Welcome back to the channel today were going to take a look at some new battery packs from jens ace and im actually really excited about some of the features of this pack, and let me tell you why years ago i had a battery manufacturer come up to Me not jens ace, and they said what would be a really cool feature. You would like to see in battery packs, and i said i would like to have a little button where i could just press it and see the condition of the battery pack and they thought about. They said it was a really cool idea, but not something that they wanted to do. It was a little bummed out about it, but you know what this battery has that feature so thats. Why im so excited to show it to you so lets. Take a closer look at these batteries: they are the gens ace, advanced, lipo packs. They are a high voltage battery and theyve got some really cool box art right off the bat love. The look of this theyve got your warnings on the outside that you obviously have to read some advanced features that ill obviously tell you in a minute, but lets crack open the box here, and this one is a massive 10 000 milliamp battery pack check this thing Out its huge love, the look of this battery pack inside theyll also be an instruction sheet. Make sure you read that it has all your warnings and stuff, but let me grab this pack out too here.

This is a 3s pack theres the instruction sheets. This one is a 6500 milliamp pack. These are 100 c packs, really cool. Looking pack arent they, let me know what you think about them in the comment section below this thing looks absolutely solid. This plastic case here looks really strong, feels really strong. This one kind of looks like its got an end cap on it, so maybe the bat in this one too. So maybe the cells slide inside and then they glue the case together, but its just not a standard plastic case. This one is actually textured. So its got the look and feel of something really high tech, something worth what youre going to pay for them. The label is more like a wrap that you would see on a buggy or chuggy body, its not just a sticker and its uh, you know, actually die cut to fit some of the panels on this uh case. So really good. Look to it like the graphics – and you know again, its a ten thousand, this ones: a ten thousand million battery pack hundred c high voltage cells, so you got to get that extra power boost out of it. So, if youre looking for a higher quality pack, this is what you would go with. Take a look at the wires on this thing, eight gauge and for an hv pack. Obviously you need this for the output really nice silicone uh. You know sheathing on this and then i got mine with ic5 connectors, its yellow, not this the normal blue and then this is another feature i like.

I love it when they put these little uh covers on the balance plugs, so you pull on the cover. Instead of pulling on the wires, which you know, some people do and it pulls your plugs out, not good for your battery packs, but really nice its a really well over built pack. Now. The big feature here is obviously that button that i was telling you guys about and uh the button is located on the end cap here and you just give it a quick press and some led lights will pop up to indicate the power level of the battery Pack, so its in storage mode right now, theres three leds, yeah three led lights on the end cap and if you look up here, it actually has a key chart. So it will tell you the power level of your battery pack and it breaks everything down here. Even some red light warning, so if there is an issue with the battery pack itself, whether a couple of cells are out of balance, it will indicate here that there is an issue itll light up red on the little button up front. So that indicates to you that you need to go and possibly balance charge your batteries, you know to get your cells back to level or you know if there is another indicator here it may you know let you know that you need to contact the manufacturer because There might be another issue inside of the the cell, which is really cool that you can find out that information right here on the battery pack.

Now the other cool feature is this: has an internal circuit board in there that will help disrupt the charger? If there is a charging issue, if one cell is going to be overcharged, it will send a signal back to the charger to stop the the charge, basically an interruption signal, and you know that prevents over charging. It doesnt have a internal cut off in in the battery itself, so just be aware of that it sends a disruption signal. So this is a really cool. Looking pack with the hard case, the the nice decal, the heavy gauge wire, the internal circuitry, the ease of use, i got ta try these packs, so im gon na go, throw this one on charge and well head out for a quick run: Music foreign, oh well! Drivers i thought the fire team was perfectly powered on 6s, but you know what its been a monster with this 4s pack from jens ace in there, these high voltage shells really have some kick, and i really like the way this chart this rig drives now its Been absolutely wild? Look at that plenty of wheel spin there to just kick up dirt plenty of power to jump. Lets launch this thing. Yeah love this rig, but man its got some punch on a 4s pack in this big rig. It does have some serious punch. Lets launch this thing again: yeah awesome, so cool. Let me just do one rip over here down the street, so you can see it and i got a lot of runtime on this pack.

So watch this coma through the rough monster love it all right lets head back to the workshop, all right so im back from an awesome test run. But before i touch on that, i did want to talk about a smart feature that i missed before, and that is the storage mode. It has a circuit board in here that will detect if the battery is still lets say fully charged and after five days, if it notices you havent used it yet it will start to drop it down into a storage mode charge. So another neat function. Another smart function of this battery pack, but out in the dirt. This thing was a blast. Ive been meaning to get back out with the fire team. So testing out this battery pack was the perfect opportunity to do that and again it was a 4s pack, and this beast had plenty of power on 4s. It was a lot of fun out in that field. Plenty of rip plenty of punch long run time. Im. Sorry, i dont know what the runtime was because im always in content mode, starting and stopping taking pictures and video and stuff, and before i know it, my timer is just out of whack, so you know it definitely has plenty of run time and, and the punch Is actually phenomenal, you know that higher voltage, shell really gives it some rip really liked it and again, you know really easy to just go and test.

If you need to, i know its a little gimmicky uh, but you know what its just convenient its right there. It just makes life a little bit easier and you know for some people that is gold. The current batch of packs are aimed at fitting into arma vehicles, but uh check out exocage rcs video on these packs hes got a great fitment guide into a bunch of different cars. So, if youre looking to fit this into something besides arma, he may have the answer for you uh. The only things i would warn you about with this are obviously make sure you have the appropriate charger to charge up these cells uh. Obviously, jens ace has that and watch your temperatures. You got a 10 000 milliamp battery pack in there. That is a big fuel tank and and lets say a big heavy vehicle like that. Your temperatures will go up, especially on an 85 degree day like it was today. I didnt run into an issue, but its always something to watch out for all right guys.