I thought i’d just show you a little setup i’m going with, like the previous video that i’d put out on youtube. I didn’t really plan on doing this type of videos, but i said heck. Why not show the people out there? Maybe you can learn something by it or maybe you’re looking for a direction to get started or whatever, but so i told you my fiance does decals for rc’s so b be looking out for these youtube videos, because i will be announcing the channel and naming the Channel and all all the above we’ll have a link down in the description on the video before we start doing the rc decals, but she will be doing custom rc decals. I showed you the infraction up there name of it’s, armed and reckless it’ll be on the door, you’ll be seeing a lot of it, but what this main video is about just showing you another new setup we wouldn’t picked up today and guys you can, you can Go to your local hobby store, put down a hundred dollars on something you know. If you ain’t got a bunch of money, we don’t have a bunch of money. We make payments on this stuff to us paid off, and then we just set it to the side. Till we start getting nearly what what all we need to do, whatever kind of racing you’re going to be doing, works that way with anything so we’re going to be doing, drag racing i’ll talk a little bit about that, show you all some stuff.

So how cool is it that you can go to your local hobby store and get a set of foams for a traxxas 2.0 for tech drag tires right at your foam store, so you know, drag racing’s getting big. If i was to suggest going into a drag racing and you haven’t been playing with rc cars for a long time, i would probably go with a a motor setting inside the car. Four wheel drive setup, it’s, just so much easier to drive unless you’re trying to get into no prep that’s, not what i’m trying to get into. I would like to be doing some grudge racing and i know that’s real big right now. It’S been big for years. So and like i said, i got the infraction, why not put your fiance or wife’s whatever you have your girlfriend? Why not buy her a setup and make it more popular for you if you can get her into the hobby, i guarantee you you’ll, like it a lot better, because there’s a lot less bitching that has to go on so we’ll move from that point. So let me reposition the camera i bought. We bought this uh traxxas 2.0. Four wheel, drive 70 router box i’m gon na make this quick. These have been out for years. I already know that uh just went with a z06 body, this ain’t the body that we will be drag racing with we’ll, probably start you know practicing with this, but probably going to a ford gt body, it’s more aerodynamic, but yeah like i said you can go To the hobby store they’re carrying going banana foams there’s, your rears see if you can see that rears there’s your going banana fronts for the four tech and hey.

I suggest, if you’re just doing grudge racing, get the forte yeah. I got them fraction but it’s when they want to race, they’ll race, for anything it doesn’t matter what vehicle it is, what scale it is pretty much you can go in the outlaw class race for any put up anything you want to race. So this is what i would suggest right off the start with the vortech get you a set of phones, you’re going to need them. No, this probably won’t be the set that we’ll be drag racing and prepping with they’re actually a wider setup than this. But this will work good for test trials and getting her used to the car, because without these you cannot control this car out of the box. So that’s going to get traction for the vortec right there. I would suggest getting uh if you don’t even put a wheel wheels on it, at least by the way the carbon fiber willy bar for the ford tank is real light. You don’t want a bunch of weight hanging off picking up the front end, so i would at least go with a carbon fiber. Stick out the back, whether you put a wheel on it or not. It’Ll keep your body from being damaged, and maybe you can uh save a flip going from your car flipping over from taking off so hard or even high speed runs it’s gon na help you next thing. This is not the gearing that comes in the fortec.

This is optional, gearing i’m, not giving away my numbers there. They are let’s just trax the spring gearings i’m gon na go to saga and get the this gear. I’M gon na get this gear cut metal. I don’t like running plastic gears not for drag racing, but anyways thought i’d bring you that video, as you can see, give a shout out shout out to these people. I think they’re, pretty uh smaller company to the stone went huge but props out to them. I ordered a pro mod drag fin for my impression they didn’t send the uh two of the screws, so you i i just emailed them back my old lady emailed them back told them. The screws were not missing. They sent a pile of stickers back, they even said sent the front air dams for my infraction free didn’t tell me they were doing it or nothing. So it was well worth the wait for the screws. These people, i would definitely suggest dealing with rc speed, monsters, custom, luna, varsity parts for everything. I’M sure i’m going to be dealing with them on this vortec. Their name is jeff and kim that’s the owners millsbury massachusetts. Can you see the phone number there’s? The phone number you can: google them they’re right on google, just google them and they’ll come up just put rc speed, monsters, look for jeff and kim good people. I recommend using them for any for anything. If you can use them, they didn’t have to send me them free air dams for the infraction.

That was a big surprise to me. I was very happy and let me pick this camera up. As you can see, i got some things to change the way. The infraction runs off stock. There it is got. My phones got my droop drip screw set to set on drag mode. I probably ain’t gon na need a wheelie bar right now, that’ll be the next step once the factory motor comes out, but this thing’s never been ran guys so i’m gon na run it a little bit if anyone, if any one of y’all want the third brake System out of this truck, this truck’s never been ran i’ll, let it go for 25 bucks, the whole brake system. I don’t want no e brake in this. I don’t want to be flat spotting. My tires i’m drag racing, so that’s useless to me, but yep that corvette body all look good i’ll bring you another video of this corvette body sitting down on the four tack with the uh golden banana foams mounted up on it, show you what it’s gon na Look like stay tuned next level detailing our next level racing rc racing. The reason i said next level detailing is, i got a business called next level detailing. So excuse me for that, but stay tuned to my videos. Next level, rc racing show you the end results on this z06 body mounted up on this traxxas vortech. Thank you for watching hope. You, like the video.