Do amazing drifts, Music. So what you’re going to need is some duct tape. You can have any color and some scissors okay, so one tip you have to remember is to make sure that you roll it backwards so i’m just going to do the wheels now all right. So i’ve just covered the ties in duct tape. Now it should be ready to do some different things feeling really slidy. The toes feels so supple i’m gon na bring it out now and it’s gon na be lots of fun. So let’s go Music here we are with the armor granite it’s. Looking all fresh to do some drifting and hope. I hope this is going to work out. Well looks like it’s going to be really fun so yeah let’s let’s do some drifting. It feels sort of like is driving on paper Applause. Oh, oh! No! That’S, not a good sign i’ve been here just do some more Music and i think i’ve done it the right way, because it’s not coming off this isn’t doing great this side, it’s doing better than i expected so let’s just bring it into this area. Applause. Oh, my god, oh my gosh, that is generally smoke. Gosh, look at the marks. That’S left that’s astonishing. Look at this. They put kind of a mess, but that was awesome. Whoa let’s see how it goes to speed. I know how it accelerates, if i just put i’m gon na push the throttle fully.

Oh dear we’ve lost some of the drift mod over here it looks like it’s, actually going pretty pretty well uh yeah, oh my gosh, oh my god, what’s insane. That is genuinely insane. Oh, my god! Oh you can hear the flapping from like some of the loose tape. Oh wow, look at that loose tape. Loose tape at the back let’s see how it does off roading with this. Ah, just a train passing bye. They even does pretty good off roading, i have to say yes, that’s, a long trade. Oh that guys let’s let’s do some awfully interesting. Oh gosh, that’s, amazing! Oh dear though some tapes got stuck in the tire it’s. Not that bad, i have to say front tires. Are doing amazingly, i must have done it might be in the correct way as well so wow that is so cool Music. Do we do more gravel driving generally? That literally was pacific that’s like unreal guys another drink everybody, but you have to do this mod. It um it’s, amazing generally, if you want to have the best drift experience ever with this rc car. Do this drift mod, it’s, actually stunning, so gosh that’s, the most fun i’ve had with this rc car a long time. You know i can’t drive this thing full speed because uh the rear drive shaft, always pops out, but you can do this at any speed and it will drift. So you have to definitely try out is it’s completely free as well.

So i definitely recommend it all. Right so today was an absolutely amazing day: the almond granite performed, astonishingly um. There was a few problems with the different eyes. Obviously, they provide a lot less traction because it does lose control quite easily, but if, if you’ve got border like driving it or just standard, this is a cool mod to do that will make it more fun. If you got bored with that and also it seems to have actually held up pretty well um, even after this really hard run so i’m gon na keep it until it like wears off properly because it’s actually quite a lot of fun. So you can even keep on like long term, not have to waste a lot of tape. Uh. It was super much fun on the loose gravel. It was literally just booming out smoke. It was that was the best bit about it. It’S now really dusty, but um yeah and nothing broke and also on off road. It does pretty well it’s pretty fun um on road it’s. You need to be kind of careful on the road, but if you’re careful, this can be so much fun. Uh yeah. I strongly recommend doing this mod um if you’ve got bored of how it is normally, if you’ve just bought this brand, you probably don’t do the mod. If you enjoyed this video or found it helpful, don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel.

So you can join me on this epic rc journey also i’m. I find it a bit hard to save you up for rc cars, normal and it to help me be able to save up quick. You can buy some merch or you can leave a tip so which is linked in the description. Also thanks for who’s giving me so many subscribers, like i know, i’ve grown pretty quickly. I would say i’m really happy with the amount of subscribers i haven’t keep on.