Today, in this video were going to be unboxing, the redcat monte carlo ss low rider and its going to be a really good video. You guys arent going to want to miss it. This thing is absolutely insane before we get into it. Make sure you guys, like share, comment, subscribe and hit the post notification button, so you guys get notified whenever i upload a really cool video. Just like this one, alright guys lets get into the unboxing, alright guys. So here is the box. This is the 1979 chevrolet monte carlo, which is a fully functional low rider, and this is not a hopper, but i will be doing some modifications to make this thing hop so make sure you guys stay tuned to see that in the upcoming future. If we take a look at the other side of the box, they kept the same clean 64 impala box style with the monte carlo. They came over and they did all the awesome little decals of the low rider scheme all over it. It is a gm official licensed body if we flip it over on the back. Here is some more pictures of the monte carlo in it doing some three wheel action and up and down on the hydraulics or the fake hydraulics. If we take a look back here, it does say the monte carlo, 1979 monte carlo low rider, which is a beautiful scale, detail which add, realism, you could add a led light kit into it.

They are led ready, headlights and tail lights. There are side mirrors which is awesome and theres a molded chrome grille on it. It also does come with a six channel radio with all of your hopping features and it does come not hopping. Im, sorry low riding features, and it also does come with a battery. So this thing is fully ready to run on the back. It says expertly designed and engineered the fully licensed, redcat 1979 chevrolet monte carlo low rider is a highly detailed, fully functional scale rc. The monte carlo was designed from the ground up with the low rider auto enthusiast and rc scalar communities in mind. The monte carlo uses that lr260 chassis, which allows for the usage of most rc bodies with a 260 millimeter wheelbase. This platform is perfect for the creation of the low low rider of your dreams. The lr 260 chassis, when combined with the included lr6xx radio system, gives the user independent control of each corner of the car. This results in a fully functional low, rider experience. Every detail of the redcap monte carlo, was painstakingly and passionately created with the scale, accuracy and detail in mind monte carlo badging, adorns, the beautiful body and interior. Many chrome plated parts are used to create the monte carlo scale. Details optional, led lights are available for night time. Cruising clear windows feature high quality, chrome, foil trim to complete the ultra realistic appearance. The breadcap monte carlo is designed for slow, cruising and performing tricks that you can only do with special hydraulically actuated suspension using multiple servos and a six channel radio.

It replicates the driving style and overall look of a full size, low rider, which is absolutely insane. It is a full four wheel, independent hydraulic action, which you guys can see up over here, taking a look at the other side of the box before we get into it. It just says gm officially licensed product right here, and it also was designed in arizona which is absolutely awesome, so lets get inside and see what this thing is all about all right, so i will adjust the camera, so you guys can have a top view or I might just bring you guys free hand over here, so inside of the box, we do get a usb nimh, 600 milliamp hour charger, which i definitely recommend. You guys get another charger for the battery. Also, it does come with different body mounting brackets, so you guys can install a different body on top of the little rider chassis, which is absolutely insane. It also does come with body posts and body clips. Here is your bind plug, and this is a usb to your radio. That way you can program it taking a look at the top. If we pull this back, we get a absolutely amazing style instruction booklet, which i will be showing you guys right now and it does in picture the green monte carlo on the front of it, which does look absolutely awesome. And if you flip, through the pages i mean this booklet is definitely done really great.

Some of the pages are true fully colored printed, which is absolutely awesome. This is definitely a very nice instruction booklet so lets take off the top foam pad here and well start taking a look at the components of the red cap on car, so simply removing this foam pad. We can take a look at the top, so this thing does come with a car cover, which is absolutely awesome. We will be taking the remote out right now, which is just stuck down inside of the foam here and ill reset. You guys and show you guys all about this, so right here is how you control all of the fake hydraulics or the servos right here is to raise the front and then raise the rear, which you guys can do all at the same time. If these are up a little bit and you hit drop front, it will drop the front all the way down or drop the rear all the way down. So basically it does have a setup for hydraulics, so i mean for hopping. It does have the full hydraulic setup, so if we move some of the weight around, i think we will be able to make this thing hop. Just by lifting this up these two in the front and then hitting this a few times, we should be able to get some hop in action. So lets take this thing out of the box and take a look at it.

So there it is the monte carlo. Still underneath the car cover, which looks absolutely amazing, lets take a closer look at the front. The red cab logo kind of looks like the hellcat logo, which is pretty cool, so lets slowly. Take this car off car cover off and well take a look at the monte carlo rider. Take a look at that grill, the chrome grille on the front looks absolutely amazing. The true headlight buckets and lens covers the chrome trim along the windows. The chrome trim going along the bumpers and down the sides lets take a look at that. True white walled tires no body posts full on magnetic take a look at this thing. Look at how cool that looks. Music. This thing looks absolutely awesome. The chrome looks amazing on it. The white wall tires the spokes on the rims. They look absolutely amazing. We definitely will be getting the jeffries true 13s. For this thing. Wow. This thing is awesome, so lets take the body off and take a look at the interior ill show you guys up close on the rear, bumper, real quick just so we get a full detailed view of the body. Take a look at that monte, carlo. It also has a arizona license plate, because that is where it was designed in taking a look at the rear light. Buckets look, absolutely amazing. There is a steering wheel in there, which is pretty cool. If you guys havent seen, jeffreys does sell a chain steering wheel, which i also will be getting for this alright.

So lets pull the body off. It is a magnetic body. There are no body posts so to take the body off. You just got ta pull on the front, bumper pull up on the rear, bumper and then the body comes off. I will be showing you guys the battery that it comes with. I have been using this thing a little bit, so i already did drain the battery and ive used the tamiya ii redcat esc battery adapter, because i have been using my own batteries in this thing that is included inside of the package, which is pretty cool. So the difference between the 64 is that the servos are up front. They are 25 kilogram servos theyre, not the reefs rc servos. Then there is the hex fi steering servo, which is up front. The motor also did get relocated to a front position, but there is still some weights back here and an open space for a battery so im thinking. If we upgrade to the reefs rc servos in the front, we put some weight back here and add the battery back. We should be able to get some bounce in action fairly fairly easy from this thing. Shouldnt be too bad. All right so lets throw a battery in this thing and see how it performs um, uh uh. So taking a closer look at the red cap, monte carlo, you guys can see how truly thin these tires are. There is a super long, servo horn, so that the rear tires can go up in that extremely high three wheel position.

Music, then, the front bumper, with the magnetic post on it and like this car, is intended for to have some custom body modifications done and some custom modifications to the chassis done. That is what we will be doing. Music, so make sure you guys stay tuned for that it also does come with a hex by esc, which is compatible for a lipo or an image. You just have to move the pin over alright guys. Thank you so much for watching the video today. That is it for grim, reaper rc, make sure you guys like share, comment and subscribe and hit the post notification button. So you guys get notified whenever i upload a really cool video.