My name is james. This is my brother. We got this from hurricane harvey. This is called we got this from hurricane hobbies in jacksonville. Florida horizon is made by horizon hobbies. Aunt 10 scale, two wheel, drive, desert buggy were gon na. This is made for beginners brush motor. Like him, a beginner hes right, he drives way too fast, with the other buggies that we got and were gon na. Do some challenges, for you were gon na erase all these. Maybe this one we got ta fix this one and then were gon na and then were gon na. Do a mud, fit challenge and a high jump challenge. Thats gon na be so fun and cool right, youre at right, silly, red and guess what we also have. A special surprise for yall: we got the bridge of doom out there over the lava pit, thats gon na be so cool to drive over here. Do you guys think the buggy can make it over maybe were gon na find out yall ready for this whats up guys were gon na unbox this bam and then Music heres the stickers. We got a canon. We got more stairs put on here, Music here, Music instructions here is the battery charger, so cool, and then we have the main part of the car. We have the electric speed control. The battery port lets lets see lets lets. Let me see it lets see that sucker is cool. Look at the tires, its got a brand new shiny motor i know is that a brush motor is that what that is yeah, i think so.

Okay, uh is that are those old field shocks looks like it. Man, we have a looks like a ec3 connector yup yup man is, it seems like its pretty durable yeah whats whats, that on the crane. Oh, what do we? What do we have there its a part, so we can build the so we can so we can make modifications to it. Once we make modifications, this snag is going to be going faster, faster, faster, its going to be so cool soon. We can make it pretty much one of the best cars we got. The new buggys challengers inside food, the rustler and the little bitty tetson packs a lot of punch. I think that is my favorite. Then we got the newest, i think the greatest the coolest. Looking the amp desert, buggy um hes eating our table um so were gon na see, which one performs the best yeah. We got a couple of challenges for yall. We have the infamous the mud pick. We got the ramps, the jumps out there and we have the bridge of dune underneath it man. This is gon na, be one epic race. I cant tell you whos gon na win, but i cant say: daddy is gon na drive in this competition, so the boys gon na have their hands filled. Yall. Are you guys ready for this challenge because i know i am you ready son? Yes, sir, i think the dragon is ready too.

Music fire, breathing dragon. Hey yall were back at another video jail, the dragon here and this time we are here for the mud pit challenge boys. You guys ready yeah well lets see yall how these cars are gon na. Do i think they may struggle with it, but well see all right, so lets show you guys the mud pit. I believe the boys are playing in it right now. So lets see. Oh whats up man, whats up, looks like we got the mud pit right here. Yall, it looks like its going to be pretty pretty tough for these cars i dont know were going to see were going to see how they do lets. Take a look at the cars right now and here they are all right lets. Do this all right, yall first up is the amp desert. Buggy db lets go yall lets, go all right, yall and were off im getting the countdown three two one go lets see: alrighty thats the first lap come back through all right. He has one more lap to go. Lets see how he does okay come back through. Come back through come back through all right guys. I think he has done it. It wasnt as bad as we thought. Next up we got the rustler lets. Go red lets go lets, go lets, go alrighty. I think hes excited yall three, two one and go Applause. Alrighty yall lets see if we can make a second lap, he has to back up yeah.

He does without hitting daddy wow. Look at that. That thing is ripping alrighty one more lap go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go all righty, yall, okay! Yall! We got the next challenge and it looks like right here deep in the woods and were at the infamous the bridge of doom. We got gerald the dragon here and we got the db desert razor off at his next challenge. Lets take a look at this bridge. Yall man look at that. I dont know man, we got the hot lava, we got the hot lava man, its surrounded everywhere. Look at this i mean were deep out here. Man, we are deep out here, and this is why its called the bridge of doom lets go yall all right lets see if the boys are ready for this challenge: yeah, okay, all right and three, two one and go lets go lets see if he can get It uh oh uh, oh, he may not make it lets. Oh, oh hes going. Oh, the bridge is shaking lets see if he makes it. Oh okay, hes made it lets see if he could come back. You got to turn around now. Uh, oh looks like hes. Having some trouble, i dont know if hes gon na make it i dont, know Music Applause, Music, all right, yall lets see if he can turn around lets see here. He comes why we call it the bridge of doom. You never know what its going to do.

Okay, yall, you guys tell me if you can make it hold on tight uh. Oh hes got a little hairy there.