What is up guys? My name is mark cinema. Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the rc vlog guys, so i got a good problem. This is a good problem, so the problem is every time i go out of town for a big race. I get stuff in, like things start getting arriving at my house like shipped to my house, and i end up missing out releases like i think i think the vortex uh came out whenever i was at pnb, but another car came out. While i was at silver state, so i got, i got ta show you guys what it is. I think i know what it is. I’M, pretty sure i know it is. I got a whole bunch of mail. I got ta show you guys, but yeah it’s, a problem because i can’t get. I can’t get on the youtubes early enough because i’m out of town, so the reason i’m telling you guys all this, because my timeline, my vlog timeline, is all jacked up like. I think last video was before i left silver state, but before that there was a video at silver state, now: i’m, shooting a video getting home already home from silver state it’s a week after i’ve gotten home from silver state. But the next video is going to be at silver state, it’s, all jacked up, sorry, guys i’m, trying to uh like there’s some there’s time time like certain times i don’t release stuff, and i just i can’t make it work so just enjoy it.

What it is, but don’t try to make sense of the timeline all right. So here is all the mail that we got to open those two boxes: i’ll open at the end upstairs because i have more room um, these i’ll open my office, real quick, i don’t know what any of this stuff is. I kind of know what that is. I have a hint on what that is. I got to show you what that board is, but we got a lot to do so. Let’S get to it all right. So, first things first let’s knock out some of this mail. I love mail like this uh. It just makes me connect with my subscribers, so i greatly appreciate it. Let’S open this one up all right got this one open if, by the way, if you ever want to send me anything, i do have my address my personal mailbox in the description below. So if you want to send me something to check out, feel free, i will open on the air, so i can show everybody if you want to advertise something i’m cool with that too. Oh man, oh man, i’m, excited about this. Okay. Let me read this real quick all right, so this is this letter is from a guy named kevin. I met him at the swap meet at the last swap meet. I was at and basically what he did is he gave me a giveaway idea, which this is a great idea, and basically his giveaway idea was basic to give away an rc car to first responders and the way he said to do it is to have them Send me a patch and if you send me a patch, i can make a big patch board and then i’ll put you on a wheel and give away an rc car or something to first responders.

Great idea. Super great idea, honestly there’s just been so many things that happened from the swap meet, and now i did want to do that. I just haven’t had the time to actually put it together, but he sent me his patch look at that. Oh man that’s awesome. So this is the police city of troy, state of texas that’s, a cool patch. I think that’s a great idea. I am going to do that so when i do this kevin you’re already on the wheel, big thanks kevin shout out to you buddy all right. Next, one is from, i believe i know the guy he just put his last name on here. I don’t know how much people want this stuff to be super private, so i don’t like to just kind of air off their names, but this is from a gentleman named hank. I think he sent me it’s either hank or is it gary or hank or both? I think anyways i’m just going to read the letter all right, so this this guy, i believe, is i i know you know what i’m gon na check real, quick all right. So this is from gary. I always try to act. Like i remember names, i see different names on social media and emails and i kind of relating together, even though we’re not anyways. This is from gary um gary. He basically said. Thank you. We sent him some msm stickers uh. Thank you gary for the support he was talking about how he brought or he bought his nephew, a slash and then he sent his uh other two nephews, some little tracks kits and he loves the hobby, so that’s awesome buddy.

I love to hear that the hobbies growing and growing to build or like basically to bond families together, that’s that’s, what it’s all about. I love that so thanks gary you’re, the man and you were very welcome for the msm stickers, all right and lastly, for the looks like the the mail mail that’s, not a pack. This is a put it in here. It must be something pretty legit. Oh, what is this? Oh man hold on. Oh man. This is awesome. This is from he’s in fifth grade. I’Ll keep his name, this close and see; he’s, obviously a minor, but basically he loves watching my videos. He likes watching the videos where i i built the et48 2.0 um. He just bought a traxxas x or traxxas max, and he really wants me to sign a picture and send it back to him. Oh man, that’s super nice. Absolutely i will i’ll get a good picture. This is cool. This is actually wow. This is interesting, so someone else sent me a picture to sign, and this is almost the exact same picture. I got better pictures uh. I will send you a signed picture. I i got an autograph picture: that’s awesome bud i’m glad you’re enjoying the hobby. I hope you enjoy that max man that last letter i’m, not gon na lie, got a little emotional. I think that’s it’s so nice and he was talking about again he’s in fifth grade. He’S gon na build an et48 2.

0 and he’s gon na start building with his dad like that. Just means so much to me to know that you can bond with father son bonding on rc it’s, just awesome so um. I don’t want to say his name, but thanks for the letter i will be hooking you up. So thanks buddy all right. So i got ta show you what this is. This is not mail. I got this at the dirt i’m, not the dirt silver state hosted by the dirt, and these are like super hot commodities, but i ended up scoring one of these i’m going to show you what it is: Music. Oh upside down, Music, oh man! This is the dirt pit board, but it has silver state up here: 2021: silver state. These are awesome. So basically, what you want these for is: whenever you’re setting your car up, you need a nice flat, surface um. This is your nice flat surface. It just so happens. They have a really really pretty one that has a cool like cool graphics, obviously says the dirt and it says the silver state. 2021.. I wanted a souvenir from vegas when i went so these actually sold out really quick. If you can ever get your hands on one of these, if you ever pre order them, you might want to go and pre order them, but it was like the last day i was walking by the little booth where they were selling all the merch, and i Was like hey, you don’t happen to have any more pit boards and the lady was like.

