2012. Look there's gem in the background high gem this year, all the tenth scale, trucks plus we're, having a monster class which is cool, so we're gon na get all the trail trucks out there mud bog. There is a tank trap, there's an obstacle course. You guys know how the drill goes and really focused on scale realism this year with accessories lots of fun trucks, and we just wanted to put on a really good show. So we got about 21 23 trucks in that area, and I know that with everybody that's here, there's certainly going to be an awesome, show David, the host. How are you buddy and get welcome? Thank you. Look at this amazing property. You have out here yeah. Well, we're welcoming you to David our host a you know how lucky we are to be here. James thanks. Thank you again, yeah! Thank you fantastic that's. Our comes, I see p.m. hobby craft sign in the back and yeah we've got prizes from them. Nice now go back Joe Joe did a good job of pointing in the trucks yeah. So Jesus evocate, oh nice, seventeen accessories, hey Joe what's up good morning. This is your yes, I resent careful. I hear 25 here good to go good to go. Thank you. John. Thank you. Long live rock good. How did you get your stickers Bob up that hills where the course is it's kind of going all the way up. You see the very top peak yeah go 250 feet below that there's.

The way over there stop there's the dip there on the left hand, side that's, where we start and we're halfway back it's gon na be a long day, yep right, okay, next gentleman, medic hello, DJ medic with a small I yeah, here's our money, all right and You'Re wanting just close classy humor or were you running, multiple classes today? Oh no, I brought the big green bastard, but I think he's kidding he's too big have a. We can still have fun. This is too too right, Yeah right, okay, so back half did you put down the plus fifty points for the filmography grab? Did you get your small sticker? If you want, we can split it between the two of you. These are running boards that actually come off. That, if you get stuck in the mud, you can actually use these running boards. You see, yeah there's, send sign ladders yup, so a shovel tarp inside the real tool box we've got a variety of her. Would you know how many things are in there? There are ten things altogether: okay, Claire ten, the ring there it's flare there. Ten nice is in here alone, yeah, okay, we'll, take your word for it: yeah, no okay, so we joined up five okay, so when tis to bumper is that metal, yes, metal, bumper? So that's um, I think, it's three nice, and why are you doing this? Is this? So we can. This comes off your score.

Excellent. You need a normally 20 points Center, a sanctioned event, we're going with five excellent, and then your points come off of your score. Okay, so is that your ear butter is the keg or is the K gon na be drink, drink from hubs? No okay. So these are special to use your special iMovie. I think we know your special don't worry six, seven, eight, nine ten eleven! On the other side, 11, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 36, working lights, medic, no lights, 36, let's go man! Thank you! Good job! You guys that's the hot pot. 36. 38 man little hanky. Okay, guys be careful with the RC tracks, don't play with the other two taking yep. We all want to break somebody else's stuff right, great thanks. How many points? How many do you think 2026 yeah awesome, you're gon na score in you're, ready excited, I think so. Good you see these where'd, you get those rims vanquish, vanquish products say I heard these are the last set of pink ones. You can get as it should be, that's very appropriate. I love the bumper. We get RC rocker armor yep. Thank you very much Arirang over for that very cool, my yoga mats. I appreciate that as well. Go crazy, RC, we're gon na run over the rules. Real quick, it's, pretty easy. If any of you have crawled before it's gon na be basically the same rules.

The obstacle course, I believe, has I don't know how many gates did it up to, of course, has five plus five gates, backups will be counted? Mini mat will be the judge for the obstacle course. So you will start at the starting line. You'Ll give mat your card you'll run through he'll. Give you back your card when you're done, you can come down change your batteries, any broken parts. There is no changing parts that are not broken and if you end up on your roof, you can call a buddy in a buddy has to start three feet behind you come around your truck hook up the tow, strap pull you back over and then you are Free to go now, if you roll over and land back on your wheels, you're fine but you're about penalize. Are you penalized? Yes, a roll over is a roll over question. What, if your es he doesn't have drag breaking you have rollback. Does that count as a back up? No okay, so that's? Basically it if there's any questions come and see me so it's going to go obstacle course, tank trap. Let me refer to my notes. I never thought this would happen to me. Okay, obstacle course, which has five gates tank trap, which has three gates: no five, one, two three four five six gates Hill Climb has five five gates. Mud bog has three gates, and the rally has around ten gates: I'm, not sure.

If we put out eleven or nine, but the rally is extremely long, it will be ran in partners. You will be partnered up with someone medic and Jim you're exempt. You will be your own partners because you are the film crew, sorry assistant dancer. The rally will be the only one we run in partners and it will be a timed event. What motor you run that's a 20 turn with a 19 to putting way they don't put my cursor anybody. I knew that I'm. Putting my the plumber looks: okay starting to get empty. I play secure on the roof. My mother's got a plan. Hana hey! You excited. I am excited nice. Look at here's the lunch pit yeah. This is like one of our favorite areas. Here we go off to the obstacle course, maybe not yet looking good damn camera, I got to try it man looking good, we almost stopped in a way here, there's tons of places to plate. This is deadly. Look at this can't even understand the grade of this. On camera, Wow, nice look at that there's that very creamy, oh wow, I'm, very excited very cool. You want to try and go fast cuz. We got a ton of people, but take your time you coming down there's no time so just go no time. Alright! Get bun first truck. Good luck! Thank you! 2012 rudeboys RC STC thanks everybody for coming out.