I went in to grab my scooter and then he started chasing me and then we were like. Why not make a youtube video called rc scooter chase or something like that. So we’re dumb 11 year old. So what do you expect, but what yeah um? Okay, so basically how it’s gon na work, we’re gon na do three rounds of one minute, a one minute timer. So basically i have to. I have to be on the scooter. Go around the driveway can’t go into the road and he’s gon na be chasing me with rc car, and he has to try to hit the side of my scooter. I can pick it up two times to avoid him only two times and uh yeah. If i survive the whole minute, i get a point. If he tags me twice, he gets a point best two out of three. I guess so. Hopefully this is gon na be epic. Is that big, as we thought my sister is filming us so cory? You might need to move around a little bit: okay, but yeah. You ready, uh sure we do have gum in by the way it looks so random. Tell me where you want me to stand uh. I was from like in the middle over there because we’re, okay, i’m gon na, be going all over the place. Ready all right, remember three rounds, one minute timer. I can pick it up to avoid the car two times.

If he tags me two times into one minute, he gets a point. If i survive the whole minute. I get a point here. We go three two one go we’re off let’s go! Oh yes, he’s into the grass let’s go yes, yes, we’re doing interviews! Now! Interviews! I’M, hyped about that when i use my pickups at good times, i’d say let’s, try to do it again: team ben! I just need to catch em, and that means that i’m better than him in every way. I Music Music. Oh all right! Well now this last round determines who wins so makes it more exciting. I need the car over here all right. You know what we might make it five rounds, because we don’t want the video to be too short. All right, let’s make it five. Okay, all right ready. Three, two one go whoa: oh that’s, not a pickup, no yeah boys, yes, okay! All right, hang on do any interview, real quick for those of you who commented team, laker, you’re, probably regretting it. Okay, you have anything to say: um, rc cars, rule, okay, nah, i’m. Sorry, all right! If i win this it’s over right Music, one of the hardest things for me, i feel like, is getting off the scooter, picking it up and then having to get back on it so fast, it’s kind of hard. Sometimes all right, you ready three. Two one got. Yes, Music y’all need to go somewhere where there’s, nothing.

It gets tripped on. I don’t even know it’s under there, no new one team ben for life baby. No one comes onto my channel and beats me. What is it go for the clown um? Am i supposed to be recording this yeah? Okay, peace out guys have a great day like the video.