I can’t wait. I’M, so excited, but i don’t like the price everyone, even though uh someone like someone, has a good heart and they’re giving the money for like to buy this. But this is like. Yes, this is 700. If it’s me, i would not buy this for 700. because 700 dollars in the philippines. It costs like a lot. I can buy those like a lot of stock of rice right, almost rice, how many rice? Oh, how much rice it’s a lot? A lot of stuff of rice right guys, but this is his happiness and everybody wants him to get this let’s. Do it? Okay, but, to be honest, oh no, to be honest, it’s very well: Music, here’s! The back. This is the newest version of this type of car. It’S got all the latest technology in it and if the box is huge, look at that it’s already completely assembled. Where did it go? Wow, wow, wow, my god, all right? Oh, my! No okay, let’s! Take it out and see what it is yeah. Is there any a battery in it? It’S got a box here. Oh yes, it does. It’S got two 3s lipo batteries that are 5 000 milliamps. Okay, i got it. Don’T worry you’re, so tall i’m trying to follow the camera let’s see how it looks underneath i’m closer now come closer. Now, come closer look inside so okay that’s uh. What is that so here’s the motor it’s huge, and then this is the thing that oh, it controls it here’s the servo for the steering, the drive shaft, that controls the front and the back wheels.

Okay, it’s, four wheel, drive and out of the box. It goes 65 miles per hour, okay, which is very fast that’s, heavy kind of oh, my god, bugatti now guys. I need one two three, four batteries what’s that noise the battery. This is battery polarity, but there’s, no battery. Okay, here you go guys that wasn’t, a symbol there’s a card Music foreign over it go hey i’m gon na stop it bye. I really don’t hit my car huh i’m gon na kill you. I know guys he’s, saying hi Laughter, oh my god. What what you see that, oh, my god, Music i’ll, play with it? Oh high school! My name is okay, i, oh my god. Oh my god, you say Music, oh my god. Ah, oh my god, he’s stuck guys he’s stuck oh Music wow that far i’m back. Oh, my god, car babe parking there’s a cars Music go over there Music. Did you stuck something stuck with something with the moss look at our house, so his rc car cars is stuck with this. The most tomorrow still alive, that’s it for today say bye, bye, bye, bye, guys.