I do you have yes don't, you do now. Yeah yeah, yeah they'll be a big help. Today tonight, hey John, how slick is it slicker than baby poop? Oh yeah that's right Joe Joe Joe a summer yeah me and Pat came and those where these then I went everywhere. We'Ll call them you're lucky shoot. Then I'm gon na wear my boo. You have confidence in earrings. Are you there good wall? Bukit yeah? I wish I would have warm up yeah cuz, my button. Awesome it'll bless. You I'm sorry different grade. Four. She just ran inside hi, Jim hi. How are you I'm fantastic? How are you not bad it's snowing, but not too cold? Well, top too bad. Actually, look at the layers you're wearing galoshes and galoshes, and a fuzzy hat Betsy hat fuzzy neck. You got ta be prepared. It matches your controller just in case I get too cold. Oh look at that remanded. Yes, it isn't look my nails even match. So that's not ridiculous. It matches your truck there's pinky, hey advert out of a little less winter vacation coz. Yes, we really like winter. When don't you appear on camera anytime between October and April. Why cuz, I think winter is cold yeah. It is spring that's, a guy in the door guy in shorts, ha ha ha welcome to Canada, yeah that's, where my Joe Dirt howdy howdy let's, see your truck. This is Rudy hello, Rainey, Rudy, yeah, it's uh, my TTC truck here this years and rickety going through etc' cool, hey hands off, there is got eeeh accessories got a 30 odd 6 inside yeah just got to get my figurine.

I have a, I guess: you'd call it a moose and I'm putting up top for a hunted. Moose, yeah and I've been blackballed my whole life playing on my truck. What is that a bunch of black black nuts around here team, black ball Tiger gold balls on my just finished, her yeah looks pretty she's been out on one run, look at the Badger Cherokee black Chevy over. I know I hate that one that happened to mine. You I love the extra assistance: hey DJ, hey I'm glad to be back at your house again: yeah I'm glad you're back, look at everybody they're all in fun. Oh yeah, yeah, good time monster truck Sarah hi. What is nice Unimog, hi, pinkie Daniels there we go all done, need to fix, see you soon, Amy a little little push it in too far small for the hole up. We go we're gon na. Have it this year. We'Re trying to I think, it'll be a good chance. I don't pull you over there's no win. Oh you want making up that last piece. Oh nippy, go all the way down the hill that's like ha ha ha ha. Thank you, sir. It could have went further. Are you hanging there for a minute, yeah, hey anything, be moving off for a little Drive? Oh, did I lose my back yeah, oh now that early so you're doing hand of God hand of God kind of guy. You were the hand of God.

I see exactly clop since the tip no it's, not all right, that's, deep there for sure on who stepped on the trail, trying to push her on pretty deep. There try to drive right here deeper than you think, by about two feet, I do not. I see that you're like in a deep hole up to my knee yeah. I was wondering why my truck was stuck yep.