Oh gem is gon na help. Me do some unboxings I'm, very happy about that. Welcome back. Why thank you. I love good unboxing. I can't believe it's, not butter. I can't believe what are you doing is showing your nails. They are what they are. Looking very lovely. You know, it's called magenta mischief all right, let's just move right into this cement box something so we have some things to unbox. I'M, holding a blade here, dangerously close to your hand, but you know I'm gon na adjust the blade here, just so little box opener, and so we got. I only named this video unboxing, alright there's, you know, let's do the other eyes. I love looking the other side. Thank you. Was it unboxing life of a blade by the way? Well, you don't want it to be too long slice past the cardboard right. Did you almost slice your finger open there? Oh, I did not. Can we make this our plate? Thank you. I only did half the job, so this box actually comes from my friend heath mesh Cal. He actually runs kau RC. You always hear me and you've seen all these cans right. You seem to use these cans. This here is the moose slick it's an RC silicone protector right when we want to make sure our stuff is well lubricated, our bearings and all that this is something I've always used soak our c calm. You guys heard me use it quite a bit.

Not only do they have the lubrication – oh, oh, oh cow! Okey! Thank you. Ten. Four look at this. This is something that this is new. I love this product yeah, the company's awesome. This is new for me to see this in a syringe fashion, the utter butter. I love it. Uh super waterproof grease, so a lot of people are into getting marine grease we've been using marine grease for years. Well, he's actually got his own stuff here that awesome, yeah I've been testing it out and using it as well. For the last season. It'S actually come in these little containers set right before in the studio, so I actually cleanup medic shop all the time and I get all these little bottles and cans, and so this is very familiar tween. This will be really fun to put away yeah. Well, if the Martin I'll be able to stick it into a tool case or a hanger like that, keep it easy access. So if you want to do bearings, if you want to do your axel Stubbs everything if you're going in water, always use some sort of marine grease right, you're clean yeah exactly so, we got enough of that. We may even do giveaway on Facebook, like we got a few of these hey, so this set Lestat it's awesome well, yeah with them. So I'll put a link to our Facebook. The RC spark studio Facebook in the video description box below and we'll end up giving away.

Some of the stuff here is the MU clean, which used to be called a motor cleaner. This is something I use indicator quite a bit: mmm electronic, cleaner and degreaser. So, if you're getting a whole bunch of marine grease and all that stuff, all over your gear and it's it's kind of oozing with the dirt and everything losing dirty dirt, well, that's, what our hobby does season nothing dirt. Isn'T fries yeah well actually brought to you by cow RC, so they actually hooked us up. Amazing and well you guys, as you all know, our motors get their sir G. Ok, so let's get these out. Oh wow, more whoa wait there's more yeah. There is. This. Is actually he made these for a new one floor, art in home, studio for the table, as well as for out at the studio shop we've had these before, but look at this brand new, so pretty yeah. These are magnetic pit mats will give some give one of these away, at least on our forum. Just so the members there have a giveaway or something like that they can have their own magnetic pit mat and if you see you can now take out the ones that you want, I'll have them all out at once. Right so that's, pretty handy dandy, let's take out one of these huge pit. Mats cow RC let's see what he sent along maintenance and care instructions awesome for your store, proper storage for your screw catcher work.

Mat I'll. Take that I love instructions. Thank you very much. These are actually fairly heavy right, so I'm gon na lift one two days into these are great, so one for the table and one for out of the shop look at that two sets wow. This is yeah. Well, mats are wicked what we'll do with these extra max is set them around the shop. So when people come over and they're using it, they have a place to work on their selves very nice. I love the community spirit of absolutely. Are you know? No no fix mrc's, yeah, yeah heath thanks a lot brother. These mats are awesome, let's get rid of the dirt tracks, one we have on this table right now, yeah we'll, replace it with beautiful white. Thank you. Oh yeah, Brandon's brand new yeah. There you go. What do you think I love this brand new mat from cow RC. I know amazingly, turns out as well. They'Ve been doing this for such a long time that they can actually do your own branding. So you know a lot of the big youtubers that are in Darcey. Have their own pit mats? Definitely fun because if you have screws or things like that, you know what it's like to be putting down small pieces having them roll off the table and then spend an hour or more looking for pieces. I love these things, it's so much easier to clean up the shop.

