I think the spike tires are actually helping out punch it. Oh, i just got hit in the face by a rock kyle. These pink paddle tires will not do no we’re gon na go sand blasting today and we’re gon na do custom. Sand pedal tires to see if we can outperform the stock ones. Here we go they’re. All full of sand already from the last time we do this. We went through the mud and did a mud, fog, video, if you guys haven’t seen that one you got ta check it out, got it mom, painted these all pink and the truck pink. So, first of all, i think we’re gon na have to give at least this one a paint job should we keep these. The stock tires, oh yeah for sure, okay, so this will be our control rc car. So when you see the pink one it’s, the one with the regular paddle tires, the other two are going to have crazy wheels there. You go good job awesome. All three of these trucks are traxxas x, maxx’s and they’ll go 70 miles an hour and driving like that in previous videos. This one actually got slashed by a samurai sword, and so some of these tires are actually ruined, but i don’t want to throw them away. Yet so i’m going to customize these look at that. You can see right where the sword stabbed in there. So if i tried to drive this full speed, it might just rip apart i’m gon na have to take this off of the rim customize it and see.

If we can keep it working, look at this one, this one’s even worse, kyle, really it’s, totally exploded right there off of this side, so i’m gon na have to do some repairs on it. Before i make it nasty and like a sand, crawler tire Music kyle, we did it it’s time to take him down to the river i’m, just peeling. The tape off of this paint job to reveal the new set of black and gold let’s see what the front looks like and then i actually left the neon green features as well along the front here. So let’s see how this all looks. Yeah that looks cool. I, like it look at that you did a good job. Thank you. So this is going to go on here. It looked like that with the golden blue and it’s got the stock paddle tires and we’re going to test it against our custom ones. You guys they’re ready. I don’t know how well they’re gon na work, but we did our best trying to make some custom new sand. Paddle tires on a way that you guys have never seen before. Luke and jinger are actually at luke’s driver’s ed test to see. If he can get his driver’s license today, so he’s not gon na be in this video, but gage and kyle are coming with me and we’re gon na test these three cars out right now, let me show you what we got.

This is our stock truck it’s going black and gold with blue wheels and it’s got stock paddle tires. I honestly don’t know if this one’s gon na be the best one, but the factory produces these, and so the odds are i don’t know this. One could have a really good shot if you think that this truck is gon na win. Let us know for our second sand. Paddle tire truck we’ve got this silver surfer with the sand mesh tires that i put on there. This is actually chicken wire that i’ve wrapped around the wheels to try and get a better grip in the sand. I don’t know if it’s going to make it better or worse, but we’re going to test it against the stock car and the secret one that i made in the back. This is our third backup truck and we’ve got nails coming out of the back tires. All the way in the rear to give it the best traction, so it can dig deep through the sand down into the dirt and hopefully give it better traction plus it’s got the stock knobby tires in the front, so we’re gon na see how that all compares To the other two trucks right down at the sand and crossing the river right now, gage, which one do you think’s gon na win dude, i don’t know i think the classics uh paddle tires we’re gon na do the best they’re just designed to work in the Sand the factory made one everybody thinks the factory made one’s gon na win, not my custom ones.

No, i don’t know the mesh tires might be good, but i don’t know i’m most confident. What do you think kyle? I think the paddle cars are gon na win. Everybody’S voting against me. I think that the mesh one silver surfer’s gon na win, if you guys are with me, especially if you guys are in the premier chat. Let me know we’re at our custom sand track here down by the river and kyle is firing up his stock car with the paddle tires and that’s the car that he’s gon na drive i’m gon na go with the silver surfer and then gage is going over. There so that he can get the good camera angles for us clear over there and uh he’s gon na be racing our new car that we actually put nails in the back tires. So hopefully he can grab in the dirt and it can rip it up fast. Our race track rules are that, once we count down three two one go, then you have to stay on the outside of these orange cones. Go all the way around our sand track through the bushes pass gauge up the hill and around and back here, and if your car is still going and working well bonus points if you can go down the hill and make it across the river hydroplaning like water, Wheels, i think i’m gon na. Do it you’re gon na try it yeah, that’s gon na be awesome kyle’s up.

