Now, if you haven't checked out our Hong Kong series, when we flew over to Asia, there I'll put a link in the video description box below to the playlist and you guys will be able to check out our journey and hunt for rare and unique RCS. Now, when we're in Hong Kong, things have changed quite a bit, I've never been there before, but from what I understand the history of the RC industry. It was very heavy in Hong Kong and now has mostly moved into Shenzhen in China, where they are making a lot of products. Actually, a lot of the product and products and brands that were also used to back here in the western part are actually manufactured right. There so it was really unique to see how many products actually come out of China and the varying degrees of quality. They certainly have been coming a long way and we're glad that we got invited in to go and have a look. But when I arrived at the Recon g6 and if you guys have never checked out a recon g6 before definitely we have videos of past recons on our channel. But if you get a chance to go to one of these trail truck events with Bryan Parker, who leads up the Recon g6, they are absolutely phenomenal. He is a great dude lots of energy, just exudes a love and passion for the hobby, and that by itself is very infectious, also shout out to boom racing, who also invited us down to go and have a look at the event.

We'Re very glad that we're allowed to film and we're there made bring in my camera equipment worthwhile and a long journey across the ocean was really worthwhile for us when we got to share it with our viewers here on rcadventures. But I know we're here for an unboxing, so let's get back. Look at this my buddies down at Capitol. I was able to meet with my friends at the Recon g6 on the second day and you guys may have had a chance to check out the ACE one, because there was a sneak peek in the second video of the Recon. When all the trucks were running. A couple of people thought me and commented what the heck is, that truck we've never seen that before and though we did find those rare and unique RCS that were out there there or on the on the toy side, great for kids and up and comer RCS. But Kapil actually had something that really caught my eye and it was the one I wanted to bring back to you guys. So you can check it out. Let'S get up close and have a good look at what I can unbox for you all the way across the ocean here when I first saw this rig, I was actually amazed at the unique design that I had never seen before ace 1. Now this actually comes as a kit, but because they had it ready for me at at the Recon.

They actually waited to unveil it to anybody until we got there – and I was one of the very honored people to get to see it first da da da da dah, oh cool okay. What am I seeing is cool. Obviously I've got the red one, which is really slick. I said the wintertime is coming up, everybody's going to want to see me out on the trail with it, so let's get one that really pops. Okay, so take this out and let me have a look up close for you check out the ROC buggy design. The chassis is completely unique. Yeah look at the disc brake now it doesn't actually function as a disc brake it's only for looks simply because it's got a drag brake through the electric motor, of course, on off switch has been put right in the center for me right there as a gear. Shifter, look at that and, of course, lights across the top lights up front you're going to see so many more and look at here, you'll say: what do you mean? I haven't seen anything like this before, but the design of this front steering actually works differently. Anybody noticed something that we should be noticing. Where is the servo? How does it turn if there's no servo? Well, there is my friends, but what goes on is it actually operates via K, Boal, the cable gets tightened up and actually turns it left and right through this front like it like so cool, okay, so winch on the front that was so lucky to get that Thanks guys super cool, it even has a free free, spool switch on it, but I'll get to that.

These tires super rugged, now they're fairly sticky. You know sticky enough to slip on the mat, but of course give me some traction as well and squeak really thick lugs and those are aluminum bead locks right on super cool. This is the first time I get to really look at it. Up close there. We go the other side, really nice good for the snow, I'm, hoping so aluminum. I don't have to worry about stripping out the back bead, lock hexler that uh Wow, okay, so I'm, going to do an overview or like a round shot. So you guys can see it without me talking, I, you got all haha, so the kappa winch i have on perfect look at this. You see that little red handle up here check it out right here. This is a free spool switch, basically that disengages it from the gear, and I can simply pull it out as much as I needed to on the trail check it out. Woohoo nice, bright, winch line to have got on here, sweet, so reengage. There we go and then in love net good fairlead on the front there, giving it a bit of tension as I respawn I went too far, so I get for winching and holding the winch line and the camera there. We go awesome so clip on the top. Helps it close simply once it's one when the battery is mounted in there properly I'll undo it for the winch right now come on one hander go on there real put her down.

It'S got the latch underneath there underneath here you can see. I had that seat off. This is where the steering servo is what an ingenious design to actually run two cables from under the front seat under right up to the front that pull either side. That is certainly rare and unique that's. What I was looking for got lots of light in the studio, so my hands kind of glowing here, but I want you guys to have a good look at what this is. Certainly I've got to go and take it out on the rocks. I'Ve got to take it out on the trail when I find a driver for it and give her some real good testing. Of course, before I give it a thumbs up or thumbs down but thumbs up on the way it looks, it definitely has a unique design. I love the crawler and Rock bouncer shout out to Mad RAM eleven and Tim Cameron for showing us the real full size world of rock bouncing but I'm telling you right now in 110 scale I'm stoked to have this in the studio.