But these tires check these out. These are from RC four wheel drive. These are the 1.9 sized genius tires now you're able to see the tread pattern. What the lugs actually look like and, of course, the sidewalls now 1.9 sized tires I'm going to need some 1.9 size B blocks. I have not got those yet for those that are wondering I did pay for these at RC, 4 wheel, Drive link, you know, of course I won't leave a link to the product. You guys can explore the website, but if you're looking forward as t0, 1, 4 0, always starting with Zed or Z, depending on where you're from but there's the genius tires check them out I'm looking forward to mounting these up, but I definitely need some new rims. Now for the good stuff, I definitely want to get my hands on this. I didn't do it right when it came out, they were backordered right away and I didn't really put in an order for it. But when I did order everything else, I would have shown you these earlier, but the tires and my rims came first duh, oh good. Our support guy sticker, my bill, yep exactly what I think it is. So I can name the title: what you read: didn't, bitch Music, look at all this packaging. Just for this. What is it Aaron Micah's? My new winch's have arrived now. A lot of people that are new to scale are see that for trail, trucks, that is don't know that there are actual products out there like this worn licensed winch that actually function, it actually winches.

A lot of the senior hobbyists right now are saying that I talk way too much, but really my show is not only for senior hobbyists but for new people to discover how many cool and amazing things there really are out there all righty, so let's open up One of these will get a little bit of a closer look I'm going to show you on the screen of the RC four wheel, drive website they're exactly what it's called all right now. You know we're gon na click on that link. Actually it might as well just give you a quick look at it. I know everyone's going to want to know all the information about it. It was 100 us each so I do have the older Zeon winch. I do have the old three Racing. Winch both 10 scale and eight scale I've done videos on those in the past. You guys can go and read all about it. I'M, not here to read you the website, but there is some information about it. Let'S go back to what we can do for you here all right. Take one of these fellas Warn winch 110 scale, warren eight to seventy four winch part numbers. Ed e is an Ernie, zero, zero, seven, five, all right, so some stickers, a couple of screws, which is good, I imagine for mounting okay and get a good focus here. Wow. The detail is shocking. My friends sticker on the side for control Wow, so neat haha.

Does this actually move? I want to plug it in and see. I have a feeling it's, just an incredibly strong motor and set of gears. Anyway. There you go so there's what the screws are for. On the bottom, for mounting up to your bumper right, if you have an aluminum, bumper or plastic bumper with winches, I always like to have an I'm bumper, but by no means do you need to have it depending on the model. Sometimes what will happen is when it's bolted on to the bumper and you start pulling. This will actually start bending forward right, so that's a bit of a challenge but that's. Why I switched to aluminum anywho let's have a listen to some of the strengths of this product. When I say strengths, I mean literal strengths load limit deadlift 50 pounds are you kidding me rolling, drag 70 pounds 25 pound winch rope limit limit. This is exactly why I ordered these my trucks when they get heavy with water, because I do a lot of river runs or mud runs or whatever you know it gains weight. Those tires if you're running 2.2 is those are only one nines over there like. I do have the Beast again running on some tires from RC. Four wheel drive same with the rams these 2.2 s. This is the proline hilux it's not mounted. I don't have it on there. Yet let's have a look at the other winch that I have on there.

You can see a comparison, see aluminum bumper. Look, how big this one is huge I'm gon na take that out, replace it. Take my Kong hook off of the beast there swap it on to here. Do I even have a different line? I do. This is really high strength fishing line I have on here 100 pound limit, so it would be perfect for this winch right here anyway. These size tires – I was talking about 190 buddy, who doesn't know 1.9 and 2.2. Is the inside diameter of the tire, so you'll see it's actually much smaller, but so you get a lot of mud on these. You get any kind of water in the foams. If they're not sealed aluminum bumper to motors right, the big 3 s battery rx 8, the shocks this thing gets heavy.