How old are you seven years old and when did you start flying rc planes? When i was six, then i started to four years ago. One year ago, when you were six years old, excellent and noah has been flying, of course, only with models from one company and that company is horizon horizon hobby. Yes, we mostly have e flight models. We have one hobby zone, the error scout and, of course, when noah is flying, we always have, of course as3x, but we also use safe, safe, select and when we’re flying together, we use the body box system, we have a dx dxs6 and we have a dx8 And what have you been flying? Tell us about all the planes you have been flying. You have at the very beginning. It was the sport cupboards too yeah, but that was not such a yeah. Not such a great experience to fly 1x planes, then the turbo timber is really good, really good and one of our favorite ones exactly and then the bigger planes you have been flying body blocks, the conchando evolution 1.5 meter, motor glider, the t28, the yellow one 1.1 And the apprentice sts absolutely and he has done a really really great job and um. What are we using when we fly? Sometimes we put a camera on the plane. Do you know what camera it is yeah? It is a what is it called a rom cam wrong, cam a run cam 2 4k and we have a lot of great videos taking off and landing and flying on our airfield, absolutely and horizon hobby.

Last year we have seen something live um on youtube for two or three days i don’t remember. Was it two days three days one day only one day but 11 or 12 hours? Something like this, and what is that called air mead? And you even have the t shirt from air meat live and, of course this is coming again guys so don’t miss it in about a month in middle of august. I think it’s august 14th, i believe uh it will be again live from germany. Yes, we have a great time, starting this hobby. A year ago, father and son. We go fly as much as we can. This year, the weather was not so great in the spring it’s also now pretty rainy, but now this is the beginning of a six week. School holiday before noah goes into the second grade. He just finished the first grade and we hope in the next six weeks that we can go and fly more. We also ordered the new torpor timber evolution, but that i think, is going to take until august until it comes here. If we have one wish for horizon hobby, what kind of plane would we like them to make for us an airliner exactly we have the twin author and we also have the citation longitude, the chestnut umx, which is actually just above our head in a box. But we would really like to see something bigger, so i don’t know 1.

5 meter would be really great twin engine 4s or 6s airliner. That would be so cool success. Maybe maybe we should start with success, but at the moment most of the planes that we fly are park. Flyers and most of them are three slash. 4S. Is there anything else that you want to tell the audience just that this is a really cool hobby yeah and that we really like it? So we can really recommend it.