10. Sir a scale assembly, huh it's, you hey crazy Joe. How are you pal good? How are you the the rude boy himself, putting on a rude boys events down at Blackfoot RC in Calgary everyone's, getting scored right now, different classes? Man tell me about the classes what's running right. Now we have class 1, which is like basically a street truck like a trail. Finder leaf sprung, hard body, okay, chassis steering, okay, and we have a class 2, which is your average scx10. Probably bigger, tires yeah a little bit upgrades nice. Then we have your class 3, which is Wraith or super truck, okay and yeah. So so you have different courses for each class. Yes, you we have the white flags yet on the rocky section, okay represent your class one right, so the white flags down there I see, and then we have yellow and black flags yellow yeah and when they represent your class to course there's these ones down. Here. Right, okay and then we have red flags, they represent your class three course nice. So everybody gets a chance to run their rigs that's hoarding lis, accordingly, to a fair, very bright and keep the timing. Sort of this is a public event. It is, Oh, anybody could have come down and join salutely it's all over Facebook right. So the black foot I'll put a link to blackfoots Facebook in the video description. If they want to check out me our Rudeboy scale, events yeah, then it come down.

So this park is open all the time, though, basically somewhat it's, I believe it's 10 till basically dusk yeah, okay on the weekends that's right and I think it's foretell dusk. On week, awesome pretty sure it's closed Mondays, yeah, so cool. What a unique looking Hummer yeah yeah. We all love approaching the Hill Climb check it out. This is actually going up nice into a steep area like a boss, good job man, you Oh easy to roll over. I love. I need some wheel speed here, it's really dusty in that area. Oh, Oh Down Goes the Hummer. Ah, let's pick up his roof for him. Nice it's, a lot harder in person, Hey that's, a tough one, steep area, yeah super loose, oh yeah, good job under the bridge and around the corner. Yes, cool, another contender up the hill. Oh, oh, there goes the windshield, nice yeah that's, the secret of wheel, speed right. There is, when you run into tough areas being able to give her and kind of twist them up. Sometimes it works. Sometimes you end up on your lid. Oh nice he's in a tough spot. Oh ah, nice there's gem, helping out with the filming in tribute to the General Lee on the Dukes of Hazzard over the rocks hopping over the rocks and then up the bridge hitting the course markers does not cost any points. As long as you don't have all four tires outside the flag, if you do then it's out of bounds and reverses, do not count in this competition.

They'Re not pointed against you there he goes nice over here I got so back to the tree section. This is all basically a tree house slash tree ramp, slash tree trail, that's been built all a separate section to see how your climb is looks like we'll, be going after the Wrangler right now, nice tire placement is critical on something like this nice straight up. Well, that's my motorcycle twist going on so cool to have a trial, section, it's very unique, going down the other side round, one he did pretty good up and around here's an interesting concept. The pit of death go across the bridge. Hmm drops you down into the pins better, be careful come on through the finish line. Go Oh round! She goes. You want to take a repo and come up pass that trapper nice crawl, yeah, good job, dude, good, driving, great job right here right now, all right! Whatever great job top they'll climb, he's got some wheel. Speed. Look at that under the bridge. In a way he goes good job nice, like a piece of cake, it's, a good looking machine he's got a big awesome control, so a dig allows you to lock up an axle, so you can make a pivot point and kind of turn the truck with that. Not moving in the front spinning you can kind of turn it in a circle, so it's a big advantage to have one of those very nice there.

He goes giving us a demonstration, it's kind of tough, because he's on an angle there see see how it pulls itself around very awesome. Oh you got it bonus Hill Climb awesome. This class is much tougher. The angles are much more severe and I can't really translate it for you guys on video, hopefully that angle kind of gets it for you once he gets once he gets past that first area yup and then it just kind of digs itself right in you can See the ruts nice power yeah over to go I'm super steep right there down. She goes again from the bottom, going up. Oh nice driving! Oh yes, it's right at the top section! Almost will him up now there we go Oh back down to me. He will do this. My cat here comes Neal with an awesome truck as usual supersoft ground nice crawl, challenging the same area, nice good job, getting more rutted with each truck. Oh, oh yeah, nice, nice, Neal, good job yeah, going up the first course different class. A truck oh it's, tough it's, tough man, yeah it's, a huge hole; Oh there's, Joe running his rig. Oh flip, but time nice, nice, hey, good job, not spinnin.