First, are you ready, oh yeah, and three two one go: oh man it’s doing so good. You got to make it through the bushes. Don’T get hung up, keep going there, you go he’s, getting ready to go past gage now, let’s see if he makes it. This is a big track. Let’S see if you can stay on, you got to go around the orange cone. This is a little bit more technical than you were thinking. Huh kyle, oh yeah, he’s, making it around let’s see what his time is right now, you’re at 45 seconds, kyle you’re driving really well. Are you gon na go across the river? Oh yeah? Here he comes the stock car’s coming back dude, you totally made it. This is awesome, good job and your time was about one minute, 15 seconds. Good job, dude man that’s a hard one to beat oh yeah. Now you got to get your truck back good job. Kyle that was impressive, that’s gon na be hard to beat man. Oh yeah, let’s, see if you can beat midnight ride, oh midnight ride is that the name oh yeah, that’s, pretty cool, i don’t, know gage. I have a distinct advantage having to go last, because that way i can see how fast you guys are going and i don’t have anything to be afraid of, and i can just punch it i don’t know: do you think your tires are going to fall apart? I have no idea, i think they might get stuck in the ground i’m, definitely going to not go across the river, because that would be a huge mistake.

So don’t have any traction. No bonus points for gage let’s see if he can even keep it together with the spiky tired, traxxas x, maxx let’s see what happens honestly gage. I think it’s gon na come down to your driving skills i’m, not sure how much this is gon na do. If i had more time today, i would have done a better job with really cool spikes. I couldn’t get the rubber off of the rims in order to push the nails all the way through the rubber but we’re going with the gorilla tape method. Today. So we’ll see what you got: man, oh man, that’s gon na be awesome. Gage. Are you ready yeah all right here we go in three. Two one go it’s up to his driving skills. So far so good, oh he’s, going for the conservative route he’s going nice and steady trying to take it put put style. Can you see, i can see there’s a little bit of a blind spot, door’s locked, oh good job, gage i’m, just going nice and slow slow. It said he wins the race that’s, true it’s like the tortoise and the hare huh. I think the spike tires are actually helping out. Are you sure you’re not gon na rip across the river i’m gon na try i’m gon na? Try? Oh he’s gon na go for it. He changed his mind. Let’S see punch it don’t! Let him! Oh no! Oh! I just got hit in the face by a rock a rock just came flying and hit me right in the sunglasses right there, i’m, so lucky that didn’t hit the camera or my teeth drive hit the gas harder punch it.

I can’t it’s not moving it’s, not moving it’s just spraying one, you better go, get it it’s gon na wash away hurry. Oh you made it like part way across the river, but you didn’t get all the way. But at least you get brownie points for trying to make it. Oh, my socks are wet, gage decided to try and go across the river, and he had a minute 45. So slow and steady was almost twice as slow because you had to run down into the water but holy smokes. I got hit in the face with a rock right that one so we’re gon na have to be more careful all right, it’s time for the silver surfer, you guys ready, yeah, all right, all right, silver surfer with the chicken wire mesh tires. I think this thing is gon na tear it up. You ready yeah i’m, ready to count down gage i’m ready in three two one go it’s, not too too bad. I think it’s got excellent traction. Actually, there it’s going. Oh, i almost pushed over no man. I got ta avoid these guys. Oh, i drove right over the top of it. Okay, here we go now. You just got ta rip it back so far, so good what’s your time. Your time is 52 seconds. 52. Hey i’m, going across the river, even with the tires being metal. I don’t care here we go ready. Oh oh, come on just a little bit further.

It stopped it stopped you’re turning, but i think the axle just went out. No, your shoes are already wet. You go okay, okay, okay, gage is gon na, be the hero of the day. He’S gon na go get my rc car. You owe me life. I owe you lunch fair deal. Look at that thing. It’S totally swamped down there in the river ah got further than mine. Oh man. That means kyle’s the only one that actually completed the race, and my time is one minute 50 seconds, and even though i was ripping fast, i think i just came in last. Oh man, oh my word, is it broken here, kyle see if it’s broken, does the steering turn or anything? No, oh, no it’s, totally wrecked. Look. We even got a bunch of moss in the wheels down there. I the tires all stayed on. The system actually worked as sand paddle tires, so i don’t know that was actually effective. You guys are gon na have to let us know in the comments below which one you think won. Overall, the best time ended up being kyle. He had the stock car and he smoked all of us, but i think the sand paddle tires out of the chicken wire mesh actually worked really good. You guys we’ve done tons of awesome, rc car videos – if you like this one, make sure and check out all the other ones on screen and subscribe and turn on notifications and we’ll see you guys in the next one bye.