It is actually you know if you have something that's grease, you can wipe it up and away. You go now, movin on movin, on nah, hey like that, a plug for kausi, alright. So more information in the video description box down below shall we get on to the next box. I love double box day. Okay, so here we go bought this on eBay. Look I'm gon na even have to move the camera on this one cuz it's just that big this side up. Please, and thank you for your courteous sender. I love this. It also says fragile on it somewhere here with a knife, a very big hole inside handle with care' big ole Miss's. Anyone wants to work for these companies and comment why don't happen agree? No, no! What you seen enough videos already just to know now. This is actually gon na surprise you a little bit don't. You love this popcorn, hey great for packaging, really terrible to clean up off the floor, the key we scrap the bag away, absolutely not a bag and the box that's perfect check it out. It'S stunning, the color is shocking, whoa yeah now I know the people now. Shall we just do this quickly? Let'S get all the popcorn off. Oh, I can't I put into the best a dump truck. Well, I guess more so do that yeah went in from when in Rome and in Rome does that apply here. I don't know but I'm taking this painters, tape off and 20 minutes later we got less popcorn now yeah, okay, so I see on here it's almost like a custom Dean's plug it was a Traxxas plug yeah and he just basically twisted the end.

That'S, okay, it's. Almost like everything in this rig needs to be upgraded, even though I bought it as a fortune, but there is a reason why hey the wheel base that he's been done, like that, he is done with this. The extension on the CCO and chassis itself with the frame rails, the way he has it, set up in the suspension as well choice. Okay, does this truck look familiar to you at all? It doesn't run you some pretty good times hey. This is actually the same version of truck that I had when I first bought my Ford f 150 same one. I had a red one to begin with. Now I have the beautiful blue one mm. Hmm – and you know when you see things like this, and you want to have, for example, an independent front suspension here, I'll just take this out this isn't broken, I just undid the throttle screws. Thank you, darlin I'll zoom it in here, so people can see just so in case people don't know what ifs is independent front, suspension, yeah it's, just basically like the full scale truck now yeah. He did put leaf springs in the back here. I'Ll back up the camera a little bit, yeah uh yeah go ahead. We'Ll just Aaron turn it around a little bit. So the camera can see it right here so Leafs in the back right. Just like we have in our trouble and with the IFS on the front, look at the wheelbase look how long that is hey.

I want to take it in a bumpy Highway just to see so a long extended shaft from tamiya. I think it is. It looks like that. Definitely this is a well loved vehicle, but once I switch it over to a good spectrum radio, if that's, what I choose to get into it this time, I think it's actually going to be very paint bomb yeah a choice to have out on the trail, especially For something unique and super scale and different a good day it's for the bottom, I love unboxing days, they're awesome, so yeah well fun, pineal, stuff asking to do unboxing and we could go out and buy something off the shelf that everybody can get, which is what We'Ve done for there's, nothing wrong with that cool stuff um, but when you really want to find and showcase some people's really unique work or get new ideas yourself, it's good to go outside of the box literally buy your nostalgic vehicle like your first car was my First for dues, I read it had the the appearance package on it is what they call call it still. I think it came with a waterproof Traxxas XLVI ESC, while all my trucks have to be waterproof. Yours, hey oh they're, like Labrador Retriever. So always I always go in the water cool. Well, there we go so here's one new addition to the fleet I'm. Looking forward to this, because it's going to be a little bit outside my comfort zone on how to drive something like this and of course people are going to be like.

