If you want to buy this that’s where you go and it’s toy grade, but it’s pretty good. So today, i’m, going to be my keep. My wheel is broken on this, so i’m gon na be trying fixing it. So you see this wheel, yeah also later later i’m going to show you the armor granite. If you want to buy one or the like the light bar link in the description same with this link in description, actually i’ll show you and i’ll be right back bam. This is it arma granite, 4×4. Vic. 4X4. If you want this or the body, i’ll show you by the way this is made by pro pro lite, i think it is or pro line light bar. This is super bright it’s, four inches and it’s made for 1 8 and 1 10 cars, which is 110.. Shout out to horizon hobby and venom, so basically how this works is you have you have your thing? It takes a little time and plus the light bar costs. 50. So you have your body. You want to mount it on with the mounting things that you get in a package right there. You have screws, bolts and washers, then you put the light bar you fit it in after that turn it around there’s a little wire down there. You it comes through this, you flex it off and then what you want to do is you want to get an expander too so, basically like some damn um extension for cord for basically the monster truck and you plug that in to the power cable, and once You turn it on the light.

I’Ll show you that in another episode anyway, so let’s get back Applause, all right, we’re back with the rock crawler. So this might take a while i’ll see you, then all right guys we are done, and so i want to show you something else. This is the spirit. This is a spirit that i think you could get online for about thirty dollars. It’S pretty fast as toy grade has metal stuff in it. Like the springs, they’re metal, everything is quality. Four wheel drive. That means look one tire all of them move with it. It runs on a small battery. A lipo battery i’ll show you well, you can run on something about this big it’s about the size of your palm it’s, very affordable, very cheap, and, if you want to get it, i’ll show you link in description so guys that’s gon na be all for today.