Also beauty servo come on out. You come out. You come 56 kilos of torque. We have some more specifications on the back and by the way, its actually made by my buddy rashford blah blah yep. I know thats enough. Waffle lets get wrenching boom. Oh kinda boom anyway, this ones here thats supposed to be for a mojave. Now, if you fit him onto a fire, got the standard mount, i shaved it down a little bit with the angle grinder bolted. It check it out. We got that lot all mounted on Music there get to the front, and also this little piece here, because we broke that off. Who knows its something right, ready? Three, two one! We got the perfect pass monster servo in there now. What i dont like regards to put on there Music, this is it off. We are ready for action, oh check it out guys the true test, because this is a really like its nothing. So if you look at the specifications, weve got this when you look on paper, but look at the torque, we have 48 kilos of to be faster than a faster servo with less torque. Apparently, here we are a slop hose in there. There we got the old, perfect pass servo we got ta, see in a minute. You racing anyone else playing. Oh, we killed it. Weve broken it already. Somethings gone wrong, hes lost twice. Gentlemen: you enjoy it. Mate do well, though, just killed the fun dish.

Look at that fun, stuff, spinning gate park to the moon. Do ability test so for now um im going to stream channel. If you want to see a replay to that video theres going to be a link to that down below imagine link to that in the description here, we are hey its in the house, craig in the house, charlo everyone else in the house, mta. Ah yeah, you never go later. Applause im standing out the way of him. What if i flatter it? Oh there you go Laughter, Applause, Music, paulie, oh yeah motor. Is it hungry Music? Oh, i think we will drive again just broke. Another difficult question is: is it the m2c one appears gone? If i remember correctly, this is the side that we apart and then put another m2c one in there and hopefully then its gon na be all right last time and we upgraded it to an m2c one. This is the armor here we are next locations.