Oh it doesn't articulate very much, but the whole point for me of doing a super scale. Ride like this, we can deck it out with a bunch of goodies and do like a rebuild underneath it there, but is just to see what a quote real small truck could do in these super huge jungles, so we've been Aniki or rock throwing. But I love what he has done on the wheel base, it's, absolutely perfect to the Builder on eBay. I give you a double thumbs up. So does gem, so that's awesome double thumbs up on this, and this is now gon na be one of my favorites. I know that for sure so it's gone how's. It go with it yeah. Well, you know I'm, not done yet what what not done yet note. I called this video unboxing, not just for like an unbox, yeah or two let's make it at like a hat trick. Let'S make it Patrick a plethora hat or a hat trick: yeah hello, they've been dying for new rings. They'Re like let's, do new rigs. What oh sorry I need ya it doesn't. Let me have a gravel road if we could get some good, slow motion of a doing some. You know, body roll and the whole deal yeah like I'll put a good system in it and we'll make it look really good, but let's get ya to the final. In boxing this one tois is extra extra special yeah tada me just a nice cut we're number three well to a brand new box.

It is door number three. What surprise does it have now again? This is something that I have just sliced open, the top just to have a look at it. Haven'T seen it yet doesn't saw that they would know she hasn't seen it. Illuminators saw that there's. A special note in here for me, and I stopped right away. Iron have placed a few photos. I love when people that are selling used products will go and take the time to actually tell you about the RC you're buying Tory. It makes it well. Every RC has a story you know, and so, when they take the time to show us or to you know to let us know about the rig awesome that really helps. This is a really super duper build that was documented on our sea crawler. They actually have a video of this when they were selling this product on eBay. They actually had a video of it running around he's only run at two or three times. This is a very unique one of a kind prerunner that's, a 110 scale. I believe, I'm. Very excited about this, and I know that our audience is going to enjoy this as well. This is why we have your pretty fingernails helping us today, because it's going to be totally worth it now. Here we go with pictures. Oh, my god, this dot coordinates ended up on rcadventures. I had to give this a home. Ok run zebra dress, I like sorry, beautiful, gown and Tuesdays.

Yes, it is it's very sparkly it's, like a ball. Gown I've actually owned. The dress like this and shoes. In no way is that a slight you know it is beautiful. This is actually in his scale garage. You can see the door the pictures over there. It looks like a full scale. The body is held in place via the roll bar and two rear bed mounts one is loose, but it still keeps it in place. I didn't want to have any body clips and everybody's dying to see it. I know all the hobbyists want to see what this fella has done and to have it on rcadventures it's, putting a shroud over the actual building. The actual thing is that kind of cruel what you're doing here dear. I know people I think, but people want to know right. They could have skipped forward if they were. You know it right. It'S, a good carry senior here's the knife here. Can you some box? I only opened it enough to see that that note was in it and I haven't seen it lighter here we go done done introducing back to awesome. How is this wrapped in bubble wrap awesome because we know what's underneath once we got it out of the box itself? I knew we wanted wrap it for you guys, but we haven't seen it either hello, pretty women being careful London, oh yeah, you did a quick entrap job. You know a lot of people.

A lot of people are nervous about buying from eBay they've. Had you know, different deals, go bad and so I've had my ups and downs, but if you research and try to get a good product – and you run into people like this, like look, he wrapped us – he cared about this truck right there. We go. Oh good yeah, oh look good! Oh there! It is I'd, hey I'm ready, so I want to build a you four track at our racetrack and basically it's like a little racetrack for trucks like this. I know there are so many amazing things about this vehicle. I think you're going to be shocked. This is rad yeah super rad. I was really stoked when I saw it online and it came up for sale. It was on again on the pricey side, but I think our viewers and, of course the the adventures that we're going to have with this truck, is, is going to be totally worth it, because it's gorgeous really hand done this. Guy spent you speechless guys, I'm actually speechless, and you can talk to Medicare that doesn't happen very often well, I'm, not I'm, not either confirming or deny that nice try. Okay, light bar is controlled from the third channel on the radio. He did leave a fly sky receiver in here, I'll probably switch it over cuz. I don't have a flies guy right here with me, but no could you just explain what a fly sky is just yeah it's, just a brand of radio.

