Oh my god, that is ridiculous, and that was only about half power. If we go full power, it’s going to blow the tyres off Music – oh my god! So in this video we’re going to put a gps speed meter on it and see how fast it can go, then take it out and give it hell. So you’re going to get a speed test and the durability test. All in one video, oh postman, oh it’s, christmas every day, so we’ll have a look in here a bit later and i’m guessing it’s going to be something really fast so before we take it out. We’Re going to make it a little bit more durable for that. We got this brand new release. Custom rc, upgrade center chassis, brace and look at the quality of that guys. That looks absolutely epic, so let’s get it fitted and then let’s see if we can bend it boom, what an easy fit and what a way to make your rc car stronger, most rc companies. They will not send me stuff, because i know i’m going to be brutally honest with my reviews. So you know that companies like custom rc upgrades they believe in their own product because they know that if they send it to me and it breaks i’m going to show it, you see companies like and then they will not send me anything because they know that If i, if it breaks in my video i’m, going to show it because, at the end of the day, you guys is who i’m loyal to i’d much rather be honest and buy most of these rc cars myself, then to be dishonest and get a few freebies.

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He done it. Oh, oh overheated. We did steve put a lid back on it, hold it in with it. It’S been 10 minutes, we’re still biking hot. Yes, we are back in action. Oh look at that steps. Little modification there look. This is stempy’s engineering isn’t, it that’s gon na outlast that side. Yeah that’ll live and die with the car mate. We’Ll keep an eye on that denver reckons. He can beat me in a race we’ll see about that what’s. That s3 and s8 3s versus 8s got my tyre’s coming off Music. I think i’ll beat you soon. All right new challenge: we got ta, go flat out and see who can get in there down that path to further Music? Oh easy, oh yeah! Look! Can you make it up there? Oh ah straight down, oh Music! Oh so now, with stempy broken, we get to a new location to do a durability test, how many of them just farted, probably all of them what’s going on over there. I think we’re mad. Here we go new location. This location’s a little bit more abusive. What i was talking about are you? Yes, oh god actually talking and you interrupt me go ahead and make a racket. No, you put me off guardian. What are you talking about i’m? Talking about the minimax i got in no, so now that mrs happy has gone away, we can have some fun anyway. Before we got rudely interrupted.

We’Ve now got a more durability, testing friendly location, oh oh, he pulled out. Did you there, i don’t know i’m a tough baby. Oh, i think the bulkhead’s done look, try and budget back in and carry on going it’s getting it now. Oh, look at that! So there’s this part and yes, more brokenness. Oh it’s really broken oh yeah game over Music, so let’s quickly fix it chuck a gps on there and see how fast it can go. So we’ve got a broken wing mount broken whatever that bit there’s called look, broken, bulkhead, broken standoff, broken hinge, pin, block i’ve got some customize the upgrade one Music boom there. We go back in action, speed test time. Here we are on location. We got a smaller crew in the house, martin’s twin motor. What the hell is it twin motor k8, 12 se, gsa, 400, a 12 s: 12 s 24 s in it yeah, so 24s martin’s still testing it, and this is only about 10 throttle. So before we see how fast mark creighton can go max wants to see how fast his lossy eight can go. Oh how fast you reckon he went. You done 53. wow, 53 mile an hour. Next, we see how fast dad can go. So max is a better driver than dad 60 he’s a little bit more than you, oh he’s, not every night. Is he? Oh. It comes martin 60 more an hour. Oh nearly one, one more mile an hour to beat dead, martin’s pinky.

Oh, we got body damage. We need to find a smoother runway now, let’s see how fast my crating can go: let’s race, the lossy, oh 63, mile an hour – oh my god, what’s flat out that was flat out all right. We got 65 raid, oh 66.! Oh, is that good? Oh tumble! Bamboo that sounds right. Oh i’m, fast, recording, ready Music fast. Do i can he went 68 68. You reckon i’m gon na go with 70. right. Stop read: oh 70, bang on 70 marlin now before the lossy or lossy, whatever you call it note down below what is it not see all those things three mile an hour more than this, so this is but we’ve got one tires and he’s got race tires. All right, let’s see what we got in here. Oh, oh guys. I knew it was going to be this check it out guys we got a new rc boat. This thing is music. Look. It goes all the way from there all the way to here this one. Here it’s got twin brushless motors. I think it can do over a hundred mile an hour, so that is gon na be in a video very soon. Also don’t forget to check out tiege hanley.