I'Ve moved my old table to the front of the shop and I put a very large box on it. Now you guys have already read the video description. You have seen the thumbnail. You know what is in here, but I have my friend John here to help me he's, going to be opening up the box for slow, John hello pit dog Hydro. I wanted to make sure that I could use the camera and really get what's inside this box. As the viewers of the show know, I've recently picked up one of the purple x max bodies from pit dog hydro, who is my favorite hydro, dipper out there I'm going to leave a link to his YouTube channel in the video description box down below where you Can head over to his channel see a ton of videos on the epic work that he does all different types of bodies, everything that you can imagine that can be hydro dipped? He does it and we have two special items in the Box today. You ready John. My man, yes look at the post office, actually treated it with some fragility. Oh we got a note. Oh no, we sliced it out. That'S! Okay, I don't get it out here. Ah, pit dog hydro has sent you a hydrographic ice candy Orange custom x max body which is blazing hot. This body was put through the fire process. Twice the details found throughout make it one of a kind ha ha ha next up is the you guys may have read it, but I got two special bodies here, uh I say it's time for unveiling Ava what's that amazing anticipation, you got some pretty cool.

Oh, oh, he gave us some DJI money prop let's check it out. That'S all money ha ha ha. Oh Thank You. Thomas appreciate that buddy that'll make the Phantom look. Awesome I'll be using it at the TTC coming up here. The tough truck competition, Oh anticipation. I know I know slide him out. Yes, there is two in there look at that look underneath everybody sees it this one first man, okay, so I am a kid of the 80s. I loved the Dukes of Hazzard. When I grew up, I was watching it every Saturday and have the xmax as the one of a kind generally check it out. This has all been done specially for me, so I can do a special Dukes of Hazzard episode for you guys or a few of them. If a high flying xmax is going through the air, you better have the General Lee for a Dukes of Hazzard. You agree. Oh awesome, Thomas, this is great. Now, shall we show the other one well, shall I cover it up here, replace it everybody's, anticipating that BAM. Look at that here is the double dip man I don't. I tried to do it in the Sun, even though today's little weird look at the Fleck in that man, all the flecks in there man double dip fire process for us, because we wanted to do something for the RSC sparks to do now. Pitts dog hydro actually has two of these identical bodies.

He'S going to be running on his eBay store again I'll leave a link to his eBay store in the video description box below you can go and see these, and if these aren't available in the future he's going to have other cool things to look at what Is your opinion of that straight up man? You can't beat pet dog hydros quality when you see it up in both its debts. It'S. The camera really is amazing, but you know everybody wants to see it on the xmax right. Should we put it on the xmax for people to see? Yes, I also went out and bought something else to help the xmax. Shall we just do it in one fell swoop? I think so only to reveal something amazing. Look at that so nice man, so I went and got the outer wears shock covers those are actually for my low c5t, but they certainly did fit. My traxxas xmax look at that on the front it's hard to see because of the light, but man and so aggressive. Looking this I've been planning for the winter time, because the snow is on the way we're going to want some killer, snow videos and rigs. That really pop against the white and, as you guys can see that certainly does pop against the whites one of the nicest xmax bodies I've had that's for sure John. What do you think dude the lines on here? The way he's been able to get the lines looks like a dentist's just the way it's going.

This is the way it was packaged. Man just the color, the way it's integrated, it's beautiful. Even he tinted out the headlights. You can see the shot covers through it, but it's all tant tint through here it's, just stunning, hey John. You think we should end the video here. Should we run this body at least for these guys? You can't not run it. We can't not run it. They want to see it it's. So pretty though I don't want to bash it up. I told Thomas at Pitt dog I'm like bro. I don't want to wreck it and he said you better get out there and run that X next body, so that's what we're going to do for you today. I don't wan na go too heavy because it's my first day with it and it's too too gnarly. Looking but in the spirit of RC sparks it wouldn't be right if we didn't go and run it so just to look inside here I am running 280 403 s for a total of 6 s. We did go and modify this twin Castle fan and mount it up. On top of this motor that's in here I did replace the pinion that I broke last time no big deal. We should be ready to go 6s power. John. You ready bud. I'M still I'm ready get three two one go right around the corner: Oh No, nice adjust missed it glad we installed those fans 6s and giant tires with the gearing in there makes it nice and warm.

I do have my recall done on the ESC. Whoa there. We go talk and instead of driving nice that flew nicely a little wide on my time, driver got my traxxas stability management turned down on my radio, I like being able to handle it a little better I'm going to cut inside here up the horn up to The big crossover big crossover with the new body don't mess it up: nice, Thomas that's, for you, buddy pit dog hydro, such a huge truck, try and get a few X maxes together and have an x max race still going on we're going to hit that crossover. One more time there we go inside corner wide on the outside. Coming in such a nice rig looks like I could tighten up the back shocks a little bit with a little bit more preload. She squats quite a bit that's a lot of power. Oh nice recovery. John, thank you for filming brother good, good job first time filming today and he did a stellar job coming down here guys I want to do more of the traxxas xmax, but I broke it came down on my landing did not roll. It landed. Nice and flat, but unfortunately broke the back suspension or I'm gon na have to repair that dog bone. But regardless my friends now you got to see the pit dog, hydro, double dipped fire body, as I mentioned check out his YouTube videos on his channel he's got a great style, uses great music, so go check it out.