No problem right from your back or the truck oh yard tail. I heard about some cracking this truck. Does not like going downhill? Apparently you might have a little bit of weight there, she’s not dead. Did you tuck and roll it? Yes, you did. Oh you missed it. Okay, try that okay, good wait! A minute did only the front end go no! There you go and you’re you’re all right, oh yeah, after a yard too. Oh it’s, up to you i’m, going this way, because i know i can’t make it that way: okay, mine likes to roll backwards, blowing my mind. Okay, i really can’t believe you made that, but don’t worry this is about as far as i get unless i crawl super slow. What do you mean up the hill backwards, yeah Music? That grass would help me out a little bit here. Oh Music, okay, one more part just had to lose the bed roll yeah Music, oh hey, you might be creating a bridge for rookie to get across blockers. Oh, you did really well yeah. You did good luck. Okay, i got a broken steering wheel. We’Re going really fast, there broken steering heart broken mount on my servo. I believe i have gorilla glue. I believe i could probably pick up it does feel familiar, but that thing is running like an smoothly Music Music. Oh nice job, it’s, water resistant.