenda 2 from RC four wheel drive my friends. I brought everything into the studio assembled it accessorized, and this is the final outcome now check it out. These tires and rim combo look fantastic. I love how the matte black turned out and all the decals that are put on the sticker sheet that it comes with, is actually very versatile. Gives you lots to choose from you'll see in the back here? I opted not to use the tinted blue windscreen and I also tinted the top. I find this plastic kind of difficult to tint so be careful, be forewarned. I would almost suggest trying to add a real tint to it, but the detail, painting that went into this certainly made it look unique all on its own check that out now this top rack doesn't actually come with the galinda. This is something I added on that I've had in the parts box for quite some time, an extra tire on the back. I ordered that to come along as well, and I made the back window and the top to window was tinted just so.

I could get a good, solid, look I'd like to add in some screen. Maybe he was thinking about adding some bars and making it into it like a prisoner of war truck, but I also have the chain so I'm. Still working with that you'll see everything worked out exactly according to plan fully aluminum front to back, except for the spur gear and the nylon drive shafts, I did switch them out for a steel drive driveline. Instead, that was the Punisher series. What do you guys? Think of that not too bad, hey, I'm, pretty happy pretty. We could put that up there. I could change this around to be on the front. I love the look of the new glenda now the only thing that I would add to this right now. Out of the box, even though this stock looks amazing right, is this performance light bar from RC 4 wheel Drive? Now I think I counted 48 LEDs on the back of this thing, fully aluminum as well check that out what a beautiful light bar now I was thinking about, adding it up here, but my friends that will be for another day. What is this another bright idea from RC 4 wheel Drive built to last? This is 2s lipo compatible and it says it's easy to integrate into any project. Well, I'm gon na be able to plug this into the bind port of my receiver. My spectrum based receiver and then I'll be able to have some bright light, that'll light up the night sky when I'm out trailing guys.

I hope you enjoyed this project and you follow it along had a good time.