So there is a receiver in here that goes with that brand of radio, so I probably have something that will work with it, of course, but you know most of my stuff runs on my spectrum, great, so just for the anyone who's just taking two videos of The very first times need to know let's go around the truck and have a good look at it. The front bumper itself look at this huge skid plate. If everybody could be asking me hey. What is this? Is this like a crawler, it was made from a crawler okay again, the reason why I touched on the last truck and we opened it first was this – has independent front suspension yeah. You can see here so kind of on the stiff side, which is great. The springs the independent front suspension is going to allow this look at this. These back arms they're really done. Okay yeah. These are pre runner arms that basically we've been seen. A lot of trucks come out with these arms on the back notice. The King shocks that are on there dented Anna, so one of the benefits of these arms. If you had to run it, no, the way the whole suspension moves right, like these lower links right here, see how the shocks are actually hooked into the link. Instead of right onto the axle right, so just the way the suspension is able to move at speed right, so it's able to bounce back and forth now: I'm, no pro in ifs or kind of like prerunner drug suspensions, that's the general gist of it okay.

So he already left the battery in here it's in storage mode it's, a 3 s that he's left hanger. So this isn't, like, oh, my god, this is so super fast, but this is a truck to boot around on our other racetrack. When we make some little jumps, yeah exactly good pep yeah, look at the light bar he's going on here. Look at the is exactly the detail in here. Yes, it's. What we're talking about is the horn, others in the inside door panels and the the door you're right, there's. So much on this, even the instrument cluster, the shifter on this even hit the glove box. He doesn't know that none of these buyers knew that I was actually getting these vehicles and until you know they decide generic name buying this truck. So I hope that they're they're stoked that it's on are see you're an anonymous buyer yeah totally uh. You know that's. Why, when we put it on the show right, we always think it's. Definitely we try to get the best for our viewers. Look at those bass. Look at the look at the amount of suspension travel on here right. Yes, the back lights, they're, beautiful, it's, a non stop bun factory for the eyes see now you can see the benefit of the arms as well with the suspension so high up front. The amount of travel and movement like this is jumping going over yeah track. Yeah, cool prerunner right so it's let's see how heavy that you know.

I'M, not gon na sit I'm gon na stop. She say, like 5 pounds really like yeah. So what will you be racing in on that track? Oh you're commandeering, this fun yeah, I'm commandeering it. But I really you don't, look good in silver! Oh, you know what you guys want to ride this. I think all of the RCS are at the ranch to have fun with right agree. This one looks so cool yeah. Well, I thought Morris is gon na, like the other one, but as soon as he sees this one mine, yes, anyway, guys thank you for tuning in today. Hopefully, you've enjoyed unboxing the video, not one, not two, but three people have been asking for something special and though we do. Oh, we try to do our very best. We can't always be doing doing unboxing videos, but something special like this. We kind of bring it out. We want to showcase people that have amazing skills. There are the kind of fabricators out there that are just showcasing such amazing works and for us to be privileged enough to have some of them in the studio. You know equal opportunity for us to buy it on eBay with everybody else. You know it's a real treat. So look at that. If you love the creativity we were talking earlier about the Hobby. It'S definite creativity really keeps us going to write anymore. Yes, where it's at awesome nice guys thanks a lot uh, let us know, are you into scale trucks like into trail trucks, or are you into monster trucks, or are you into short course traveling if it's trucks? Yes, let us know in the video comments section below we want to know what you guys are running out there like what you prefer, because we're out here having fun all the time.

You want to know what all you guys are doing out there yeah you're, always showing off the stuff we have here. We want to see some of your stuff know what you got late guys if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and, of course, subscribe. If you want to follow along now that we have these trucks, how could you not subscribe? Well, just stay up to date and take these things out you're going to I'm going to. I know we did just wait, just wait until they see the new body for pinky. You guys are gon na, lose it cuz. I got ta tell you when you sent me that picture.