Today I bring you another video on the tires, because I saw that you liked the previous video on the choice of the design and the compound. So let’s go back to talking about tires and what of a subject. So often underestimated by most pilots that could instead bring you advantages … Only to professionals Only to those who go super fast, NO also to the common drivers. I’M talking about tire balancing, let’s go and see Here I am to talk about tire balancing. What does it take to balance tires? Clearly, you need the tires …. Obviously you need the balancer on the market. There are many types of balancers for the tires. For example, I bring you two different ones from two different brands which, by the way, neither of them sponsors me. So the video is totally disinterested. …, obviously, pasta will be needed to balance. In reality. If you do not want to invest in a specially created tire. Balancer you could build it yourself with a few simple steps. When you have seen how it is done, you will immediately understand that to do a first basic balancing, a rear HUB with two bearings and a joint is enough. worn cut only at the stem hexagon and two bearings that slide perfectly the HUB. You can hold it with your hands or you can build a structure with aluminum strips that you find at bricoman. You will make a structure that keeps it raised from the ground just enough for the rubber to be able to turn freely.

You will see how the modeling ones are built and you will immediately understand what I meant.. So it does not matter to invest money in a balancer, but at least try in some tests or in some races what it means to have balanced tires. You could easily do it with the pieces you have left over from your cars. So what is the use of balancing the tire? Basically, it serves to make the car jump better and make it more sincere. In reality, the perception of this, probably in the hands of less good drivers, might not feel too much. What instead is good for everyone, especially those who are quotprivatequot than the material pays, for it is being able to save all the vibrations that unbalanced tires bring. Therefore, less wear of bearings, less wear of transmission and half the vibrations you have on your buggy now let’s see how you do the balancing of a tire, and I will also show you the difference between before having balanced it and after having balanced it. You will see the tangible vibrations that you already feel when turning it with your hands, therefore, with low rpm compared to what it will then do on board the buggy, and you will judge if the thing can be interesting to experiment or not in the past, when The first balancers were born almost all used it now it is used less, but in my opinion it is a good practice that we should go back to let’s go see the boys.

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How does it work? It works that clearly, the basic principle of these tools is that they have to slide a lot, because the rubber must have the ability to fall in the heaviest point. In fact, you see how much it flows. Another important job that needs to be done right away is to completely disassemble them and lubricate them so that they have the best possible smoothness. Here is how to use it. I will use this because it is easier to show through the video practically you take the rubber you install the tire closes, and at this point I will show you why the tires are balanced.. Look I don’t know if you can see how much my hand is shaking …. Maybe you are selling it, and this is not the most unbalanced. These are all vibrations that affect your bearings, your transmission and your suspension system. Look, I don’t I’m doing nothing on purpose, but it’s really like that. So how does it balance? We have to wait for the tire to stop and clearly once it stops, it will have the heaviest part at the bottom. So let’s change, shot and I’ll show you how it works. While we wait for it to stop here, you see it is almost stopping, and now we see where it stops once it stops. We will know that this wheel will have the heaviest point at the bottom and the lightest one will be the highest point.

Therefore, static balancing is done by putting the weight on the opposite side which weight we use a special paste that they sell precisely to balance the tires with this, we take a small portion like this and we put it at the highest point. We do not press it hard because we do not know if the quantity is right, it could be too little. We do another throw. It does not matter to launch 2000 km h as before, because practically three things can happen. 1. The pasta returns exactly to the highest point, as in this case, do you see This means that we have to add some pasta in another case, it could happen that the pasta stopped exactly below so in this way, and in this case it meant that there was Too much weight so we had to remove some pasta or it could stop, as in this case, at any point, so you will find that the rubber is balanced because it always stops at different points for each launch. You make see if the stop here stays still. Here too, you will notice that the rubber, when you stop it, will hardly make any other movement. If you look closely, you can also see from the rotation that it is now balanced because it always goes at the same speed. So at this point we crush the dough and our rubber will be ready. Now we can go and do the counter test without any effort you see, I can keep the balancer still and the wheel does not vibrate the bigger the tires will be with bigger knobs like a miami.

It will need more balancing than u na bangkok because being bigger, it will also be heavier.. Well guys. I hope this video was useful to you that you liked the topic, if you have any topic to ask me for the next videos, do not worry. Write me in the comments write me privately expose me your requests and I will try to deal with the video in the next weeks., so guys, hello and see you next wednesday.