This is my impulse 31, a lot of my regular viewers that have been watching rcadventures for a while know that I've recently, this season just started to get into radio control boats. Now the impulse 31 is a speedboat it's. A 31 inch brushless deep V hull, which is basically down here now, I'm gon na read straight off of the box, because it's a lot easier and gives you specific information, for example. Yes, it is brushless. This is capable of 50 miles per hour, maybe a little more, depending on how you're working it and what battery are using. It does come with the spectrum, 2.4 gigahertz DX 2 e marine radio system and is powered by dynamite. Electronics, let's have a look on the side. Boom boat looks like this we'll be unboxing it in a few seconds here. Why don't? I just get it closer. This is so you connects. You know you know what to expect when you get the probe owns, then, where the impulse 31, at least there are some specs for you. If you guys want to read quick, you know you can pause it there and move on, and it goes on to talk more about the product. Best thing, I can say, is instead of me, reading off of the box. If I know what you guys want to get in and have a look at this yourselves, we might as well unbox this big fella Hey now ever since I've been into voting it's like anything else, RC takes practice but I'll taya there's.

Nothing like the rush of speeding by on a lake with a super Ripper like these. Well, I don't know I guess like this. This is why I've ordered it with the feet, what a Ripper it was, but I'll tell ya: it's beautiful, just unboxing, it cow okay! So we'll move this out of the way. Just so you guys can see I'll be really careful right. I don't see the trough on just like a small amount of assembly may be required, not a big deal just so they don't ship. It has something broken. Wow. Look at this impulse 31, that is simply beautiful, Wow, so shiny and new. No scratches my imagination is taking me away with this giant nose. Wow, okay, I'll flip it around. So you can see the hardware so pretty gorgeous case. So there we go. The rudder is not on there right, we'll have to install the rudder. This is so they can lay it flat in the box. Obviously here's for the water cooling. I'M. Assuming I know what that does in the Hobby. Assuming always gets me in trouble, but for something like that, it looks pretty straight forward a little tiny turnbuckle right here, so you can turn it and lift it. Correct ooh check this out. A plastic splash guard nice. This is my first Horizon hobby boat, so I'm, just kind of learning about this as you and I go as well. So an under splash guard over the splash guard, that's nice Wow balsa wood on the inside guys check this out.

I'Ll move it. So you can see a little bit better: balsa wood, brushless motor holy cow that's, an 1800 kv 6 pole brushless motor okay. It looks like a couple of spots for battery correct. It takes two batteries done: tada there's, your plugs big ESC, a 6s 80 amp ESC dynamite. Marine, of course here is the dynamite servo in there that's gon na control, the rudder man. All I want to do is quickly run out and throw it in the water, but I can't I want to make sure to unbox all of it at least read the instructions just so I run it in a safe manner. Of course, there's the receiver back here looks like the it looks like the velcro kind of came off, but I don't really am not surprised when they keep it in dry areas. I'Ll just have to restate that this is an mr 202 channel sport. Receiver spectrum with two antennas, so I'll have to unwrap those and place them properly. So we have a proper range right. You don't want to be in the middle of the lake and realize you didn't unwrap your receiver. All the antennas, because you'll be all debut like yeah and it'll. Just start floating you'll have to wait for the waves to bring it back. Unless you have a recovery boat, hey that's super super spectacular, because the rudder is not on it. I can carefully carefully put it right here. Slick yeah, I've been getting into boats for the last little while because really they're just so much fun.

I have a good time going out. Let'S see my doing this right. I am right there and then with a couple of boats when my friends come over, they can come and boat with me, that's always fun, especially when you have multiple boats. I'Ve only seen it on YouTube believe it or not: I'd love to see some boat races in person, and I think, with the right kind of boats with the right number at the new studio. We can certainly get some nifty races for you guys to start seeing here on YouTube. Wow. Look at that. It is super super slick, ok, what's in the other box. I want to know obviously there's the radio I don't think other than the radio or, if that burned me before. But since I don't see anything in the other box, but an old bag good to go on that bubble, wrap the bubble, wrap for under supervision and, going with my kid I know, it'll be Jim. My wife off that stuff, especially when I'm sleeping okay. Here is the dx2 e marine controller, fairly light I'm, assuming four batteries, which is pretty standard now on the on the you know, on the more quality radios, spectrum has come a long way, they've offered a whole range of radios both for marine air and the ground. You know nothing special, I don't think this is the steering rate, the steering trim, the throttle trim and, of course, your bind button and your reverse button, so very straightforward, very light, which is a bonus because I used to like having a heavy radio until I started Having to carry a whole bunch of things anyway, guys there you go hold on, but when I'm exploring, you guys are exploring right along with me, but there is an ESC Program card since it says ESC and see manual for for more precise programming information.

Okay. So the rudder is in here I won't take this out so I'm gon na, probably just put it all together off camera. There is the propeller and, of course, the rudder and the other stuff that you know what I don't know. What these little thin tips are called, but I know that they're for cutting through the water and helping you turn now. Thousands of people will tell me what it is below, but I only need to hear it once so. There we go impulse 31. This will be good good reading for me before I actually start to bone up and, of course, the there we go. The boats and also balsa wood come on out there you go to pieces. These are pretty straightforward to put together jump boom. Boom boom boom come on there. We go just like that. Take the second piece slide. The two grooves together like so and the last one just replicated it nice and careful don't want to break it. Just cuz I'm excited there. We go there. We go snap together. Snap together, make sure they're all equal on the bottom, so you don't want your boat, leaning to one side done, Tonka the impulse 31 from Pro boat and horizon hobby. Now the bonus is, is I have one more box for you, but you don't get to see it until the next video thanks for tuning in.