So in this, video were going to try and find a solution. So ive got some of these heavy duty drive shafts from gpm theyre, fully made of metal, but theyre really heavy, and the trouble is with that. It puts a lot more load and stresses on everything else. So when you crash or do bad landings youre a lot more likely to break it so were going to chuck them on then were going to take it out for a rip and see if its a worthy upgrade. Yes, oh check it out. They do look nice, Music, Music boom there we go all fitted these stock plastic ones as soon as they start falling apart, then theyre going to start falling apart all the time all right enough. Waffle lets go rip here. We are on location, ive got my clayton 4s vinnies going clayton 6s exp there we go 4s versus 6s, its a little bit longer, but theres, not that much in it now ready steady, go! Oh, oh success for the win on that one! Oh, my god! Jesus christ, wills will swells yes well. This is a lovely little thing. Whats going on oh made up the first man. Oh yes, vinnies one hes running to race tires on. There were running the outcast tires ready for launch from the dirt. Go oh in the dirt. Tumble rumble: what do we got going on over here? Music? How many times have we gone to this tree and then broken it and gone home? Yeah? Oh nailed, it youll go nailed it all right.

So if we look over there look weve got danger all the way up. I reckon thats a perfect drag strip ready set here. Go Music! Oh weve broken many of xmaxxs wishbones. Coming down this bit here, Music. We have a hill. That is actually a lot steeper than what it looks. Weve got two rc cars and two humans. So first you get up to the top manning machine. Wins you ready im, ready, ready, steady, go. I think im gon na get the machine up. First then, myself ive got no grip on his shoes. Oh he wins. Ive got no grip, oh making a funny noise ive got no idea. Why oh run away run away? Have you not set the fail safe? Obviously not? Yes, guys we might get run away cant. We set the foul safe to go flat out when it cuts out straight into the tree and it takes it whoa, jesus, so dangerous man. We have another challenge, so we have a tree. Can we use it as a grind? Rail? No nailed it? Oh, we put that there. You know what this is the first time. Oh, that is the first time ive had this out, which actually is only the second time now. This thing is actually taking a kick in and its super reliable and were going downhill and im about to pull it over poo poo, more poo, poo, oh well, were in a bit of a poo, feel there ive never seen so much poo in my life looks Like a minefield, look more poo, poo, oh just went through it.

I might carry mine next challenge. Weve got hill there and then weve got to go flat out across this and flat out there. First, you go over the top of that hill. No idea whats over the top of it wins. Look at that. Look at that. Oh yes, im going ive won Laughter, oh my god, that is the biggest humble rumble ever all right. You win the tumblewomble challenge. There we go there, we go there, we go. Will it go as far as winnie did i hear something crack though? Oh really wind just so look so now youre about to see some snazzy shots on that? If you want to know what this is and we can buy one from link down below Music Music, if we can go further and we can see it all right – this is done by range with rc stuff, yeah thats right, traxxas tractors would have been out of Range, i would have been out of range spectrum would have been out of range well. Im saying i go. Is this a dock now lets see if we can zoom into that its all the way? Oh look at that its just there. We can still see it. I can actually see it better on the phone than i can in real life. Yeah come on lets go all right where it is guys all the way up there and its still got rain. So next we have to walk all the way up that hill up there.

The phone battery that im filming on is nearly flat so ill get you back on when were up there. All right, weve made it up all the way theres where we started from and now were all the way up here. Vinnies found his car i cant find mine. I think the batteries are flat. I cant hear it is it oh were doing the steering. Lenny said you can hear it Music, oh there we are vinnie, found it its completely. I dont know how many you could hear that cause. I couldnt hear it. We need to put in a new battery battery pack. Number two is going to make it back. This is why front wheel drive sucks. So here you go to all your honda civic boys. Here we got a lamborghini here we go civic ready. Three, two one go there. You go lambos gones, getting it now Music zoom in on that, and there is something crazy going on whats hsp.