What have you got here? Oh so um pulled this out uh of the uh, the some of the collection i have. This is a vintage chassis actually it’s, quite nice. It is uh blue groove body and then uh a set of re re decals, and then this uh vintage reedy rage, motor uh, i think from the 80s anyways it’s uh it’s a blast, i think, just uh before uh off camera. I said i felt uh 13 again uh with these, so uh we’re gon na have some fun with uh some some buggies. I have a scorpion. Okay, let’s. Do it let’s? Do it, it looks old. I love it ready, Music whoa that thing really ripped man. Oh yeah wow whoa there’s a tree over there yeah, oh that playbook, oh man, oh man, we just found a jump it’s, actually a rock but that’s good enough for us. I have no idea what just happened: oh yeah, who did that? Oh, oh yeah, oh yeah let’s! Do that again: oh yeah, oh yeah, okay! For reference, the last one was the baby bumps. Okay. So now we have the actual, like there’s the buggy and, like we have an actual mound here of absolute flat dirt with like a runway strip on it. Ah, oh yeah yeah we got ta do this. We got one of those okay, you get them down. Three. Two one go: hahaha Music, so so, Music Laughter that thing moves.

There is a root thing right there, too, eh Music, whoa, Music. The cars disappeared. Oh man, Music, oh Music, oh yeah, so maybe we should call this video uh back to my roots. Is that too many puns in there at once? I think yeah. We need oliver right just because it’s like a rudy trail plus this is kind of what we used to do when we first started rc yeah isn’t that the truth, you know yeah uh, i’m sure we’ve said this before. But what was your first tamiya rc rse? First tamiya rc, i had uh a high tech, buggy and a high tech sledgehammer. I think it was called, and then i had um a boomerang. Oh yes, yes, it’s, four wheel drive, though it doesn’t really count because we’re kind of in the two wheel drive class today sure, but still great uh vintage buggy. Of course, they re released that yes, um and then mine was uh, the hornet, oh yes, i went to the hornet and then i went to the uh marui coorsmelling thunderbird, yes, awesome by the way, there’s a severe rig review and an open boxing of a vintage Complete kit on the channel i’ll link that in the description, it’s pretty sick yeah – that was, that was a few years back eh, but yeah i’m, glad that i restored my vintage uh marui and have one mint box too. So that’s a nice little treat pretty awesome.

You bet yeah yeah wow and they sure have come a long way since so it’s, uh it’s nice to hold on to the old ones and have some new ones and have a nice mix of yeah. You know whatever you’re feeling for that moment. This is actually a really great place for uh rock crawling and stuff too there’s like uh there’s ridges everywhere on the whole trail too, like two hours, you know yeah like even just the actual trail, yeah cool spot yep, oh man, here we go i’m gon na Hide behind the street it’s gon na be serious. Oh yeah, Music. This is a true racing experience right here hold on now that didn’t like that. Maybe i can hold it all right here we go Music, oh, that was beautiful. That was a beautiful thing: Music whoa, the save. How much flex can a frog bumper flex, wow that’s, a good one. Music look zip tie magic i’m telling you that works good Music, oh yeah, that was awesome Music, oh yeah whoa. How does that thing ever go? I, like the motor that thing honks man, sorry Laughter. I think the camera just saved it from a tree at least there’s a soft landing here you know wow Music, oh, that was nice – that was nice: oh yeah, Music, wow, Music, oh Music, oh nice, Music, whoa! That was crazy. Oh my goodness, Music. It really goes man Music, oh nice, i’m surprised the battery’s still in it wow.

It looks good. Oh, that was a beauty yeah. It was Music, nice wow! Oh, that is one tough car, oh man! This is one tough, zip type: Music whoa Music. So when you have a vintage, what is that a frog? Yeah frog, but you don’t, have six cell nickel batteries. This is what you do. That’S right, zip ties! This is your zip tie moment. Zip tie your lipo two right onto that. There you go yeah that’s, how it’s done right there, folks it that’s how it’s done right there, Music and that’s the last zip tie and that’s the moment. You realize that the battery’s on the wrong side. Now you can’t plug it in i got it. I got it all right: Music, success, oh we’re, in business, Music! Perfect! All right! Let me do that again: Music! Oh yeah! You did just a quick uh tuck in the front tire there yeah they’re bad. For that. Oh yes, oh yes, Music, oh carnage, carnage, Music, oh no! Oh! That was a big old crack in it too, for, like i, don’t, know two usted. Oh yeah. Look at that carnage, awesome, it’s, 1985, all over again and it’s, just about the same length to get parts. Oh yeah, that’s right awesome! Ah, we are having fun out here. Getting out enjoying ourselves got some vintage buggies going on nice. Great timing! Oh, i love this awesome like yeah let’s. Do that again, we’re going up trail, yep, one dead, buggy, yep and uh, a frog that won’t die, yeah the vintage buggy’s still holding out so uh that’s, one tough thing.

Of course, we managed to get perfect weather for uh we’re heading out so we’re lucky. That way. Do you know what this bee control is that’s in it? Uh yeah, it’s, it’s, a modern uh to me, uh i’m, not sure? Oh, like uh, one of the rtr ones, yeah yeah. So it comes with the tamiya kits yeah, so modern, uh esc, but it’s got that uh vintage motor in it and it fails and it’s running a two cell little tiny, two cell helio helios lipo lipo yeah well on this side of the globe. Our summer time is just turning on and uh.