We have one left from someone who didn’t pick one up and it was the exact one i wanted, which is this one? Oh man, it looks so freaking cool. I just want to show you this guys, because i think it’s awesome now i just i don’t know if i want to put it up on the wall or if i want to use it a pit board, but man that’s, freaking, cool, all right and now for The big boxes, i kind of have an idea of what this is. I’M super excited about it guys. You have no idea how hard it is to have a hunch of what something is and not be able to open it, because i want to save it. For you guys, i want to save the surprise and the thrill of opening what this is for. You guys so this has literally been sitting at my house with me home for about a week, and i haven’t done anything with it yet, but let’s see what it is. So i wow – oh man, i’m, so excited here. It is guys bam the traxxas trx4 bronco. Let me get this thing out of here. Oh man, look at this thing. There is the orange orangish yellow there is the red. The question is, what color did i get? I know what color i want, which color did i get? Yes, i got the red. I wanted the red i’m not gon na.

I wanted the red, but i wasn’t gon na be disappointed with the yellow, because i think the yellow was gon na grow on me. But oh man, this is the traxxas trx4. This is the new broncos. They have an old bronco. This is the new bronco. This came in when i was when i was at silver state. I know i saw people on youtube already doing like unboxings of these and i was like dang it i’m, too late, but guys i got an obligation for to you guys to get some good race content. So i did that. But i do have one and i am going to be opening this and driving it in an upcoming vlog, really really soon, i’m – actually going to record it right after this, but you guys will see it shortly after, but oh man, i am going to drive this Thing this is not gon na, be a shell queen i’m super stoked, oh my god, guys you’re, probably asking can mail day get any better and yes, it can, because i think i know what this is too, but oh man, it’s bronco, so sick i’m going to Keep the red where you can see the red let’s see, make sure you can see yep, because i got the red one, but you know now that i got the red one i kind of like the orange i’m. Just joking. You know me i’ll, probably end up getting them, both okay here’s another pack, this one’s big it’s, not super heavy, but this is gon na be kind of a spoiler on what is coming what’s coming to the channel.

I did get kind of the first, the first round of parts for this earlier this month, but i didn’t open it on air because it was for um you’ll. It will all make sense. Basically, it was a huge tire order for my my tires for for silver state, so i needed to get those out real, quick didn’t shoot a video on it, but anyways spoiler alert. This is from proline if you haven’t guessed yet. Oh all, right guys, i’m doing it i’m diving right into the deep end. We are gon na. Do some drag racing guys and i am going to build a drag car using a traxxas, slash and proline parts. So here is the proline pro series transmission, i’m gon na put this one on my slash, look, i got the prospect shocks. I think i got the other set. Yes, here’s the front pro spec and the rear prospect shocks again. I’Ll go over all this. When i build the actual car, but look at this look at this – oh man, this is the nova body. This is like the murder nova body i’m, so excited so i got this body because i wanted something i can just basically throw on the car. I, like the the murdered outlook so i’m, going to keep it black, but this is the. This is the one that comes painted, which i like, and then it comes basically with the decal. So this is a i don’t know the year.

Sorry guys the 1969 nova. Oh man, that’s gon na look good. It looks just like murder, nova off of street outlaws, which is really cool, see if we got anything else in here. Nothing else in here, but i do need this box, so i will take this box all right. Let me show you everything i got for my drag car so far again prospect shock super cool. I got the transmission, i got all this. I got the tires with the reaction. Drag racing tires so rear tires. I got two sets of rear tires because i don’t know i don’t know: how often do you go through rear tires, two sets of fronts and the pro line. Wheelie bar looks pretty sick and then, of course i got a c10. So the reason why i got the c10 i’m going to get this one painted i’m going to have my painter self designs, awesome painter by the way i’m starting to see a lot of you guys go to self designs for painting. Yes, i am going to get this painted by self designs. This is the c10 body. The reason why i got this body is because i’m going to get the drag slash when it comes out, and i want to compare the proline slash with the drag slash see which one’s faster. Do you want to just convert your old slash? Anyways, you get the gist, so we got a lot of cool, drag racing content coming.

Oh man, we got so much to look. I haven’t even back there. That was the uh. I haven’t done anything with the team. Corrally car, i still have to drive the bandit. I have been driving the vortex, so there’s going to be a vortex car review soon, um. Basically, what i’m saying guys is there’s a whole bunch of stuff coming make sure you subscribe and turn on notification bell guys because it’s coming in hot guys, like i think, the next two weeks – i’m, not gon na travel i’m, just gon na be knocking out vlogs. I can’t wait to play with all this stuff, it’s gon na be so much fun. So i hope you like this video guys if you did smash the like button scratch.