My buddy Matthew here put a camper trailer on top check this out a little couch microwave sleeper, a clear door around the back check this out. There you go welcome into the back, so in here all fixing up is our seats. Can check right through you pretty cool eh now that is a custom. Trailer tires clothing providers, the truck that goes with it – that all rested easier services provided by kind of buddies, already: 40 yeah. Ok, nice painted too now for some holes in there rust, snorkel, he's, gon na. Add a nice looking truck there, Gordon, oh man. I love this truck already I'm. Sorry to cause this here drink, oh that's, what she said very cool letter, you let some love the stag. You break again: I'm gon na watch. This try to climb some rocks today, pretty damn sick senators who's it right. Who'S got another wheel: spin, okay, Joe say night, everybody out there, oh yeah y'all, doing good they're enjoying my truck man. Oh yeah, we got a porch books. I got a ship, but I don't have a spindle. Is my fort he's got a front axle just shoot. The pot will the spindle Jeep Cherokee that's one of his biggest things. You got it. Why are you showing everybody? My truck? I showed every truck it's the secret. I showed every truck lots of patience looking good, but in living dis I love them. They look great they're kinda crappy little.

Are they into G? No there? Oh, you, rural buddy, private, plane, Castle different shocks. What what's dis for this? There are axial dips. I think no, but the covers right. No, okay, IRA! No, those are right. There yeah they are they're katsu, okay, what's this cover. I didn't know that oh good, listen, Elsa, let's have a look at it, come on everyone, what's a suit. Oh, that is a mess motors. A homemade homemade Mound right on man. Lots of power, a yes, a metal chassis. Is this an old axial painting yeah. It looks good NiCad, seven cell yeah, my bad man, I noticed these tires – are totally different from what I've seen before. What are these? We got your face behind Ross, Holden biggest one nines. I could punch Joe's r19 yeah nice man see you remember, everybody 1 9 is the diameter of the inside, not how tall the tire is, but how wide how tall looks good man looks good, pulls that trailer over there what that's, a good convoy gone, camping, you're? Looking forward to the spring I'm, not sure it's heavy that's, like their cheekbones yeah, that truck can pull it with two motors, oh yeah here's, another trailer Joe did. This is called the carry one you guys will see me show it before here's a tie down scale accessories in the front. Compressor tie down chain looks like a low C Nightcrawler, underneath this would have been a Jeep body, probably a proline dual axle all metal.

This thing was the very first trailer that Jill Bill white balls still going strong this player. Do you think you, like a lousy indoor, penis track all the rocks? I will sometimes take this for Ted's garage, but rudeboys garage is actually quite different track. That goes all the way around the ceiling right over shotgun ridge, no it's, not real don't freak out. All the ladies on this place is awesome check out one of the route boys. This is Neal's truck me that those are energy desk right. Yes, these are energies. Here so running, lumen 'm steering rod up front what kind of tires of these where the th are super sloppy? These are the super. Swampers feels now I'm nice. Those are huge. Man are those two tooths too fat, now that's there's a huge difference there, even in the side diameter from one nines. What kind of body is that is the pro lime and international scope? Buddy man, I wonder if we can still get those think so I don't know got it on the hut coming out of my Dodge Jesus around for they're coming up don't you different races that's around, but not around. Oh comes in another dog's body with the hard roll cage: oh yeah, yeah, yeah charger that's, it that's it yes and that's, a sick rat all black everyone. Everyone, everyone in YouTube, wants one right now: that's, like a beast truck to take over anything. You said you got a brushless than that crash the system in there.

Can you give me a little spin of those tires? Oh yeah that's the way that's the way, almost like it's fast it's, like that it's like the old Jeep and the knee and and your truck just go hand in hand. Yes, sir nice man love it. No. I understand with the checker boiler, so everyone's been asking to see all the the rudeboys members trucks and I figured this – was a good opportunity to show off the hey, Joe, hey leader, leader of rude boys. This is his truck he's been running this a long time. Geez this is this has been changing over time. Anna it's coming along see one of the things I saw hurry away. Were these love that man hauls are offset doesn't get more redneck than thank you snow and from spraying in your face, the trailer nice buddy. Where did you get? These? Are these Oh leader and I'm from p.m. hobby craft? Okay, so there are PMS. Are these for a slash or they just for anything? Ah like their first lash rpm, they make good what you know the hobby love you anything. I do whatever you can make them fit with look at your scale, stickers, underneath buddy that looks sick. Okay, I see shocks aluminum shocks I mentioned those earlier. Where did you get these bizarre? They came with another truck that I got. Okay, you don't know what they are uh. They are Komodo stock. They look good that's, they lots why they're there yeah and they got look real they're internal spring suit.

This from man that's sick lots of scale accessories on there, and this truck weighs about mmm six pounds. Seven pounds I'd say close to seven yeah that's that's part partial cuz, your your homemade bumper, there right yeah, which is also one of the fair's funds. Yeah alright, and this we did a video on how to make a scale bumper at rude boys or see. If you guys search it, you'll see it eight scale winch, because it just is the only way to go proline body and you said: can we take this off sure let's take off the back two clips there, crazy, Canadian that's? Why that's? What I'm seeing right here? Okay, so waterproof case waterproof case, this is like a Walmart thing right, yes to this yeah you can go down to Walmart and get one you go to usually have all mark taken. Fx are good not waterproof day. I recognize that plastidip yeah nice brushed motor brush motor 1510 HP. I fire. Okay was a twelve dollars, Canadian nice, so thirteen, yes, dirty with tax yeah. Looking good, you got a to sell seven point four, and how long does this run for only forty five minutes, plus 3300 mAh that's the way to go for big gas tank, yeah that's that's, a nice Ridge, job good job buddy, Thanks, yeah gr, one kind of Falling apart there in the back what'd you give it a back window or that what happened there, Oh falling apart for a while yep this is the original he added the TTC in full in 2009, oh yeah, I said this is the original body that damn et Was right there? Oh nice fireplace brokeback up touch that's a touch nice one working, that's attached elk carcass shut up, do not blink still, there it's still good, oh yeah, yeah we're good, looking good looking good is that is that cool put her back now.

Everyone and my channel Larry Alex down, get out there. Oh boy, there you go, please! I should have done something. We help fast here's a scotch truck look at this before, but since we're doing all the trucks today or most of them. I figured I'd give this truck an overview as well. So here we go angel it's, like a two cell life on the inside, probably about a 4000 mah, looks like a Tekin motor 35 turn on the inside all right, buddy eBay. More than likely yeah nice big fat tutus on there looking at them super Swampert gotiya cells, just like Neil struck custom made sliders lo links in the back see how the event like that event for clearance, aluminum, three racing driveshaft up front, helps with the extra torque On the front, good push bar, of course, different type of plastic where'd, you get that bumper Scott what's, this bumper Pete yeah, but what is it this is mine? Is it a proline girly off a horse? Okay, oh that's, why II, ground off the quarter last looks like a plaster dipped servo? How much you think you got in that truck Scott, very money, 100 bucks. That seems to be pretty accurate right off with you pretty damn nice cockers. Well, I don't know if I miss. I think that is perfectly good job good job, axial breakers he's, going down truck trailer that's what we do in Canada, the way we roll our Hersey's pure force – oh, but nobody toots, just give it a good tug that's.