I have connected the motors to the motor driver module with the help of wires Music and they are connected to the output pins of the motor driver. These are the input pins which i have connected to the arduino at the place. At the pins, 9, 10, 11 and 12, according to my code – and here these are the pins – this is five bolts. 12 volt battery will be connected to the spin and the ground and the 5 volt. These will be connected to the arduino with the help of jumping, and then we will connect the bluetooth module Music. As you can see, there are four pins connected to the arduino that is rxt txt, gnd and vcc. Gnd ping is connected with the gmd pin in arduino and vcc is connected to the file volt and pxt and rxt are oppositely connected here, Music. Before moving to the coding part, let us look at the pins of the motor driver. As you can see, these four pins are responsible for the direction of the dc motor, and these two are responsible for the controlling of the speed of dc motors. These two pins are for motor a, and these two are for motor b. Now i have connected these four pins to the pins digital pins of arduino Music. Here i have used arduino ide for writing my code. I have initialized four integer variables for the four pins i showed before in my motor driver and also a character value to store the connector values.

In my void setup, i have set my digital pins as output, pins in pin mode and a serial.begin to start the serial communication in my void, loop well, we’ll read the serial values which we will give via bluetooth. App and serial.print will print the values. Then, if using, if else, conditional statements, i have put the conditions like if the value will be equal to f that is forward the pins, m1a and m2b will be high and other will row. This will move the motor in forward direction similarly like if we will press backward key, then m1 b and m2 a will begin high state. This will move the motors in the backward direction Music. Similarly, i have set the other pins in such a state that it will move in the left right, stop forward right, backward right forward, left and backward left direction for the communication to the car. I have used bluetooth communication with xc05 bluetooth module and an application for android phones that is arduino bluetooth. Rc card app will create a bluetooth connection with a nearby arduino board that has been connected with the hc 05 module to test the bluetooth connections. We can click on the button which is settings and click on the hc 05 module a built in led that is in red. Color will light up to the green, and hence our connections can be confirmed these buttons. Whenever clicked will convert the input to f b. L r s to move forward backward, left right or stop and transmit it to the bluetooth.